New Owner of Candy's House Got Money from Mommy

7/17/2011 6:00 AM PDT
The 22-year-old woman who paid $85 million for Candy Spelling's estate took out an $82,434,060.42 loan -- from her mother!

TMZ has obtained the deed of trust -- filed with the Los Angeles County Recorder's office -- which shows Petra Ecclestone became the proud owner of Candy's 57,000 square foot mansion on Thursday.

The docs show Petra borrowed all but $2,565,940 (our calculator ran out of numbers for the cents) from Slavica Ecclestone, her mom.

Slavica is flush with cash, because her ex-husband Bernie is a billionaire Formula One mogul and she did well in the divorce settlement.

The good news for Petra -- she won't have to borrow much more from her mom, because sources tell us she's only going to make cosmetic changes to the mansion, leaving the bones in tact.