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'Deadliest Catch' Captain

ATTACKS Cameraman

7/17/2011 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Deadliest Catch" captain Keith Colburn lashed out in a FEROCIOUS expletive-filled attack on one of the boat's cameramen recently -- bum-rushing the guy into a wall -- and it was all caught on tape.

Keith lost his temper after the photog in question -- named Brad Carper -- called up to the wheelhouse looking for one of the show's producers, interrupting Keith at exactly the wrong time.

Keith snapped.

The fight, which airs next Tuesday on Discovery, went down a couple months ago -- near the end of opilio crab fishing season -- and sources connected with the show tell TMZ, Keith was extremely stressed at the time ... and his fuse was real short. No kidding.

But it's all water under the bridge now -- according to sources, Keith and Brad are back on good terms and all is well. No hard feelings.


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terence wright    

dc is one of my favorite shows on tv all captains strees real bad but none of them act like that a-hole it is time to replace him the guy was attacked and threated by him that is assault kick him off the show a&e show some balls and boot him

1089 days ago


Keith is a real ass. He talks all tough but resorts to childish antics like lashing out when he is questioned or threatened. Aside from his personal flaws, he is the one captain that has consistently displayed some real poor judgement as a captain. Examples (not sure which seasons these were) the time he tried to put a huge tarp on the stack in the middle of a blizzard to keep it from icing over. That tarp billowing in the wind could have easily taken someone off the boat into the ocean. A real bone head idea. The more recent was sending some newbie up on the stack in dangerous conditions to prove some stupid point. When everyone else on the boat tried to get him to send someone else up, he resorted to more of his usual freaking out. Just a matter of time until he kills someone because he has too much pride to listen to anyone else. Love the show otherwise.

1088 days ago


My husband and I cannot stand Captain Keith. He is such a perfect example of the complete jerk. We would really like it if the straw that broke the camels back to remove him from the show entirely~was his final act of "his bravery" by attacking the cameraman. We totally enjoy ALL the others on your show, BUT him.

1088 days ago


I alwasy thought Keith was a JERK but it was perfectly clear when he attached a camera man. If you want to be a ass to your crew that's fine they are paid to take it. I think that the cameraman should file an assault charge. Does Keith's daughter watch this show. She must be so proud!! Maybe you (Keith) should pull a nose hair the next time you want to lash out!

1088 days ago

billy mays    

two words to solve this fat ****** problem.....john hillstrand

1088 days ago

Dan Waite    

I wish they would take him off the show. he is very arrogant and thinks he is better than anyone else. You can't even talk to him. He thinks because he is the captain that he is God. I would replace him real quick. He is not an asset but an ass. Get rid of him!!!!

1088 days ago


There is no reason for anybody to put up with the bull**** from so called capt Keith of the wizard, I would like to see him gone from the show or somebody put him in his place like on the deck. What a **** he is just saying

1088 days ago


The photographer should have laid him out. Totally uncalled for stressed or not. Keith acts like the biggest jerk-off.

1088 days ago


Now you know why the Hillstrand*****e this punk. Remember when one of them did the same thing to him, he is still crying about that. He has a small man, punk azz needs his azz kicked complex. Sucks to be his wife I bet

1088 days ago


I always thought Keith was a JERK but it was perfectly clear when he attacked a camera man. If you want to be an ass to your crew that's fine they are paid to take it. I think that the cameraman should file an assault charge. Does Keith's daughter watch this show, what example are you setting for her? She must be so proud! Maybe you (Keith) should pull a nose hair the next time you want to lash out! You are under so much stress...PLEASE I don't see any of the other captains pushing around their staff. AND the camerman did nothing but ask to speak to HIS boss. I can't stand Keith!! They should remove his boat from the show!!! He should make an Apology!! IF he's any kind of a man at all.

1088 days ago


Wake up Discovery, Keith is a total looser, has been from day one. He's an Ass that No ONE likes. Improve the ratings and find another boat to film from. All the other boats are great to watch....Keith is just a fast forward moment in our home.

1088 days ago


Can not stand Keith, he is a turd. His crew is going to throw is a== overboard some day, I hope. Maybe the show will not include him in the cast next season.

1088 days ago


That's not the first time "hothead" Keith got into it with someone. I recall a shove match on shore with one of the Hillstrand bros a few seasons back. I noticed though this time around that cameraman was a smaller person and much easier for him to bully.
Hope they film and telecast him getting his butt kicked when it happens, it's WAY overdue.

1088 days ago


I lost any respect if any that i had for him after that little show of temper. If not for those guys filming them noboby would know who they are. And they sure as hell wouldn't be getting paid to be on TV. And who does he think he is to tell them to make him coffee? Thank God for fast forward. Only watch The Time Bandit, Sig, and the Harris boys now, Can't stand the new ones.

1088 days ago


I assure you if that big ***** Keith had put his hands on me like he did that camera man, I would have knocked him on his @ss! He is postal and is going to get his @ss kicked. I laughed my butt off when Johnathan rolled him on his fat butt last season. I now just fast forward past any scenes that Keith is in. Please Discovery, dump this idiot before he gets hurt or hurts someone else.

1088 days ago
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