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Casey Anthony's Parents

No Plans to See Her

7/16/2011 10:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony is scheduled to be released from prison tomorrow -- and if you were expecting a tearful reunion with her parents upon her exit ... think again. 

Mark Lippman, a lawyer for Cindy and George Anthony, tells TMZ his clients have had zero contact with Casey or her lawyers about her impending release.

Lippman says he isn't 100% sure his clients even want to see Casey, but it doesn't even matter. He tells us, "Mr. Baez and Mr. Mason (Casey's attorneys) have made it abundantly clear that their client will not have contact with my clients. We have no idea what the plans are for Casey, so even if she was out of jail we would not know where to contact her to even attempt to set up a meeting."

Cindy tried to visit Casey in prison last week, but Casey wasn't having it. 


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Will the murderer attend her brother Lee's upcoming wedding?

1191 days ago


She was found NOT GUILTY! What is wrong with everyone? Don't you understand how our justice system works? Are you now going to go out and vote to repeal all the laws that hold our justice system accountable? Are you going to allow justice to be meted out by torch carrying lynch mobs and witch burners that we came from?

1191 days ago


This is probably just a set up for some reality show where the Anthonys plan to make money with a dramatic make up show. Anything for a buck.

1191 days ago


The devil now ownes her sole.Money will never be enough to set you free Casey.You will walk among us, an empty shell for the rest of your natural life.You will never be relevant again as a productive member of sociaty... Long life with mental anguish is all you have to look forward to, maybe today you can put out of your mind what you have done,and to all that have loved you,you have failed them .Down the road thoughts of what you have done to others will play on you.Now live with yourself...

1191 days ago


Her parents were in on delaying the finding on poor little Caylee. This is all media fakery. The elder Anthony's want it to look like they have no contact with the murdering monkey-face.

1191 days ago

Chun LI    

LOL @ BetterThanYou

1191 days ago


I never knew so many people are that involved in someone else's life rather than their own. Who cares about what this girl is doing or where she goes from here. There is a man who got away with murder and the evidence was there unlike Caseys trial, no one is threatening him. Why does everyone think they have the right to threaten to kill her? 2 wrongs dont make a right. Wish everyone would move on with their own lives. Sucks that your life is lived everyday talking about a girl that no one even really knows.

1191 days ago


After she threw her own parents under the bus, I am shocked they even want to see her. She will be bad news whereever she goes or does.

1191 days ago


Just let her come to new haven, conn and put her out in a area call the "HOOD" or better yet GHETTO FAB, and you will see how long she last. it only took Jeffrey Dahmer 10 mins and he was in jail in protective custody. please please leave this cold hearted B alone. like Patty Labelle song goes "on my own." I cant wait until Karma comes, I hope it come quickly.

1191 days ago


The Anthony family has protected and covered up for their daughter's lying, stealing and aberrant behavior her entire life. I suspect that this family's only semblance of peace was while Casey was in jail. Nevertheless, the dynamic here seems to be cover for Casey, no matter what. Even when Casey maliciously made the family look bad, it was with the full consent and support of her parents in order to create confusion and to deliberately cast suspicion on themselves. I have no doubt that Baez, together with George and Cindy Anthony have conspired to deceive the jury. The only way something close to the truth will come out, will be if Lee breaks free of this mess and talks openly and honestly. I think it's time for TMZ to get down and dirty with a serious investigative expose on the real Anthony family. This family has messed with the public way too much for them to think it's okay now to just move on. Our hearts break for Caylee. I can't get the picture of Caylee's tiny finger bones out of my head. How much lower will the Anthonys go to cover for that contemptible worm?

1191 days ago


Thank you lane, for taking issue with tmz's use (or 9misuse), of the word "there". It is the most misused word and it pissesp me off every time someone misused it.

1191 days ago


Octomom wanted to be rich, people were disgusted by her and she is a footnote. This will happen to Casey with her sarcastic remark on this comment page. She will be a footnote, not a millionaire too. Where are all those book deals that Octomom and she didn't have any allegations of killing her children.

1191 days ago


that photo is so phony. I can't believe you would do that. Lost my faith in you for anything to do with truth.

1191 days ago

Virgin Mary    

Who would buy or listen to HER story?? I would not believe a word from HER mouth even if she was hooked up to a lie detector machine while her lips were moving!! She killed her baby and should suffer the consequences REGARDLESS of what those STUPID, SPINELESS jurors said. The evidence showed it WAS MORE LIKELY than NOT she killed Caylee!! SHAME ON YOU IDIOTS!! I would not believe anything that came out of your mouths either so, save your breath and don't do anymore PAID interviews, I for one am SICK OF YOUR STUPIDITY!! You 12 are no better that Casey!! I feel Baez should be investigated for all of the lies he told too!! WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO???? I believe Baez wrote a SCRIPT and all involved were the SICK actors in this disgusting play!! Remember OJ? He's in prison now. Remember Amy Fisher, who is now an alcholic and drug user and PORN STAR. Watch out Casey....once a liar and thief, always a liar and thief. You will never change BIATCH and you will be back behind bars soon (if someone doesn't kill you first). BELLA VITA CASEY!!!!!

1191 days ago


Responding to HECATE: you wrote "I hope someday send her off to meet Caylee " Caylee is in heaven ,Casey will go direct to hell I hope so! not Caylee !check before you post the comments !

1191 days ago
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