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Newly Single J.Lo Takes a Back Seat

7/18/2011 5:00 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

With a tense look on her face, newly separated Jennifer Lopez was whisked away from a photo shoot in the backseat of a car in L.A. on Sunday.


While reports linked the 41-year-old mother of two with William Levy -- the hottie in her latest music video -- he denies there has ever been anything but a professional relationship between them.

Jennifer and husband Marc Anthony released a statement on Friday saying they were ending their seven year marriage.

Marc Anthony Divorce


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She's an old hoe trying to still be relevant. Nobody cares, JLoser. Your only talent was dancing.

1195 days ago

john johnson    

its just too bad the catholic school she went to asked her for some help and she turned her nose away from them, as well as the P.O.S.that she rolled with back in '99 who protected her im age so his artist could do about 10 years in jail for a shooting in a nyc club, and lets not forget the artificial insemination because marc wanted kids with her and her polluted womb couldn't give her the ability to have any.this chica was an overrated fraud from day one and white folks though she was the best thing since sliced bread.go tho hell j-lo, you absolute P.O.S.go make another stinker movie.

1195 days ago

Marina Lopes    

remove her make up and expesive clothes...what is left...nothing
nothing, nothing...poor Jennifer Lopez

1195 days ago


Hmmmm.... that light sure is bothering my eyes. I have the money. I should have a PRIVACY SCREEN installed in my car...oh wait, how will anybody ever get a PICTURE of me..........

1195 days ago



1195 days ago


There is something odd, unlikeable, and troubling about this woman... Up until just a few days ago, and for two months prior to that, every time I entered Steven Tyler's name on YouTube to watch him sing, instead of a selection of HIS videos popping up it was JLO's EVERY TIME! Also, his numbers used to advance substantially when you would go back and play again. THEN, not only did it not advance, but it would subtract from the number of times shown! Could You Tube maybe have been paid-off to benefit her? It was very strange.

1195 days ago


"With a tense look on her face..."

Really, TMZ? You can't spot the difference between tension and annoyance?

Damn photogs getting in the way...

1195 days ago


It's about time honey.... My god, what were you lookin at every time you went to bed? Iv'e been dreamin of this day....... all my life! Hang out with some good lookin Canadian Men..... *Kisses*

1194 days ago


Get rid of her..she's a has-been. I still don't understand how People magazine named her the most beautiful woman in the world. They must've been kidding...weren't they?

1194 days ago

right straight    

The original Kim K is back to her old tricks,doesn't do anything well,but enjoys elite celeb status.

1194 days ago


Um William Levy is happily married and has two really young kids. The family was just on the cover of people espanol so NO he would not be with granny j.lo

1194 days ago


HOW did she get the title of "World's Most Beautiful" anything?? HOW??
Weird friggin' world.

1194 days ago


She has never liked men, all her boyfriends and husbands were gay. She only cares about what will make her relevant. BTW those kids aren't hers.

1194 days ago

bring back recent posts know, J-lo uses the press too her advantage all the time...announcing divorce, new single, new video..w/e keeps her in the press now that idol on hiatus from tv...just saying..who cares...she didn't need to tell anyone about divorce,.,,not now anyways..but keeps her in the press when she needs why grimace..gawd

1194 days ago

the truth    

miss spider eye lashes high maintains B acts like shes an DOWN TO EARTH KIND OF GIRL. i dont think she is. i HATE HATE all that heavy make up she wears on her eyes. she probably has spider eggs in those ugly fake eyelashes. im sure shes gonna find someone fast. she always does.

1194 days ago
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