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'Deadliest Catch' Captain

ATTACKS Cameraman

7/17/2011 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Deadliest Catch" captain Keith Colburn lashed out in a FEROCIOUS expletive-filled attack on one of the boat's cameramen recently -- bum-rushing the guy into a wall -- and it was all caught on tape.

Keith lost his temper after the photog in question -- named Brad Carper -- called up to the wheelhouse looking for one of the show's producers, interrupting Keith at exactly the wrong time.

Keith snapped.

The fight, which airs next Tuesday on Discovery, went down a couple months ago -- near the end of opilio crab fishing season -- and sources connected with the show tell TMZ, Keith was extremely stressed at the time ... and his fuse was real short. No kidding.

But it's all water under the bridge now -- according to sources, Keith and Brad are back on good terms and all is well. No hard feelings.


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he needs to get his butt into anger management. We've all seen the captains (and the deckhands) get angry, but Keith has some real issues, and I'd rather not even see his hissy fits.

1157 days ago


wtf was that?

1157 days ago

Jason Grubb    

He is a *****, he didnt do **** when Jonathan Hillstrand shoved him down last season. He only acts like this when he thinks he is going to intimidate my book thats a bully. I wish he would treat me like that, he'd get knocked out. No doubt the guys on the deck are the operation end of things and deserve respect, Keith is a chair warmer.

1157 days ago

greg clark    

The this fat captain think he,s tough If he did that to me I quess i,d be fired because..............

1157 days ago


Yeah... tmz is alittle behind on this one.... it's already been shown 2 or 3 episodes ago.

1157 days ago


He is my least favorite captain. He sucks. And everyone knows it, including his fellow captains.

1157 days ago


Seriously? Keith thinks it's acceptable to attack a cameraman -- someone who's not even a crew member of the Wizard? WAY off base, there Skippy!

And what the he.l.l. is Keith ranting about? "I asked you to make coffee and you were too busy sleeping"? He's not a crew member, Keith. He's not your He doesn't have to make your coffee and he's entitled to sleep whenever his UNION CONTRACT says he is. Douchebag Keith belongs in a playpen until he can stop throwing tantrums like a baby.

1157 days ago


You're a bit slow TMZ this was aired at least a week ago on After the Catch...

1157 days ago

Regina Hosebeast    

Very unpopular Captain and a wimp. Johnathon Hillstrand knocked him on his arse when he confronted him last year about trying to steal one of his crew members. Keith has a big mouth and nothing to back it up. I hope DC gets rid of him.

1156 days ago


That captain is a Punk!
He needs to take some meds and get a personality transplant.

And if scruffy bait smeller assaulted me like that, I would have shoved a 10lb carp up his azz so fast he'd puke california roles.

Someone needs to put a hook in his mouth and toss him overboard.

1156 days ago


Keith is the biggest loser out there..Thinks he's god of the seas, wish the camera guy would have decked him..

1156 days ago

Bruce Kunick    

Captains on any ship think that they are the next thing to God. The sad part is that no one has ever successfully challenged the maritime laws. That goof,captain, was way out of line. It is to bad the cameraman didn't drop him the second he layed his hands on him.

1156 days ago

jerry farmer     

keith is an ******* always yelling at his workers ever since the show started over 6 yrs ago.i would not work for him i would make him walk the plank.......

1156 days ago


What a d%ck! Dude should have knocked him on his arrogant ass. Captain Sig has much more class.

1156 days ago


The Guy is a HUGE DOUCHEBAG and everyone I know who watches the show hates him... Replace him already. If I were the cameraman I would have had him charged with Assault and Battery as soon as we made shore...After all its all on video...

1156 days ago
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