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Casey Anthony -- America's Most Hated?

7/17/2011 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's been almost two weeks since Casey Anthony was found not guilty of killing her daughter Caylee -- and it seems the American public will never forgive her.    

So we gotta ask ...


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HLN news:

Has just shown a video of a woman covered with a blanket being rushed from a plane into the airport at Orlando Fla. They believe the woman to be Casey Anthony. More to come.

1129 days ago

John A. Sullivan    

As an 87 yr old, well schooled and relatively well off, it is my
sincere and honest opinion that the mother Casey did not intentionally murder her child. I feel she overdosed her baby with illegal medication and paniced.She lives as a hedonist. All self gratification,at any expense.I feel that she will get
popped by a party who can not feel she deserves to live. I also feel that true justice was made out to be a Joke!

1129 days ago


LOL @ chick who said Casey is white with money. Wasn't she driving ummmm a Pontiac Sunbird?

1129 days ago

Jimmy johnson    

Youtube: "Casey Anthony" official music video

1129 days ago


Jose will never let go of Casey as long as he makes monty off her. Jose is like a PIMP for Casey and she will be doing him all the time, until she gets someone better. This is a bad situation with the two of them.

1128 days ago


This is only my opinion of course: But as far as I am concerned - Casey Anthony can remain in hiding for the rest of her days - always looking over her shoulder for her safety - and enjoying the knowledge that she is a Free Woman! Her life won't be diddly when she emerges - no one wants to see or hear from her - period! She is not Welcomed anywhere! And sooner and/or later - the party that she is having now - will end - and she will have to confront people. Right now, as it stands, she is living in a prison of hiding from people for her own safety - she cannot go to the store, a bar, restaurant, anywhere - so in fact, she is in a sort of Self Made Prison. One of Isolation, Fear, etc. So, let her stay there until her end days. A Free Woman with No Freedom, No Life, No Enjoyment, No Anything! And always knowing that somewhere - someone wants you dead and that you are NOT Welcomed anywhere or by anyone!

1128 days ago


Sad to see someone that has caused so much pain and harm should gain so much media attention Good thing about it is we can possibly know if she would have access to hurt a child again With this kind of attention we need to make sure kids will be safe
No one should ever make money on a death of a baby
No jurors no one writing books or selling t-shirts
This is a disgrace in our society.
I hope there will be justice for Caylee Anthony that was left in a swamp to rot. I am a survivor of incest and child abuse I am an advocate for children rights and seeking legislative legal reform on 5 laws to protect children.
Please Take action Get involved it cost no money just caring
More info
Child abuse awareness & prevention advocacy social network
Help me help others with just your presence

1128 days ago


Cindy & George... your actions are not that of loving parents, but rather people who are afraid of their own daughter! Think back to the trial testimony where the one aquaintance of Casey's tells of how Casey wanted her to move into your house in a week or so because "my parents are getting divorced"...when in fact you were not! Then Casey tells Tony the same thing! So my question is Cindy & George...what was Casey planning on doing to to you both that would leave the house empty? Was her REAL PLAN somehow thwarted? Were you both supposed to end up like little Caylee? What was Casey going to tell everyone as to where you both had gone after she moved in Tony & her friend? Was Casey going to say you both left taking Caylee with you? Chilling to ponder isn't it!!! That testimony was never disputed by the defense in any way at anytime during the trial. So again, you have to ask yourself WHY was Casey telling people that the house was going to be all hers soon? This nuance of the trial was greatly overlooked!

1127 days ago


February 14 2010 at 10:23 AM


3 CASE NUMBER 08-069208
4 JULY 21, 2008
6 The date right now is July 16th, the time right now is 0411 hours. I'm
7 Detective Melich with the Orange County Sheriff's Office. Um, present here at
8 4937 Hope Spring Drive, in reference to Orange County case number 08-069208. I
9 am with Casey Anthony, is that correct?
10 A Yes.
11 Q And Casey would you please state you birthday for me?
12 A Zero 3/19/1986.
13 Q Okay. Casey, you understand this is being recorded?
14 A Yes.
15 Q You have any objection to that?
16 A NO.
17 Q Alright. Casey, I got called here by Sergeant Reggie Hosey with the Orange
18 County Sheriff's Office in reference to a missing child. We sat here and talked
19 for a short moment before we went on tape. Cause I wanted to make sure that
20 your sworn statement, which I'm looking at, was accurate. I'm looking at four
21 pages of a sworn statement on the bottom it appears to be your signature, it that
22 correct?
23 A Yes.
24 Q Okay. And you're saying that everything contained in these statements are true
25 and accurate?


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB

1 A Yes. 2 Q Also before I turned on the recorder I gave you a chance 'cause I wanted to
3 explain what happens if you make a false report or if there's something about this
4 incident that you're not telling us the truth.
5 A Uh-huh (affirmative)
6 Q And I wanted to make sure I made it perfectly clear that if you want to go ahead
7 and rescind this statement and if you want to tell me a different story about what
8 happened.
9 A Uh-huh (affirmative)
10 Q If you're basically if you're trying to fabricate a story to kind of make something
11 look a little bit better
12 A Uh-huh (affirmative)
13 Q Now is your time to tell me. Are you telling me that this is the story you want to
14 stick with?
15 A That's the truth. It's the story I'm gonna stick with yes.
16 Q Okay. Um, in your own words let's go, let's go back. Your daughter's name is
17 Caylee C-A-Y-L-E-E?
18 A Yes.
19 Q Marie Anthony. She was born August 9th?
20 A Two thousand five.
21 Q Okay. And..according to your statement back on August 9th, I'm sorry. Ah back
22 on June 9th, 2008 you took Casey to a baby sitter's house?
23 A Yes.
24 Q And who is this baby sitter?
25 A Her name is Zenaida Fernandez Gonzales.


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB

1 Q Do you know how to spell the first name?
2 A Z-E-N-A-I-D-A.
3 Q And where was Zenaida's..where did you drop ZEn..ah, the..your child off?
4 A The Saw Grass Apartments on Conway and Michigan.
5 Q Do you remember the address?
6 A I don't remember the address, no.
7 Q Do you remember the apartment number?
8 A Two ten.
9 Q Okay.
10 A It's on the second floor.
11 Q If you were to pull into the Saw Grass Apartments would the building be the one
12 closest to the road, furtherest back, half way?
13 A As soon as you go straight you go over one speed bump and it's the first one on
14 the right hand side.
15 Q Okay, is there a pool next to it? Or is there anything about the...
16 A There's...
17 Q ...apartment that stands out?
18 A There's a welcome sign um, I guess there's a little shed close to the building
19 maybe about ten yards away.
20 Q Okay. How long have you known Zenaida?
21 A Almost four years, it'll be four years Christmas this year.
22 Q And where did you meet her? Who did you met her through?
23 A A mutual friend his name is Jeffrey Michael Hopkins. Um, I met him at Nickelodeon
24 at Universal. I met her through him. She was...
25 Q Was....


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB

1 A ...his son's nanny at the time.
2 Q Does Jeffrey still work at Universal?
3 A No he does not.
4 Q How long has it been since he left?
5 A About nine, ten months give or take.
6 Q Did he move back to Jacksonville?
7 A He moved up to North Carolina for a short time and moved down to Jacksonville
8 within the last three months.
9 Q When was the last time you spoke with him?
10 A About a week and a hal****o.
11 Q Okay. Do you know a telephone number for him?
12 A I can find a number for him. I don't know a number off hand, no I do not.
13 Q You mentioned something um, before we went on tape about your cell phones.
14 A Yes, I have two phones. I just received a new phone through work.
15 Q Uh-huh. (Affirmative)
16 A Through Universal. Um, it won't keep charged so I use my old phone that I
17 actually had gotten again through Universal for work.
18 Q Okay. You, did you lose a phone.
19 A Yes.
20 Q Was that your personal phone?
21 A It was my personal phone, but I also use it for business.
22 Q Okay. What's your..what's the number for the phone that you lost?
23 A Um, 407-619-9286. It's the same.
24 Q Did you keep that same number?
25 A ...number. Yes it's still...


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB

1 Q You lost the phone?
2 A ...the same number. I just lost the phone.
3 Q And in that phone you're saying was a Sim card and the Sim card had the contact
4 information?
5 A Actually the Sim card is in my Nokia phone, but I know there's numbers saved to
6 the cell phone itself. so, if we get the actual phone I know I have one other
7 number for Zenaida. And probably a number for Jeff besides work numbers and
8 ...
9 Q But they're not in your Sim card?
10 A They're not saved on the Sim card they're saved on the phone. I've been trying
11 to figure out...on that new phone how to save numbers from the phone to the
12 Sim card and switch them back and forth. So, that way I have everything all in
13 one piece.
14 Q Okay, so the phone where you have the number saved you lost?
15 A Yes. I filed an incident report.
16 Q Well, how did you end up keeping the Sim card?
17 A I had taken it out I know I left the phone on my desk at work after I'd switched the
18 Sim card back to my old phone. Because this was the phone that actually would
19 keep charge.
20 Uh-huh. (Affirmative)
21 A I want to be able too have a working phone instead of having a phone that would
22 only stay charged for about a half hour and that it would die and I can't make
23 anymore calls. It's for me not practical.
24 Q So, after you, after you switched the Sim cards on the phone what?
25 A I left.


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB

1 Q ...(inaudible).
2 A I know I left it on my desk. And I hadn't been at work for at least three or four
3 days.
4 Q And you said you made a report to Universal or...
5 A Yes, with security.
6 Q When was that?
7 A Nine days ago.
8 Q Nine days ago?
9 A Yes.
10 Q Okay. So, you met Zenaida through Jeffrey Hopkins.
11 A I did.
12 Q And his son Zack Hopkins I guess, Zenaida used to watch over Zack?
13 A Yes.
14 Q And you say you've known Zenaida for about four years?
15 A Almost four years yes.
16 Q So, you knew her before you had your child?
17 A Well, I met her just before I was actually pregnant at the time so.
18 Q And when did star watching over your child?
19 A Um, it's been within the last year and a half, two years that she started watching
20 Caylee. I had another friend watch Caylee that I've known since middle school.
21 When she went back to school I was looking for a new nanny. Jeff offered to
22 have Zenaida watch both kids. She agreed and it kind of went from there.
23 Q Before Zenaida started watching over your child who was it, who was the nanny?
24 A Her name is Lauren Gibbs, G-I-B-B-S.
25 Q And when did Lauren stop watching Zen..ah, your child?


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB

1 A Um, maybe April of 2006.
2 Q Okay. And end of April 2006 roughly is when Zenaida stated watching her?
3 A Yes.
4 Q How would you normally drop would you normally do the exchange with
5 your child and Zenaida? Would you drop the child off, would she meet you
6 somewhere?
7 A I would usually drop her off. For a few months we would go over to Jeff's house.
8 He lived over in Avalon Park. That was a couple of years ago. Almost a couple
9 of years ago.
10 Q And you would go to Jeff's house why?
11 A To drop off Caylee. That's where Zenaida would go to watch both of the kids.
12 Q Okay.
13 A It was a nice centralized area, he had a decent sized house. It was good room
14 for the two of them. Then I started bringing Caylee over to Zenaida's apartment.
15 Q How long were you using or were you going to Zenaida's apartment? How..
16 when did you start taking Caylee.
17 A Um, I guess maybe the end of 2006, beginning of 2007.
18 Q So, since the end of 2006, beginning of '07.
19 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)
20 Q You started taking Caylee to Zenaida's house on Saw Grass?
21 A She had an apartment on I guess it's considered Glenwood, but it's of Bumby
22 and Robinson.
23 Q Uh-huh. (Affirmative)
24 A Close to downtown. She lived there for quite a few months and moved over to
25 Saw Grass just recently this year.


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB

1 Q The ah, house on Bumby. Do you remember the address or remember where
2 it's at?
3 A I know it's off Glenwood I don't remember the apartment number off hand no I do
4 not.
5 Q And how long ago did you say you dropped the child off there? From the
6 beginning of...end of '06, beginning of'07 to...
7 A Um, think about six, seven months, so maybe the middle of '07?
8 Q So, she moved into Saw Grass about the middle of '07?
9 A She's been at that apartment in Saw Grass for about the last three or four
10 months. She'd lived with her mom for a little bit.
11 Q Where's her mom live?
12 A She lived off of Michigan.
13 Q Do you know where the house is?
14 A Um, it's not a very well marked neighborhood. It crosses just over Conway it's
15 one of the big stretches of neighborhoods.
16 Q Had you dropped the child off there before?
17 A Yes.
18 Q If you had to find the place would you be able to find it?
19 A Most likely yes I think I'd remember the house.
20 Q Okay. So, she was living off of Glenwood, then moved into her mom's house
21 somewhere off of Michigan?
22 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)
23 Q And then moved into...
24 A And then into..
25 Q ...Saw Grass?


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB

1 A ...Saw Grass
2 Q So, Saw Grass three or four months ago. Off of Glenwood until mid '07.
3 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)
4 Q Then mom's house.
5 A Her mom wasn't living there at the time. Her mom had gotten another place with
6 her sister, that she was staying over at the house. And moved in with the two
7 girls that are referenced in the pages.
8 Q She was living with these two girls at Saw Grass?
9 A Yes.
10 Q Okay. Going back to your statement. You dropped off your ah, you dropped off
11 Caylee on June 9th, and walk me through. You dropped her off to go to work?
12 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)
13 Q Okay. Get off of work and go from there.
14 A I got off of work, left Universal driving back to pick up Caylee like a normal day.
15 And I show up to the apartment, knock on the door. Nobody answers. So, I
16 called Zenaida's cell phone and it's out of service. Says that the phone is no
17 longer in service. Excuse me. So, I sit down on the steps and wait for a little bit
18 to see if maybe it was just a fluke if something happened. And time passed I
19 didn't hear from anyone. No one showed up to the house so I went over to Jay
20 Blanchard Park and checked a couple other places where maybe possibly they
21 would've gone. A couple stores just regular places that I know Zenaida shops at
22 and she's taken Caylee before. And after about 7 o'clock when I still hadn't
23 heard anything I was getting pretty upset, pretty frantic. And I went to a neutral
24 place. I didn't really want to come home, I wasn't sure what I'd say about not
25 knowing where Caylee was. Still hoping that I would get a call or you know find


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB

1 out that Caylee was coming back so that I could go get her. And I ended up
2 going to my boyfriend, Anthony's house, who lives in Sutton Place.
3 Q Did you talk to Anthony about um, what happened with Caylee?
4 A No I did not.
5 Q Had Anthony ever seen Caylee before?
6 A Yes he has.
7 Q Have you talked to anyone about Caylee, about your incident with Caylee? Or
8 the fact that...
9 A Outside of...
10 Q ...she's missing?
11 A ...a couple of people, a couple of mutual friends.
12 Q Who did you talk to about it?
13 A Um, I talked to Jeff, Jeffrey Hopkins.
14 Q Uh-huh. (Affirmative)
15 A I also attempted to contact Zenaida's mother and never received a call back from
16 her.
17 Q Do you know Zenaida's mother's name?
18 A Um, wow..and um, I think it's Gloria.
19 Q Do you know a telephone for Zenaida's mom?
20 A I do not, no.
21 Q Do you have any of these numbers programmed into you Sim card that you kept
22 into your other phone?
23 A No I do not.
24 Q How long did you have this old phone?
25 A I've had the Nokia for almost a full year.


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB

1 Q Okay. So, after a full year of dealing with Zenaida and having her baby sit, you
2 don't remember...
3 A Switching numbers back and forth. Zenaida's number has changed a couple
4 different times. She switched services between having Sprint and having AT&T
5 or Cingular.
6 Q What about Jeffrey? You've know him for at least four years.
7 A His number's changed a couple of times from when he moved from Orlando up
8 to North Carolina and back down to Jacksonville. I know I do have a current
9 number for him.
10 Q How would you get that number?
11 A If we can find that other phone or I might have it online. I may be able to access
12 it off the internet.
13 Q Okay. Who else did you talk to about this besides Jeffrey? You said you tried to
14 call Zenaida's mom?
15 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)
16 Q You talked to Jeffrey, who else did you talk to?
17 A I talked to Juliette Lewis. She's one of my co-workers at Universal.
18 Q She still work at Universal?
19 A Yes.
20 Q What ah, what do you do at Universal?
21 A Event coordinator.
22 Q Okay. What is Juliette, what position is she? Where does she work?
23 A She's also an event coordinator. We work in the same department.
24 Q You have a number for Juliette?
25 A Ooh off hand...I can't think of one.


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB

1 Q She in your Sim card?
2 A No she's not. Some of them are recent numbers. Her number just changed
3 because she just moved back up north. She.. within the last two months has
4 finished moving up to New York. She is sub-leasing her apartment.
5 Q So, Juliette...
6 A (Inaudible)
7 Q ...doesn't work at Universal anymore?
8 A No she does not.
9 Q When did she leave Universal?
10 A About two months ago.
11 Q Who else did you talk to about it?
12 A It's been within that small group. I've tried to find out just information from people
13 going out to different places. Like Fusion, Ultra Lounge and a couple of bars that
14 I know Zenaida had gone to downtown before to see if..just kind of random talk.
15 If anybody heard about my nanny or talked to her lately.
16 Q Did you tell anyone specifically that Zenaida took your child?
17 A No. The only two people that I specifically told were Jeff and Juliette.
18 Q And you don't have a number for Juliette?
19 A Not off hand, no I do not.
20 Q It's not in your phone? Might be online?
21 A It's definitely on line I know it's on one of our old work sheets. Um, her old
22 number, which could still be active I'm not sure if it is. But I know she does have
23 a new number, which I just programmed into that new phone.
24 Q When was, when was the last time you talked to Juliette?
25 Hm, about three weeks ago. Shortly after this happened.


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB

1 Q So, you talked to her after she left?
2 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)
3 Q What's the reason um, I asked you this before and I'll ask you just for the record.
4 What's the reason you didn't call the police before? Since right not we're here
5 because you grandparents or your parents asked you about the child and they
6 were concerned, didn't get an answer as to where the child was, they called the
7 sheriff's office.
8 A Uh-huh. (Affirmative)
9 Q Why didn't you call prior to today?
10 A I think part of me was naive enough to think that I could handle this myself, which
11 obviously I couldn't. And I was scared that something would happen to her if I
12 did notify the authorities or got the media involved. Or my parents which I know
13 would have done the same thing. Just the fear of the unknown. Fear of the
14 potential Caylee getting hurt, of not seeing my daughter again.
15 Q I asked you this...
16 A It's...
17 Q ...I asked you this at the onset and before we went on tape and I'll ask you again
18 just to make sure we're clear. Um, is there anything about this story that you're
19 telling me that is untrue?
20 A No.
21 Q Or is there anything that you want to change or divert from what you've already
22 told me?
23 A No sir.
24 Q Um, did you cause any injury to your child Caylee?
25 A No sir.


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB

1 Q Did you hurt Caylee or leave her somewhere and you're...
2 A No.
3 Q ...worried that if we find that out that people are gonna look at you a wrong way?
4 A No sir.
5 Q You're telling me that Zenaida took you child without your permission...
6 A She's...
7 Q ...and hasn't returned her?
8 A ...the last person that I seen with my daughter, yes.
9 Q Where did Zenaida. Does she have another job besides watching children?
10 A She has a seasonal I.D. for Universal. However, the only job that I know that
11 she's had for the last few years she's been a nanny.
12 Q So, seasonal employee at Universal?
13 A uh-huh. (Affirmative)
14 Q When was the last time she worked at Universal do you know?
15 A I have no idea.
16 Q Does ah, Caylee take any medications?
17 A No.
18 Q She doesn't suffer from any conditions any medical conditions that we need to
19 know?
20 A No, not at all.
21 Q Um, as brought up before about taking some money from some people. I want to
22 make sure I get it on tape. Ah, do you have any problems with drugs or narcotics
23 either prescription narcotics.
24 A No.
25 Q ...or drugs cocaine, ecstasy, meth anything like that?


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB

1 A Nothing like that.
2 Q Have you ever been um, have you ever been committed for thoughts of suicide?
3 Have you ever been at Lakeside anything like that?
4 A No.
5 Q Is there any underline cause to why Zenaida would've taken your child?
6 A No, nothing that...
7 Q She ever make any statements to you about...
8 A Only how much she loves Caylee and how great of a kid she is.
9 Q And have you talked..and when you talk to Jeffrey afterwards I'm assuming that
10 Jeffrey's child is still with him?
11 A His child is still with him.
12 Q Okay. You said Zenaida had family up in New England up New York or
13 something?
14 A Yes, she has family down south. Her mother, her sister um, her brother's in
15 New York. She's originally from New York.
16 Q And where's down South?
17 A Um, Miami area.
18 Q Where is she originally from?
19 A New York.
20 Q Ah, she born, raised in New York? She got family outside of the country or...
21 A I don't know. As far as I know she pretty much grew up there, moved down here
22 went to University of Florida.
23 Q She Puerto Rican, is she Dominican is she white?
24 A She's mixed. She's black and Puerto Rican.
25 Q And you don't know what her birthday is or you know when her birthday is?


Casey Anthony/Case #08-069208/GB

1 A It's September, that's all I can remember at the moment.
2 Q If um, when we finish this if you...would you be willing to drive with me to show
3 me where her mom lives and the apartment that you used to drop her off at?
4 A Yes.
5 Q Okay. Is there anything I haven't asked you about um, Caylee or Zenaida or just
6 this incident in particular that you feel is important that you wanted to tell me
7 about before I turn this off?
8 A Um, I mean Caylee has very distinctive features even if her hair was cut or
9 changed she's dark hazel eyes they're brown and green. She has a birthmark on
10 her left shoulder. Um...
11 Q What kind of birthmark?
12 A It's just like a small line it almost looks like a small little beauty mark.
13 Q Anything else?
14 A I just want my daughter back.
15 Q Okay. Would you raise your right hand for me?
16 A Yes.
17 Q Do you swear and affirm everything you told me is the truth?
18 A Yes.
22 Signed this 12th day of August, 2008
24 ___________________

1126 days ago


Unfortunatly she is free and there is nothing we can do about it. I for one will NO*****ch any show she is on,buy any movie or book about her. Not only will I not participate, I for one will boycott any one that wants to promote their products during a show with her, or carry her book or movie in their stores.
we all know that anyting that coumes out her mouth will be a LIE anyway. STOP MAKING HER A CELEBRITY!

1126 days ago

Give it a rest    

If she did it she would be in jail let the girl live her life she lost her daughter thats enough for any parent to deal with. So she madsome bad choices we all do. If I saw her on the street i would give her a hug and say sorry for your loss. you want to talk evil look at her parents turning on your own family is not right bash them not casey.. I wish her a long and happy life we should all be doing the same.

1126 days ago

Starr Sloop    

She is a pathalogical Liar, Never believe anything she says, Boycot everything she does!!!!!She was the caertaker of that child for that 31 days, so who do you think done something to her!!!!! Killer Thief, Liar!!!

1126 days ago


I find it discussing that Jose Biaz, is promoting and trying to get the highest bidder for Casey Anthony story on the death of Caylee. Did anybody watch Nancy Grace? last night facts that came from Casey diary weather she had done the right thing or not in living the beautiful life that is all about her. It is shameful that she will be paid any money for her lies and cover-up. Please everybody boycott anything that Jose Biaz and Casey ANthony is trying to sell. Don,t let them make money off the death of Caylee. Casey is only wanting the money and not telling the truth about what really took place on July 16th,2007.

1126 days ago


Have fun now Casey because when you pass away, you won't be seeing God.

1126 days ago



1126 days ago
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