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Casey Anthony -- America's Most Hated?

7/17/2011 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's been almost two weeks since Casey Anthony was found not guilty of killing her daughter Caylee -- and it seems the American public will never forgive her.    

So we gotta ask ...


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Casey will never find a moment's peace. I think she was 100 percent guilty but I never wished the death penalty on her. After she is done facing down what is coming, she will wish she stayed in prison. She is very young, and you can tell she will be terrified when she gets released. I don't give her a month and she will be begging for her parents protection. She will soon discover only family count, everyone else is temportary and will not stand by you. Baez and his crew will leave when she is not marketable anymore. If you want to find her follow one of her dumb lawyers, probably Baez.

1196 days ago


Hello? Doesn't anyone realize she is NOT GUILTY?

She is my HERO for putting up with all the false accusations and garbage the media and prosecutors put her through.

In America the law says INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. No proof, no guilt. She should get a $1M compensatory award for being abuse by the system.

1196 days ago


No proof? How much proof do you need? She never reported her daughter missing for 31 days. There were searches on her computer for chloroform and neck breaking. There was chloroform found in her car. There was the smell of a dead corpse from her car. Caylee's hair was found in the trunk of her car. The duct tape found wraped around Caylee's face was tape from Casey's house. Casey lied to police. Does this sound like an innocent person to you?

1196 days ago


i'd definitely bang her, shes very pretty

1196 days ago


"If Casey has more children"

For whatever selfish / psychotic reason she did what she did, I think she should be sterilized so there is absolutely no possibility of that happening.

1196 days ago


Holly 4 hours ago
People are too obsessed with this case. Bad things happen to kids all the time, but everyone is focused on this one story to the exclusion of anything else.

They should rename CNN Headline News, the Casey News Network. Every single time I put it on that channel they are talking about Casey. She should sue them for defamation and inciting violence against her.

All these nuts holding signs in front of the courthouse and saying they care so much about Caylee, why don't these people donate their time and money to homeless kids, or to kids in the hospital? There is something wrong with these people!

I can see why the witch trials happened now. People are insane.
I agree with you Holly. People have turned into the Barbarians they profess to hate.

1196 days ago


I respect the jurys verdict. 'reasonable doubt' that's all it takes. I, like most, do not agree with it. Casey Anthony killed her little daughter, just could not proove it. Not Guilty.

I don't understand how they have the balls to appeal 4-5 counts of her lying to the police.

Florida tax payers have paid for all of this and now have to
pay for a bogus appeal just for stall tactics.

Puerto Rico doesn't want her, even though Jose Beaz lives there. Casey

1196 days ago

Gugga Manson    

I think the American people are in the dark side of the moon. What did the jury said? Not guilty - but guilty for laying = yes!
So to handle this situation you have to agree with the court. Otherwise you are like Iran and some other anti-democratic countries . The media like TMZ are like the mob or Nancy Disgrace - The crowd is very easy to fool - read Elias Canettis "Crowd and Power". Then you will know the mechanism about stupid people and media.

1196 days ago


I hope Casey eventually gets what she deserves. Either prison or the death penalty.
Logically I wouldn't buy her book, but on a basic curious level I would probably watch her Today Show appearance just to be able to laugh at her stupidity. I bet if she were ever on any of those shows giving an interview, they'd never be able to get her off the TV. She'd probably just keep talking.

1196 days ago


phil 3 hours ago

If,it would have been a women of another color,the fact's,wouldnt have strayed away from her guilt,about her and her,father and any other matter,,,she got a break" a women of color,wouldnt never have. Casey,was wrong in my opinion,(but,in this great country,justice and just-them and just,us(mean's a three teir system(what works for some,dont work for all!!!
you have got to be kidding me...see OJ..see ray lewis...see micheal jackson.blacks get off all the time.

1196 days ago


We have a woman up here in Canada named Karla Homolka. 20 years ago she and her husband kidnapped, raped, tortured, killed and dismembered 2 teenage girls. They also drugged and raped Homolka's sister who consequently died of an OD becuse they had given her too much of the drug The body of one of their victims was found the day these two were married. There they are all smiles and happiness while another family is destroyed by their crime. When they were finally caught she claimed he beat her into being his accomplis. She agreed to testify against him and for her part in the murders she received only 12 years. Then they found the tapes these two had made of their crimes showing exactly the extent of Homolka's involvement but it was too late the deal was done. She was so hated up here when she got out she had to change her name and appearance and move far from her home. They did do a tv interview with her that millions watched even though most said they wouldn't 20 years later we know she is married with children and living the good life. No one has killed her or molested her on the street. This I suspect is what will happen with Anthony. For years her name will come up every now and then but she will not stay in our collective consciousness forever. Her life will go on. Our lives will go on, and we will all move on to hating the next killer that comes along.

1196 days ago


If Nancy Grace and Jane Valez Mitchell had their way they would keep talking about this case until they have some psycho so crazed that Casey Anthony and the jurors would be killed. People if the prosecutor had done his job she would be a convicted murderer by now. I'm no fan of this girl but why does supposed news organizations like headline news have to talk about this case damn near 24/7? now these greedy people are coming out of the woodwork to sue a woman that has no assets, no job and at this point no means of getting a job so now lets waste more television and court time and for what? NOTHING! She will file bankrupcy and all those people will get nothing but some free publicity. Can we move on to news worthy things like all the missing women and kids that could use that publicity. Its time to get over it and move on

1196 days ago

Gugga Manson    

@James - How much was proofed in the court of your fairy tail except lying and the 31 days of not reporting?
- Her computer? The families computer right? I have search for a lot of things like "serial killer", "death" and so on - Do you think it will make me guilty in some matters for a crime?

- Chloroform - I think that was "My Space" and one search for chloroform as Cindy said when she was searching for it.

- Very low level of clorofoem said one prosecutors witness the other said high levels and then? My trunk smells gas but I'am not a fire starter because of that!

- Smell of dead body - well when George (the ex. policeman) together with another man smelled dead body what would be the best way to handle that situation? Call the police or drive the car home?

- Duck tape? The most experienced pathologist said, it can be putted on after the dead. Or do you mean Georges duck tape?

- Yes she was laying and that will not proof anything!

Conclusion: Yes Casey are innocent and it has been proofed that into court and she was verdict: not guilty except for her laying. Between you and me, have you not been lying sometime?

1196 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

She is a psychopath and every other psychopath has a roll of duck tape and a heart shaped sticker with her name on it. Life in prison would have been a lot a safer. Sucks to be you, Casey Anthony.

1196 days ago

Master Po    

She is smoking hot, the court wore her down a bit. But a night out on the town with some makeup and booze will do her some good. Her t*ts are amazing.

1196 days ago
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