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Casey Anthony


7/16/2011 9:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony has been released from Orange County Jail in Orlando, FL. 

Casey Anthony Released From Jail
Anthony walked out of jail shortly after midnight ET on Sunday, accompanied by two sheriff's deputies and her attorney, Jose Baez.

She was behind bars for nearly three years and was acquitted on July 5 in the murder of her daughter Caylee. 

Anthony was found guilty of four misdemeanor counts of providing false information to a law enforcement officer. She was sentenced to one year in jail and a $1,000 fine for each count.

She was released with time served. 



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truth teller    

Right 2idiots: Cause it's MUCH more believeable that she would KILL her Daughter in order to be free to Party right ? ( LOL @ U )....When she could have put Caylee up for Adoption, and make a **** load of money. But she chose to kill her :-)

What a Moron!!

1161 days ago


I wonder if the plane will crash!

1161 days ago


David Jong 3 minutes ago
Ugh... tired... head hurts... feels a little hot... think I'm gonna stop for now. Watch some mindless entertainment on my TV. Relax.


....hopefully have heart attack, slip quietly into the night.

1161 days ago


Surfer Gal less than a minute ago
truth teller 24 minutes ago
All you people calling her a murderer,,,where is the evidence...where ? No where that's where. That's why the jury voted not guilty. Look, I don't like the girl. But why would she wanna kill her ? be free and party ?...Yeah right. She could have easily just put Caylee up for adoption. I mean you know how many couples who can't have kids who would pay a HUGE amount to have that still very young Angel ? But, rather then do that, make some money, and STILL be free to party, you're saying she chose to Murder her ?

Absolutely laughable.
truth teller, it's well known that Casey wanted to put the child up for adoption but her mother, Cindy, would not hear of it.
So she opted for the intelligent route - kill the kid, cover it up, dont report her "missing" then say it was an accidental drowning......There's logic for you

1161 days ago


OJ must be green with envy.She should have dinner with Robert Blake.

1161 days ago


I've never seen so many people so worked up to the point of violence over a criminal. People scare me.

1161 days ago


2idiots 3 minutes ago
Puckett less than a minute ago
What a dumb ass comment - people report accidents but they hide crimes.


Yeah innocent people never break down and confess to crimes they never committed either, simply doesn't happen. /sarcasm

Talk about a dumbass blanket comment.


Got tired of trying to make friends on the Mel Gibson threads?


I never tried in case you didn't notice. Got anything besides an ad hominem attack in your quiver, Mr. Generalizing Dumbass? lol

1161 days ago


I hope she is decapitated on her drive "home".

1161 days ago


THANK GOD! SOMEONE WITH COMMON SENSE! I believe the same...She drugged her kid to go out & party without needing a babysitter (I always wondered if she left the kid IN the trunk, knocked out when she was partying (the times Caylee was with the fictitious Nanny???).
The child obviously died from ACCIDENTAL chloroform poisoning. Why else the searches, the fumes AND THE GATORADE BOTTLE WITH CHLOROFORM IN THE CAR, PEOPLE???
Casey panicked, (put the girl in the trunk) and drove around deciding WTF to do to get her butt out of ho*****er.
DING!~ "I know! I'll make it look like a kidnapping! I'll cover her face with duct tape to make it look authentic, because NOONE would expect a loving mom like ME to do that! Besides..I'm SUCH a good liar!"
She's one lucky girl, because a member of the police department messed up and some cop slid in the mud and threw a fit, not finding her in August. No soft tissue left by December 11th to do chemical testing on.
100% of accidental drownings are reported. George would have done the right thing & reported it. And what about the Winnie-the-Pooh blanket? That's a DIRECT connection. The car is a connection. The duct tape is a connection (do people really think she couldn't gain access to "George's duct tape"???
So no, I don't think it was on purpose. But I do think she should have gotten convicted on Count #4- child abuse leading to death.
BTW...has anyone else noticed that the majority on Casey supporters are MEN? The little head rules the Big one.

1161 days ago


Casey Anthony got away with murder. The Jury made their decision of not guilty. (my opinion is after 8 weeks of being sequesterd the Jury just wanted to go home.) Not even 11 hours, quick decision just to go home.

Not Guilty. That's how it sometimes works.

1161 days ago


Wow Nancy Grace fanatics are out in full force. The stupidity is astounding.

1161 days ago

Surfer Gal    

So she opted for the intelligent route - kill the kid, cover it up, dont report her "missing" then say it was an accidental drowning......There's logic for you

two idiots, yes, there was a power struggle between the mother & the daughter....twisted, I agree.

1161 days ago

Jose Vazquez    

(Dispatcher) "What is your emergency?
(Caller) "Please help me, I have a bunch of people trying to kill me."
(Dispatcher) "Okay ma'am, calm down. What is your name?" ...
(Caller) "Casey Anthony"
(Dispatcher) "Okay Miss Anthony try to stay calm, an officer will be there in 31 days

1161 days ago


I just feel sad for Caylee. I can not believe there was not justice served. Even if it was an accident, like the defense said, why are there no charges for obstructing justice, abuse of a corpse...anything? God will serve his sentence....

1161 days ago


It doesn't matter what was going on when she had the baby. She lost it three years later. It doesn't matter why she did BECAUSE SHE IS F*CKING CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1161 days ago
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