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Casey Anthony's Parents

No Plans to See Her

7/16/2011 10:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony is scheduled to be released from prison tomorrow -- and if you were expecting a tearful reunion with her parents upon her exit ... think again. 

Mark Lippman, a lawyer for Cindy and George Anthony, tells TMZ his clients have had zero contact with Casey or her lawyers about her impending release.

Lippman says he isn't 100% sure his clients even want to see Casey, but it doesn't even matter. He tells us, "Mr. Baez and Mr. Mason (Casey's attorneys) have made it abundantly clear that their client will not have contact with my clients. We have no idea what the plans are for Casey, so even if she was out of jail we would not know where to contact her to even attempt to set up a meeting."

Cindy tried to visit Casey in prison last week, but Casey wasn't having it. 


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OJ Simpson paid for his defence, Casey Anthony defence was paid by Florida taxpayers.

Jose Baez filing an appeal to overturn Casey's lying to the POLICE 4 COUNTS. Florida taxpayers will pay for that also.

Jose Beaz has a home in Puerto Rico, Puerto Ricans don't what her.

1163 days ago


Her mother, Cindy, lies for her on the witness stand to try to take away the premeditation that would have given her the death penalty. AND Casey's parents are the ones that paid for her defense! Funny how Casey is turning her back on them now that she's getting out of jail. She probably is expecting to be swimming in pools of money now.

1. May Casey Anthony drop dead as soon as she exits the jail.

2. If #1 doesn't happen, then may a horrible, deathly curse be put on any person or business that gives her money!

1163 days ago


Seriously, TMZ? You're actually believing what this psychotic family (lawyer included!) is saying???? THEY LIE!

1163 days ago


Does Casey get to keep her passport? Bet money is for her in Freeport, Bahamas.

1163 days ago


janet 11 minutes ago

Casey Anthony defence was paid by Florida taxpayers.

About $104,000 was paid by Florida taxpayers for "expert witnesses". $200,000 was paid by ABC News to the Anthony family for photos and videos of Caylee and that money went to Casey's defense.

1163 days ago


thanks minnietx for your honesty and your answer...i really appreciate it!

1163 days ago


Casey will continue ro destroy more lives, she does not care about her parents. Anyone who can toss a child into the swamp with no remorse will not care if she never sees her family again. But Karma will find her and hold her accountable. She may have been found not guilty to free her from jail, but that by no means says the public should think she is innocent. We all watched the trial, and seen the evidence Casey Marie Anthony is Guilty to most of the eyes of the world. She kill her child destroy too many lives with her lies and actions. The best thing she can do to assure the public that she will never do this again, is to get her tubes tide into triple knot!! Casey will become an old spinster like Lizzie Borden, who hides away from the public for the rest of her life.

1163 days ago


mom and dad created the monster! I do not believe she was molested, you can't rape the willing!

1163 days ago



I don't believe in Karma - if it existed, then Casey would be headed to prison for life right now.

But I do agree that a lot of bad things happened to OJ's defense team.

* Cochran got cancer & died
* Kardashian got cancer & died
* Shapiro's son OD'ed
* F Lee Bailey was disbarred in Florida

So yeah, things went downhill for the defense attorneys quite quick.. Then of course Orenthal James got convicted of robbery and there is a good chance he will die in prison.

1163 days ago


Casey Anthony can yell she killed her kid, By Law, Double Jeoprardy, she can't be touched. Can't be re-tried for the same crime.

The jury had no actual proof. They want to go back to their homes and enjoy the rest of the summer.

Didn't even push 11 hours. The jury agreed to agree so they can go back home.


1163 days ago


Baez is probably at Victoria's Secret buying a little something for the baby killer to model for him.
She owes him big time.

1163 days ago


Jen, you are welcome!


Casey will be on her way to the Bahamas @ about 1am tomorrow, as long as she keeps her passport, only 35minute flight, if you want to hide, and to do media interviews, what better place?Bahamians love the infamous, and the celebs, and their money!

1163 days ago

The Neko Nation    

Casey Anthony is going to be rich off killing her own child. This is the ghettofied society that America has become.

1163 days ago


Screw HER.. Family or not after what she has done to them and everyone else! She'd be DEAD to me.. Who the Hell needs her?? She is the biggest POS roaming the earth! DIS-OWN THE BITCH!! Otherwise you get what you deserve if you continue on with the SKANK! Screw U Casey! Just disappear your a USELESS ITEM!

1163 days ago


Hence the civil suits.

Alot of people was helping to search for a missing kid. Caylee was already dead. As luck would have it, by the time her 'remains' were found, no proof that Casey Anthony killed her kid.

1163 days ago
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