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Casey Anthony's Parents

No Plans to See Her

7/16/2011 10:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony is scheduled to be released from prison tomorrow -- and if you were expecting a tearful reunion with her parents upon her exit ... think again. 

Mark Lippman, a lawyer for Cindy and George Anthony, tells TMZ his clients have had zero contact with Casey or her lawyers about her impending release.

Lippman says he isn't 100% sure his clients even want to see Casey, but it doesn't even matter. He tells us, "Mr. Baez and Mr. Mason (Casey's attorneys) have made it abundantly clear that their client will not have contact with my clients. We have no idea what the plans are for Casey, so even if she was out of jail we would not know where to contact her to even attempt to set up a meeting."

Cindy tried to visit Casey in prison last week, but Casey wasn't having it. 


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Compare the Duggard girl to Casey. Duggard went through a total nightmare, and Casey had a charmed life comparably. This question has really bugged me!

What went wrong in Casey's life, she is insane, crazy? If the Duggard girl was able to live through her ordeal, and not harm children, and Casey had easy street? I'm glad I am not a psychiatrist I would need some follow up classes!

Casey's parents need to move on, but it is hard to turn you back from your children no matter the situation, but they need to mark her off as a diabolical killer, she could harm them. I did think grandpa had strange responses, but he could be on anti-depresents, and could have changed his demeaner, in his suicide note he alluded to the fact he was tired of the "meds". I would be afraid to sleep in the same house as Casey, I think she planned it, due to her reactions, such as parties etc... If I had stolen money, quit school, and all of the things that she did to them, I would have had a visit to the wood shed!!

Her mother also said that Casey left her purse in the car when it was found?-no one has explained that-too weird, what woman leaves her purse!! The grandparents did not deserve what she dished out. That poor baby must have suffered, in that trunk, it makes me sick, and I don't even know them. I need to turn off the TV.

Kudos to Mr. Hefner, I always thought he had a sleeze factor, but he seems to have a tid bit of class, he has a heart in there somewhere, I think he probably helps alot of people out without judgement, or questions. He seems like a "favorite uncle" type. There would probably be alot of bon-fires, with Casey in his magazine.

1162 days ago


I'd like them to slug it out in a ring -

I'd like to see at least two of them -

- get hurt.

I'd enjoy seeing Rainford show up -

-and on his tricycle.

1162 days ago


I've felt bad for the parents all along. Now I'm starting to wonder how much of this "FEUD" might be staged. Her attorneys may have concocted this elaborate plan from the beginning in order to A) help the jury have reasonable doubt and B) make the public feel sympathy for the parents rather than anger. But if you think about mom and dad's testimony and "slip ups", they actually did help set her free. We just may all have fallen for an incredible hoax.

1162 days ago


Florida taxpayers paid for her defence. Jose Beaz did his job, he defended his client. It worked, jury found her not guilty.

As much as I also disagree, it's over and done. No way she didn't kill her kid, it just could not be prooven she did it.

1162 days ago

y o y     

wake up america! the anthony's put it over on you. when she was out on bail the whole family plotted this. they told her to say anything, throw them under the bus, just get free. they are still playing us to get her out of town safe. they probably all are friends with jose baez too. they are all sly, devious folks. the state of florida messed up by not making it a man slaughter case.
maybe it was an accident where she just wanted to put her to sleep with cloraform. but the duct tape? do we know if it was really over her nose? maybe just over the mouth to shut her up? however you picture it, she caused the death of her child.

1162 days ago


DiCeY D - I agree with your analysis as to why her mother lied on the stand. She still loves her daughter, whether right or wrong, and she probably wanted to believe her too and kept hoping for something to come up in trial to prove her daughters innocense.

But instead of proving her innocence, that bitch of a daughter and her low life attorneys, decided to rip her family apart, one by one and piece by piece. That family will never recover from this - ever.

I mean remember when she was videotaped on the jail phone, speaking with her folks and Cindy asked her about the latest news of the child drowning?? It was obvious that they knew nothing about that and Caswy shrugged it off as just another wierd rumor. If George knew anything about that at all, that conversation would never have happened. Additionally, the man was in law enforcement for christ sake, if he wanted that baby's body to never be found, it wouldn't have been!

1162 days ago


faby has a great brain

if your kid is missing for that long you dont lie to police who is trying to help you in the search that to me means she did it because is not that she was abuse she knew what she was doing by misleading all the officials involved just like she mislead her parents just like she lie to everyone in her life so by lying she just help for clues to find out who did this and help to not find this precious kid alive if there was an opportunity to still save her if that was the case in which we would never know and plz dont forget about this little angel because it seems everyone has and all they focus is on this evil human being called casey anthony

1162 days ago

Sonya in Tx    

Cut that biotch loose.

They are better off without their murdering deamon seed......

1162 days ago


@minnietx less than a minute ago
Compare the Duggard girl to Casey. Duggard went through a total nightmare, and Casey had a charmed life comparably. This question has really bugged me!


If it's true that Casey Anthony was molested - then I disagree with you - she's had anything but a charmed life.

Her parents want the relationship - more than Casey does -

This is significant -

Her parents were rooting for Casey to lose and get injected.

This is also significant.

They were miffed at the verdict -

How sane are they?

Parents, and I'd say, oh, about 40 to 79 percent of them?

Are clueless, have it all wrong, make no effort to gain insight/change -

Plod along doing what was done to them -

Justifying themselves and at every turn -

I've seen some very good parenting in my lifetime.

But it's the exception, and not the rule.

Remember and take into consideration:

I am The-Sociopath-Whisperer.

also The Son Of Squeaky Fromme.

So, trust me on this, I've done a lot of research -

Know what I'm talking about.

Don't be so quick to judge Casey Anthony -

God's giving her a Second Chance, and for a Reason.

Let's see what she does with it -

Does with her second chance.

Before we close-the-book on who she is as a human being.

I personally don't close or open the book on people -

Because I've made every mistake there is to make -

Thus am no judge, jury, prosecuting attorney.

1162 days ago


TRY AS I MAY, I CANNOT ERASE THE IMAGE of a precious little two year old, bubbling with trust in her mother to take care of her and to protect her, not having the ability and the strength to defend hersel****ainst this looming monster who was determined to snuff out her little body so she could go out and party with her friends without even looking back. Only a mentally deranged person is capable of such a horrendous act. Can Casey Anthony possibly understand what she has done to her precious little girl? Perhaps some day she will actually tell the truth, that is, if she knows how.

1162 days ago


Oh, and I believe she's already been released and the police haven't informed the public in an effort to not get blamed if someone killed her azzz while she was leaving. And they want to basically give her a head start to get where she was safely going.

I think we should expect, in the near future, the person she's planning to go stay with will sell her out for a paycheck. who knows, maybe they hate her for what she did to her baby and feel that she's got it coming to her, and they get a huge paycheck from some media outlet. That is going to be a story I will be interested in reading.

1162 days ago


The devil will be dancing at 12:01 a.m. Sunday morning!!

1162 days ago


hope when she gets out she goes straight to hell and takes her sleasy lawers with her.

1162 days ago

Studley Buck    

Anyway, Casey's fans sure want to see her. She is a trend-setter & a fashion icon. What a beauty!

1162 days ago


i want to ask yall a question...i was discussing the casey anthony case with a friend whom i had not seen since the trial started. i have no children, she has two. she made it VERY clear to me that she would do whatever necessary to keep her children off of death row. she said she would lie, let the defense say that she molested her kids...whatever it took, no questions asked. i told her that since i do not have children that i thought i was not qualified to say what i would or would not do. however, i told her that i do not think for one second that my mother would let me say awful things about her. if i harmed my daughter, i know that my mother would make me step up and take responsibility. she looked at me like i was crazy. what do you think? thank you.

1162 days ago
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