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Casey Anthony


7/16/2011 9:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony has been released from Orange County Jail in Orlando, FL. 

Casey Anthony Released From Jail
Anthony walked out of jail shortly after midnight ET on Sunday, accompanied by two sheriff's deputies and her attorney, Jose Baez.

She was behind bars for nearly three years and was acquitted on July 5 in the murder of her daughter Caylee. 

Anthony was found guilty of four misdemeanor counts of providing false information to a law enforcement officer. She was sentenced to one year in jail and a $1,000 fine for each count.

She was released with time served. 



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Its sad that she getting away with murder but leave it to God, he will deal with her, she will live a miserable life on Earth and when she die she will regret everything she did on Earth.

1160 days ago


'Bout time...

1160 days ago


Here is my take & food for thought for you all:

From the beginning, I never believed Casey had murdered her child. The only thing that made sense to me is that she thought she could use the chloroform to put Caley to sleep, while she went in and partied till the cows came home....until she saw that her little girl had actually died. My theory makes more sense than what was presented. I believe this was an accidental reckless child endangerment case, and she has served her time for that already. Some things were pretty obvious. To even use chloroform in the first place would have been an extremely foolish & reckless thing to do. But, Casey was a very selfish young woman and compulsive liar, so it makes sense to me that she concocted the stories she did initially, that of kidnapping and murder, while she drove around for those 3 days. I believe this was THE lie she wanted people to believe; hence, the make-believe babysitter accusation. I also believe she put the tape on Caley's mouth AFTER her death to make it look like someone had kidnapped her.

What was Casey's initial reaction, when she first discovered her daughter had died??

I believe she had to have been completely shocked & upset & in denial, then grieving, then, simultaneously, she began to worry more & more about herself and how it all made her look. She couldn’t go to her mother or father for help, as they would have come unglued at her. What should she have done?

She should have just called 911 upon Caley's discovery and death and admitted the truth, but she didn't know the laws of the state or the ultimate she could get for using the chloroform. She knew it was an accident, but that's why I think she drove around for 3 days. It took her that long to come up with a story. I also think she went and danced, because she wanted to "seem" normal, but of course, she had to have been completely confused as to what to do. I'm positive she wasn't having all that much fun, although Nancy Grace portrayed her as having a grand old time. Inwardly, she couldn't possibly have felt good.

There was also NO evidence whatsoever of child abuse or neglect prior to the incident. This is something the pundits failed to give enough credit to. So no, I think the jury was 100% right not to convict this woman on a murder 1 degree. For her foolish endangerment of her daughter which led to her daughter's death, she will more than pay for this "accident" with all the mass media negative attention, as a result of Grace & other pundits. I'd like to add that people need to get a grip & really realize the power of TV pundits who are paid to inflame the public----for their own selfish gains. Think about my theory. It's one I've passed by many friends who all agree. I work in law enforcement. Child perverts & murderers also typically do NOT carry their victims around in the trunk of their car for days afterwards. They dispose of the victim quickly. I can also say---most other people, unknown to the public and in her situation, would not be forever paying for their foolishness, but Casey will indefinitely.

1160 days ago


karma gonna git yah sucka!

1160 days ago


On that picture she looks like the female version of Gerard Lee Loughner.The same crazy smile.

1160 days ago

Eric Butts    

Disgusting. Any of you fools that think she's innocent really need to evaluate your level of IQ!!

1160 days ago


truth teller 4 minutes ago
I'm sure Nancy Grace as we speak has her sniper rifle,,,and is following Casey right now :-)

Not true! lmao

But i am taking bets that if anyone takes a shot at her, it'll be an avowed Nancy (dis)Grace fanatic.

1160 days ago

truth teller    

All you people calling her a murderer,,,where is the evidence...where ? No where that's where. That's why the jury voted not guilty. Look, I don't like the girl. But why would she wanna kill her ? be free and party ?...Yeah right. She could have easily just put Caylee up for adoption. I mean you know how many couples who can't have kids who would pay a HUGE amount to have that still very young Angel ? But, rather then do that, make some money, and STILL be free to party, you're saying she chose to Murder her ?

Absolutely laughable.

1160 days ago


for all you stupid ignorant people still saying "leave her alone she was found not guilty, maybe she didnt do it" You all are idiots!!! did you need to hear a confession come out of her lying mouth?? the MOUNTAIN of evidence wasnt enough!! GGRR dont know what makes me angrier..that she got away with murder, or the few people that still arent sure!!!

1160 days ago

PRO US    

She is a psychopath.

1160 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Party on Casey!!!

CAsey and Lindsay need to hook up. Could you imagine the epic party they would have?

1160 days ago


the whole story is very sad. god rest the soul of her child. the jury found her not guilty. you must go by our justice system and leave her alone. she spent 3 years in jail, and now is free. it is time to leave her be. i hope she changes her appearance, and her identity, and definately leaves her entire family, and gets a life. what a tragedy about her daughter, not about leaving her parents.

1160 days ago


So, how long before Nancy Grace incites one of her dimwitted followers to violence and murder?

1160 days ago

truth teller    

michelleless than a minute ago

for all you stupid ignorant people still saying "leave her alone she was found not guilty, maybe she didnt do it" You all are idiots!!! did you need to hear a confession come out of her lying mouth?? the MOUNTAIN of evidence wasnt enough!! GGRR dont know what makes me angrier..that she got away with murder, or the few people that still arent sure!!!

This chick is a Moron! :-) A Blonde for SURE!! Mountain of laughable. Please, go get some education you bimbo.

1160 days ago


In time she find out the meaning of Karma, it's a bitch.

1160 days ago
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