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Stage COLLAPSES At Cheap Trick Concert [VIDEO]

7/18/2011 5:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Several people were hospitalized when a severe thunderstorm hit a Cheap Trick concert in Canada Sunday -- sending the stage crashing to the ground ... moments after the band ended their set.


Emergency vehicles rushed to the scene at the Ottawa Bluesfest -- where one man was reportedly treated for life-threatening injuries.  Local news outlets are saying part of the stage broke off and pierced the man's stomach.

As for Cheap Trick, the band had been playing for roughly 20 minutes when the winds came blowing in HARD ... and the band decided to leave the stage ... just in the nick of time.

Moments later, the stage came crashing down ... the band says all of the members escaped unharmed.

Officials have reportedly opened an investigation into the disaster.


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That's crazy. I love outdoor shows, but the way the weather has been the last few years, surprised stuff like this isn't happening more often.

CBC is reporting that 3 were injured and as of this morning, all 3 have been released from hospital. so the injuries couldn't have been that bad.

1201 days ago

Madman Stephan    

Ottawa made the news on TMZ! Finally we're famous!!! Woot woot! Hi Harvey!!!!!

1201 days ago


Haha, I've been waiting for my city to be on tmz forever now lol. This actually happened 20 mins from my apartment, and PFG, it had nothing to do with shoddy stages... winds were about 96kilometers per hour, it was freaking crazy! Down my street a roof blew clear off a building... it was one of the craziest storms I have seen in years, and it happened so fast too, one minute it was sunny, the next the sky was black and things were flying everywhere!

1201 days ago

harveys gay lover    

ever notice how they always say it happened in canada..they cant say the name of the city or even the province.

******* stupid americans.

1201 days ago


Cheap Trick Rocks !!!!!! They should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame !!!! But the Hall of Fame is lame and political. Cheap Trick has been performing and recording albums for 30+ years, but the r&r hof has rappers and country singers inducted, but don't have Cheap Trick and Pink Floyd??? Lame!!!

1201 days ago


Holy Cow. I can not believe that. It is incredible!

Cheap Trick is still playing concerts?


1201 days ago


It was in Ottawa during Bluesfest, not a Cheap Trick concert.

1201 days ago

The Observer    

Love how the sound is so bad in that video that it sounds like an earthquake hit.

1201 days ago


Mommy's alright? check.

Daddy's alright? check.

The roadie's alright? Well...

1200 days ago


From "Cheap Trick" to cheap stage.

1200 days ago


Check out more stories and video of concert mishaps at

1200 days ago


@ harvey's gay lover: yeah I knwo eh! I'm not trying to rag on Americans, I have American family, but really.. get your fcats straight. It happened in Ottawa, Ontario our nation's capital. It was NOT a cheap trick concert, they were just one of many amazing acts at the annual Ottawa bluesfest... There was a man who had his stomach pierced , and he is in critical condition at the civic hospital in Ottawa... It was a horrible storm, and such a nasty end to an awesome music festival... oh well, hopefull next year goes smoothly

1200 days ago


@ PFG. its ottawa canada they dont exactly plan for freak wind storms cause it just does not happen there.

1200 days ago


I am disgusted with how little people know about my beatiful country... @ Ave: umm... yeah do you know anythign about Canada?? we have ferocious storms liek the one we had last ngiht all the time! Weather here is so unpredictable.

@ Canadasux: first off... do they not teach you how to spell correctly in America? In what way does Canada suck? and it was not a cheap stage, we have very strict regulation in Canada, especially in the capital (thats Ottawa since I am sure you are to ignorant to know that). You are disgusting... people could have died and yet your just using this as an opportunity to trash Canada. Have you taken a look at your counrty recently? 14 Trillion $ debt, obesity rates higher then any other country, oh and the thirst to spill blood in any country that you feel slightly threatend by? It is Americans like yourself that bring a bad name to your country and it's people. I am so sick and tired of hearing people trash Canada. We have an amazingly strong economy even though we were almost brought down by your country a few years ago. We are a peaceful, and happy country, we are proud to sew our flag on our luggage while traveling abroad, and don't have to lie and say were form another country just so we don't get mobbed. Everyone loves Canada, and your country IS the most hated country in the world... so tell me.. who sucks?

1200 days ago


It was in the middle of their set not the end .. they were told to get off stage... The audio is not bad, That is the wind! I was in the 2nd row from the stage and it was the scariest thing I have ever experienced!

had it not landed on their truck the story would of been a lot worse! BTW no serious injuries everyone has been released from the hospital.

1200 days ago
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