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Newly Single J.Lo Takes a Back Seat

7/18/2011 5:00 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

With a tense look on her face, newly separated Jennifer Lopez was whisked away from a photo shoot in the backseat of a car in L.A. on Sunday.


While reports linked the 41-year-old mother of two with William Levy -- the hottie in her latest music video -- he denies there has ever been anything but a professional relationship between them.

Jennifer and husband Marc Anthony released a statement on Friday saying they were ending their seven year marriage.

Marc Anthony Divorce


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She's probably grimacing at the PAP that jumped on the hood of her car to get that photo! That's way to get those shots you LOSER paps.

1196 days ago


You can take Jenny outta the block, but ya can't take the block outta Jenny.

1196 days ago


Can't blame her for being pissed. Nobody wants a bunch of smelly photog maggots crawling all over their cars and stinking up their environment. I know celebrities are not all that smart, but maybe it's time for you to network into getting some papparazzi laws into place. They have long distance lenses now, so you can still satisfy your need to be exploited, but they could do it from a distance. I guess you are gonna wait until somebody gets killed to start thinking about that.

1196 days ago



1196 days ago


(RE: kitnplayn: I guess you are gonna wait until somebody gets killed to start thinking about that.)

Yeah, I think that already happened. Her name was Lady Di.

1196 days ago


RE: amazon_woman.

Look in the mirror.

1196 days ago


Why do these old ladies still do photo shoots.

1196 days ago

Ivan in Phoenix    

She's definitely still hot at 40+, but I lost all respect for J-Lo when she was dating P-Diddy. Wasn't she out at a club when someone was shot by P-Diddy or his posse? That says she likes being in the company of low class thugs. Maybe she was just trying to build up her street image. Then that disaster of a movie 'Gigli' came out...

1196 days ago


@@@ Jim and kitnplayn----Lady Diana Spencer was killed by a lead foot drunk driver, not by the paparazzi you morons. Yea, that goes for you as well George Kill The Paps Clooney....Artofwar

1196 days ago


J.Lo and me for good. From George William Gockel.

1195 days ago


Jennifer, I hope you are listening. You better wake up NOW and get out of the "Hollywood" glitz machine. It is easy to get taken in by the allure of Hollywood people. Can't you see they operate from a source of evil, not good, generally speaking? Can't you know deep down that they want you to fail? Maybe you and Marc should have picked a mid-western state to live in, instead of NY or CA. You certainly had enough money to do so, and it would have been better for your kids, too, to be raised in the middle.

In order to do this, you MUST be able to face reality and get a grip. I will tell you that Marc really does love you, but he feels you're more focused on those around you, and the lure of the Hollywood types. It's as if you need this, and you have to ask yourself why you "need" this attention.

If you want a long-lasting marriage, it is not too late. Living on fantasies like you've had before when it comes to men will only get you in a very sad place ultimately. Watch the movie"Moulin Rouge", because a line in there spells it out, and you should memorize it. "The greatest thing to learn is just to love and be loved in return!"

1195 days ago


No one wakes up one day and say's, "You know, I want a divorce." I think it was the ***ulative facts that Marc is a very private and traditional guy, whereas J-Lo is an on the go, ready for the next big thing,ptp, kinda gal. Marc got boring to her and she just said to hell with it, Next! P.S. Marc, She really aint all that, there's way better out there for ya buddy. Keep ya head up!

1195 days ago


It's interesting to see the posts by people who consider her old. It's not hard to tell who the children posting are!
Life is too short to give so much of it away by getting married. Such an archaic practice.

1195 days ago


TYPO TYPO TYPO! This woman HAS to be 51, not 41!!

1195 days ago


Hey TMZ....if he denies that there has never been anything but a professional relationship, doesn't that mean there was something outside of a professional relationship...a fling? Shouldn't your writers/editors be a little more edumacated and maybe a bit better with grammar, and able to spot a double negative like you're using here? I know your business is reporting trash...but the quality of your product shouldn't be trash as well.

1195 days ago
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