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Artie Hasn't Asked Me

For His Job Back

7/18/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Artie Lange said he'd do ANYTHING to get his job back on the Howard Stern Show -- but according to Howard, his former radio pal still hasn't taken one very important step ... actually ASK for it.

Artie Lange
Howard briefly discussed Artie on the Stern show this morning -- claiming, "Artie had said he wishes he was back on the show ... [which] stirred up a whole bunch of conversation that I don't even know how to begin to address."

When Robin asked if Artie ever personally approached Howard to ask for his job back, Howard replied, "No, but I think he would if he could get a hold of me."

As for Artie's possible return to radio with a new show -- Howard said, "Of course I support it. I think it would be great. I'd like to listen to Artie."

Howard adds, "I'm glad to hear that he's feeling better ... I'm really pulling for him. I hope he does okay."


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If sense were common everyone would have it.    

..."ask for it back"? What, is Howard in a female high school clique? Give him his job back. He's already said he wanted it. Stop chasing after dumb tarts whose claim to fame is stripping for a radio show. Yah, that's about as funny as it sounds. Artie
was the funniest one on that show before they went to satellite. I can't imagine it would change. Btw needs Nutri System of Jenny Craig bad.

1140 days ago


Howard is a lying prick who has absolutely NO interest in having Artie on OR seeing him do well in life. All Hampton Howie cares about is himself and that horse faced bimbo who is using him for his billions.


1140 days ago


I turned on the show today and it's pretty much unlistenable. There is absolutely no comedy on the show. Robin is an annoying fat cow, Howard is out of touch with reality and just collecting a pay check.

1140 days ago


Even Artie can't save the sinking ship that is the Howard Stern show. He needs to look out for himself and stay as far away as possible from the show.

1140 days ago


Why on earth does TMZ suddenly care so much about Artie Lame

1140 days ago


Howard wants to sue Sirius and act like he's responsible for the merge with XM and that everyone that has XM has payed the extra $4 a month to listen to him. Too bad it's been reported that only a little over a million people listen to his show, IN A WEEK! And that was a few years ago when effort was put into the show and there was laughs on the show.

1140 days ago

Politico Pablo    

Artie should just show up at the studio, as if he was going to work, and see what Howard says.

1140 days ago


So this Artie guy keeps telling everyone he wants his job back. Howard says he wishes him well...come on, TMZ, Howard, Artie....this is BORING!!! Are we really going to keep writing articles about whether or not Artie may work for Howard again, but oh yeah, neither of them have talked about it...WE just have to keep hearing about it? This is dull beyond belief.

1140 days ago


I miss artie alot i hope hes back on the show soon......miss you man

1140 days ago


This useless fat slob junkie is So-o-o-o painfully NOT funny. PLEASE Howard, do NOT bring him back!

1140 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

seriously. radio talk show hosts are some of the highest paid ass and ball scratchers alive! only to be beaten by getting paid to eat, sleep, pizs and chit.

1140 days ago


Arite was the best thing to happen to the show. Howard needs Artie!

1140 days ago


I'm so shocked to discover that mental illness is prevalent on the Howard Stern Show ~ Not!

1140 days ago


Looking at their photos, I see these two need to be on the radio. Now, if Stern could religate his wife to a fake laugher on the show, we wouldn't have to look at her either.

1140 days ago


What a couple of idiots, we've had to read about this for weeks now and all because the dumb ass didn't think to actually ask for a job?

1140 days ago
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