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JLo Declares Independence from Hubby on 4th

7/16/2011 6:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Fourth of July is a day when families gather around to BBQ and watch fireworks -- but that wasn't the case this year for Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony.

Turns out JLo and the kids spent the holiday at the beach in Malibu -- and Marc Anthony was nowhere in sight.

We're told JLo showed up with some family and friends, parked herself on the beach and enjoyed a little vino ... not looking upset at all.

JLo and Marc announced yesterday they were divorcing after seven years of marriage.  



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Rafaelle Zuccaro    

Do you think he got hold of Jens "SEX TAPE" from her "Other Husband"???? When will these :STARS" learn NOT to make raunch SEX tapes with other people??? First Paris, then Britany now Jlo-

1193 days ago




in a few years or so, she'll probably give all kid custody to Marc Anthony

girl just can't commit unless its something that pertains to HER

1193 days ago


I have to give them credit, I thought less than 2 years for them. But I still don't give a crap about either one. And because of him I stopped watching one of my favorite shows, Hawthorne HE BLOWS ruins it for me. And she is a no talent.

1193 days ago


She is and will always be a Rich, Selfish, Self Centered, Sl@t & Wh@re...She does'nt deserve the life she is living....can you say INGRATE...Go away and Die somewhere J-HO..

1193 days ago

as I was sayin    

Here are some wild ideas of what J lo could do when she is divorced. She could date Reggie Bush or even the Kardashian's brother or someone like a NBA baller that will keep her life very interesting. Go for it date Ray J... Go, back to Diddy and perhaps do another dance video with Diddy. She should just keep it moving like she has been doing and have fun. Life is too short. Take notes from Kim K or get Kim's mom to be her producer, and get a butt x-ray. Live a lil. Maybe J Lo could travel the world or something. Anyway, she's too beautiful to just sulk and cry and all that. She could go date Hugh Hefner or something wild, just do it.

1193 days ago


Jennifer is a very beautiful woman, but I kind of figured she married him on the rebound from ben affleck, so I didnt see it lasting even this long. But I wish her the best. If only we all had a body like hers. She's a great spirit to be around. Wish her and the kids the best of luck.

1193 days ago


who gives a ****! i don't

1193 days ago

as I was sayin    

Poor Marc, he must be devastated, gotta wonder what happened tho' for she really seemed happy recently on HSN.

1193 days ago

Marie from Vancouver    

What?! A Hollywood marriage going south? Colour me shocked.

1193 days ago


Jlo married Mark on the rebound after Ben broke up with her. Jlo was embarrassed being dumped. I'm surprised it lasted more than 2 years. Mark liked her from the first meeting. Divorced his wife when Jlo gave him the ok.

1193 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

I think that TMZ should post a poll about "Who'd you rather" between Marc Anthony and Anthony Weiner. They both have similar ugly faces. Both ugly. And both cheaters, apparently.

1193 days ago


DRINKING...I Have HEARD MANY Interviews With this BRAT J-HO...she Claims SHE DOESN'T DRINK ALCOHOL What-So-Ever..
I figure she Did, Just like she Claims she is Humble J-ho from around the Block...She Sure is Around the Block..She Goes thru marriages like Water...
I am Sure, she has Met someone Else already and is waiting to bring him on the scene...BEWARE whoever you are...she is a Media HO.

1193 days ago


I bet their marriage was a sham for years. She purchased Marc Anthony to save face so she wouldn't look like a victim a la Jennifer Aniston. It didn't matter to her that he was still married, as long as he had some fame and money, unlike her previous deadbeat husbands.

Her clothing line tanked b/c it was ghettorican trash. It's well known that she wears fur so people aren't going to support that or her overly sweet smelling perfume line. She blew through a ton of money thinking it wouldn't end and now she's clinging to AI as her sole means of support.

It's so obvious she's jealous of Steven Tyler on AI because she thought she would be the darling of the show, only to be upstaged by a drag queen. If she gets canned from that - which she will - her career is finito.

1193 days ago


I did not understand the attraction, especially to MA, and in a long-term sense. So, I cannot say that I am surprised to read of their split, though I am disappointed for the sake of their twin boys. They will suffer due to their father's absence from their home and daily milieu. Their dad won't be there to guide and encourage them through their lives' challenges, hardships and disappointments, nor to co-celebrate their successes, nor their special occasions and victories. Very sad.

1193 days ago


I am not surprised. I am shocked that the marriage lasted this long! She seems like a DIVA to live with. He is an ugly anorexic man! UGGH!

1193 days ago
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