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Casey Anthony's Parents

No Plans to See Her

7/16/2011 10:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony is scheduled to be released from prison tomorrow -- and if you were expecting a tearful reunion with her parents upon her exit ... think again. 

Mark Lippman, a lawyer for Cindy and George Anthony, tells TMZ his clients have had zero contact with Casey or her lawyers about her impending release.

Lippman says he isn't 100% sure his clients even want to see Casey, but it doesn't even matter. He tells us, "Mr. Baez and Mr. Mason (Casey's attorneys) have made it abundantly clear that their client will not have contact with my clients. We have no idea what the plans are for Casey, so even if she was out of jail we would not know where to contact her to even attempt to set up a meeting."

Cindy tried to visit Casey in prison last week, but Casey wasn't having it. 


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DiCeY D.    

I think this became big news bc she KILLED her sweet baby, LIED every breath (she was an enigma as well and news groups got on board) Her family knew she was guilty and tried 2 keep her from death penalty so they wouldn't lose 2 members of their family. I think Cindy wants to see CA only so she can get answers since double jeopardy is not in play. I say George wants NOTHING to do w/her. To think you daughter would say that George and Lee MOLESTED her + all the other stupid Sh!@ she came up with, sickening Biatch!! BOYCOTT her book PLEASE, watch an interview if you're curious, but please don't let Casey Anthony profit from the death of her daughter Bless your little heart Caylee ♥ !! P.S. All Casey A's gonna do in an interview is set ground rules and LIE some more! ♥

1142 days ago


he only reason their saying this is to save their own asses so that they don't get held hostage or whatever by all of america who wants a piece of casey!!!! this is bull ****!!!!!!!!!!

1142 days ago


There client, there castle.

(I thought you wanted me to.)

1142 days ago


Common sense is not so common: But Answer a few questions to the best of your common sense ability 1. Whats a (common sense) reason why any Mother would wait 31 days before reporting their little 2 year old daughter missing? 2. If the Police are helping you find your 2 year old daughter,can you tell us a (common sense) reason as to why you would LIE to the Police about everything they ask you? 3. Why did Casey if innocent abandon her car in a parking lot that smells like death? 4. Why did Casey text her friend and say her car smells like she hit a dead animal? 5. Can you give us a (common sense) reason Why Casey was making up lies to her Mother for weeks as to where her 2 year old daughter was? 6. Why didn't Casey testify and explain how innocent she was?

1142 days ago


Casey allowed her attorneys to destroy her parent's reputation, her mom LIED on the stand for her....and SHE is turning THEM away? I'll bet it was her parents who want nothing to do with her. That whole family is effed up and I wish they would all just drop off the face of the earth.....

1142 days ago


i think the whole family is f****d up! these people are not celebrities,they are fish food!!!!!

1142 days ago


look for Geraldo. He has been her biggest cheerleader and DEFINITELY WANTS TO SLEEP WITH HER. He will put her up anywhere. Thats why he is close to Baez. Total s***bag

1142 days ago


American public is very gullible!!

I don't buy their ruse for one minute. Her kitchen sink defense was built on deception and outright fabrication. I'm sure her parents were on board with everything, INCLUDING the molestation accusations. The point was to create a shadow of doubt and possibly even sympathy. There was never any intention to follow up the accusations... just plant the seed. Even now the subterfuge continues as they attempt to throw the public off casey's scent trail by insinuating the family "feud" in desperate attempt to keep her whereabouts and activities unknown. Wake up folks !!

1142 days ago


Does this mean she won't be spending Christmas with the folks? Or Father's Day? Aw, shucks. That breaks my heart.

1142 days ago


Her sicko father did it. AND thought he was ABOVE the law and hid the babies body. They all three knew and daddy tried to cover it up. I'm wondering about the Dad and the meter readers connection. After all Daddy knew all the in's and out's of law enforcement. I'll bet after he disposed of the body, he re-assured Casey, no one would find out. Since he's a ******* know it all x POS. And I believe daddy did sexually abuse Casey. If the body had been found earlier, we may have found signs of sexual assault on Caylee. That POS is hiding the truth.

1142 days ago

They R all Liars N Grifters    

Unanswered questions. Many puzzling issues left unanswered.

One thing puzzling and provocative about the Anthony story was the relationship between Baez and his client.

The forensic psychologist who examined Anthony prior to trial reported on Dr. Drew that Casey tested at average intelligence, was not Axis I or Axis II. He remarked that she was "immature."

Immature young women need a father, handlers, controllers. Baez fits that role too perfectly.

For the past 3 years Casey has refused visits and phone calls from her family.Those visits stopped shortly after Lee questioned her in the jailhouse video tapes if she wanted to consider another attorney, other than Baez.

So Baez has been Casey's only Contact with the outside world these past 3 years. Wouldn't he have a lot of control/influence over Casey?

Even after her acquittal, Casey has refused visits with her mother. I can't accept that Casey did this only for financial reasons [jailhouse tapes cutting into her future income as was quickly suggested on the Orlando Sentinel comments section.]

Why did Baez present that stupid and destructive theory of molestation in opening? I am not convinced he did that solely to create reasonable doubt... This case was a pretty sure shoe-in regarding the Murder I charge. Why use that story to create such a irrepairable rift between Casey and her family... many other options that would have been less destructive to the family were available to create reasonable doubt without going where Baez went

Even after aquittal, Casey's own attorneys, predict there will be no reconciliation between Casey and George/Cindy/Lee.Baez and group are left to get Casey on her feet again

Beyond the Obvious, what motivated Baez and Associates to choose this path?
Think outside the Box and Take Another Look.

1142 days ago


Her father did molest her. That is why he helped her get rid of it.

1142 days ago


Oh please Cindy will move heaven and earth to see her psycho daughter.Tomorrow she and Baez will be making sweet love.

1142 days ago


God, who dressed her in those ridiculous Lizzy Borden outfits? She looks even worse now with her polygamist wife's hair.

Death threats never come to pass, but she better hightail it out of Florida as soon as she passes through those gates. Somebody will definitely give her a good ass beating there. Now she'll be forced to live the quiet life she so despised.

1142 days ago

Evan Benz    

It been a tough week for the Anthony Family.
The stress of the murder trial, dealing with Mark's divorce, Steve Hirsh pulling the rug out from under her on that job offer.

Just so many things.

1142 days ago
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