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Rachel Uchitel: She Dated Elin's New Boyfriend!

7/16/2011 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Elin Nordegren may be in Sweden, but she just can't seem to escape Rachel Uchitel -- because we found out ... Rachel banged Elin's new boyfriend!

Rachel Uchitel and Elin Nordegren
We told you yesterday ... Tiger Woods ex-wife is dating marketing exec Jamie Dingman, whose dad is a billionaire tycoon. But before Elin, sources tell TMZ Jamie and Rachel were an item -- and there was a little bit of an overlap with Jamie and Tiger, but Jamie bowed out to the golfer.

In fact, when Rachael got serious with Tiger, Jamie joked with her, "That ok.  I'll date his wife, Elin."

And get this ... at the time the Tiger Woods scandal broke, Jamie was living with Rachel in a MIami home. 

And there's more. Remember the name, Jen Madden? She's the one who sold the Tiger Woods story in the first place, and she got the info because she stayed at the Miami home and overheard Rachel tell Jamie about her affair with Tiger.

Who knew Elin Nordegren had a little bit of Rachel in her.

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There is a simple reason men stray. Women stop doing things the guys like. Get married and sex stops. Have kids, sex stops even more. It's the way it goes. I can cut this down plain and simple. Elin doesn't swallow and Rachel does (we'll until she's married and has access to the bank account the it stops too). That's why tiger was out having fun. Use your talent and assets and keep your man happy and he'll stick around.

1164 days ago

Selen Gomez    


1164 days ago

kerry sullivan    

It looks like the wrong Rachel is posted. That pic looks like Rachel from Housewives of New York not Rachel fro Celebrity Rehab.

1164 days ago


Ellen, Get ride of this guy!!! If he'd go out with this scank, what does that tell you about him? Playboy, womanizer, pig....Adios amigo...gotta do it.

1164 days ago


"That ok. I'll date his wife, Elin."

ugh! what tra*****he dude looks like a coked up Chaz Bono! Run for the hills, Elin! Rachel's herpes lip-sores are out to get you!

1164 days ago


What made her socially better than Tiger. She married one of the richest most famous athletes. Say what you want about Tiger he did earn his money. Maybe she married down in Sweden but in America she married up.

1164 days ago


@fancypants: But she is not American, she's Swedish. No one in Sweden would accuse her of marrying him "for the money", or say that she's "just a nanny". You treat her like trash, which seems to be the American way around here. And again - was princess Diana "just a nanny" too?

You don't get Europeans. Nothing wrong with being a good and rich athlete, but we don't see them as some kind of gods.

1164 days ago


@ PRO US (poor U.S.) I think you hate yourself. You're here all the time spitting at other people, especially or maybe exclusively women, to forget your own pain. But you're having fun, right? It's just like going to the bathroom, isn't it? Pathetic idiot.

Americans are all about money. They think everyone who has a lot of money is a great success, and they take for granted women find rich men sexy, or pretend to at least. Real love and passion seems to not be in their world. Hence the hatred from poorer men against women marrying rich men. The are too coward to hate the man, so they hate the woman, the wife.

Well, being a good golfer takes talent, but it's not exactly rocket science, and it's not a talent that makes great music or marvelous books. Tiger Woods sounds to me like a big bore. Obviously he is even boring to himself and tried to find something to interest him, but lacking imagination the only thing he found was a lot of women.

Elin has done nothing wrong. She fell in love and married someone who turned out to be a failure. So then she divorced him. I don't think she's a rocket scientist either, but she is a decent person.

1164 days ago

They are both gold diggers    

Both of these women are gold diggers. Quit acting as though they are any different from each other.

1164 days ago


Who's **** hasn't Rachel Uchitel sucked off for some cash. Not a shock, she's a very busy woman.

1164 days ago

Hugh Fitzwilliam-Foulenough    

Although I am repelled by such an abhorrent prospect, I am convinced the only way out of this imbroglio is for Tiger to date Jamie.

1164 days ago

maggee may    

elin is only after $$...she went from one millionaire to another...I don't feel bad for her at all

1164 days ago

Svetlana Gorbacheva    

Who hasn't Rachel Uchitel been with? That would be a shorter list.

1164 days ago


Any speculation that Elin is not a gold digger has just been ruled out. Why would she want to date the kind of guy who was even remotely involved with Rachel, let alone sharing a house with her?? On the bright side, at least they're keeping their STDs in the family and not contaminating the rest of the world.

1164 days ago


These women are not so different, Elin comes in a more respectable package, but she's still going for the creep with money!

1164 days ago
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