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Octomom: 'I Am Absolutely DISGUSTED By Babies'

7/19/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's the interview Octomom says she never gave -- in which the mother of 14 claims, "I am absolutely DISGUSTED by babies" -- except this time ... it's all caught ON TAPE.


Excerpts of the interview were originally published last month by InTouch Magazine -- via a freelance reporter -- but Nadya Suleman has flat out DENIED ever making the statements, telling TMZ, every single quote that was attributed to her from the interview is false.

But it's clear as day in the audio recording -- Octomom states, "Whenever I hear a baby cry, I cringe. I do not like babies." Nadya continues, "I am absolutely disgusted by babies. They make me sick ... I don't even look at them. I have to look away."

Octo also admits to locking herself in her bathroom just to get away from it all -- a statement she partially denied to us, claiming, "I hardly have 30 seconds to go to the restroom, I could never lock my self in the bathroom for hours."

Octo's rep tells TMZ, "Nadya never gave an interview to InTouch magazine. She never once said she was disgusted by her own children."



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KARMA for the OctoTrash! I feel sorry for that litter that she has. State needs to take them away, they obviously are not getting the love & attention that they need. She is as worthless as Casey Anthony!

OctoTrash is so gross...

1159 days ago


Team N,

You said: "they lack for nothing"

I said: "they lack a father"

plain and simple

1159 days ago


She is so nasty, I can't stand to look at her fugly face! YUCK.

1159 days ago



Way to contradict yourself. You said in touch stated that Nadya said she hated HER kids. When in fact In Touch said EXACTLY what Nadya stated in the Audio above. Nadya herself stated " I've never said any of that, none of it actually."

Why is THAT not a lie? She SAID it, it's right there in the audio. Unless, you're now denying that it's Nadya on the audio tape. I wouldn't put that past you as your next spin...

Nadya lied... DEAL WITH IT !!!

1159 days ago


I"m convinced NOW more than ever that TeamNadya is Octotwit herself.

1159 days ago


I cannot believe that there is actually some nut who would DEFEND this horrible woman. Really??? You seriously think she is doing a GOOD job? That she is a great mother? That she is a good role model and example? Are you f'n kidding me? Do you have children at all TeamN or are you really this mentally off to think this woman deserves any kind of sympathy or backing??? Wow. That's scarier to me than anything this crazy nutjob does. And please don't try and defend yourself either. You will only come off crazier than Octomom.

That said, this woman is clearly at her breaking point and rather than have the media pay her to exploit her clearly desperate situation, there should be a definate interference with CPS for the children's sake. If she has let all the nannies go, then there is absolutely NO WAY she can handle, provide for, feed and care for all those chidren at one time. Not possible. Which means that the best interests of the children are not being fulfilled and they are at risk. Instead of putting this woman on the tv so we can laugh and mock her, throw her azzzz in JAIL and begin placing those children in loving homes with parents that will put THEIR needs first and not the mothers. And I may have been a single mom at one time, but I will compeltely agree with Realist about not having any father figures around. If the children only have this crazy woman telling them how the world works, then God help us all when they are adults. Listening to her 1 time is enough for most rational people to know that there is clearly something mentally off about her. Last thing she should be handling is children.

1159 days ago


Oh and I saw that wreck on the Today show also and all I could focus on was that poor oldest daughter trying to "herd" the children running rampant everywhere. She clearly has no control over any of them and expect her older children to be the new nannies. Disgusting. Poor little girl having a mother like her. Awful.

1159 days ago

Gsharon 710    

If other Mothers can have PS, so can she.....many times over. Unless there are abuse claims or marks, leave her alone. Where as no one who is living, breathing, practicing as a Physician should ever look at another female who requests to be impregnated when she has children, no husband, no decent income, and no home. All these things should be considered prior, and there should be a requirement to see a Shrink. If not followed, the Doctor should be named as the Father and be made to support these children. He made an effort and choice to bring these kids into this world by un-natural means, not a normal Mother-Father relationship.
The Doctor should be held responsible as if he adopted these children. Leave your bio children out of your will or with little, but children you CHOSE, you will support.
I would not worry much about what she said, even though it was foolish, stupid, ignorant, and everything else, this woman's body has been through hell. Even with one baby using your nourishment, and sending your hormo beserk, imagine what the during and after pregnancy could do to a woman. Some men cannot stand their women at certain times of the month, and there is no pregnancy, so think about it. Those horm's are boss.
Unless there is abuse or neglect that can be identified, just send up a lot of prayers for the family. They are here.... not considering how they got here, they still require the same as our children we deliver one, two, or three at a time.

1159 days ago


I'd love to have a week at Nadya's .. without Nadya around..I could not only stand to be around her kids, they'd be behaving like angels when I was done. (WITHOUT screaming or spanking..though I might need a bullhorn so they could hear me) I had 6 of my own though. not all at once. I love kids, kids love me, kids listen to me (more than 80% of the time). Nadya has no business trying to raise 24 kids, she has no patience, nor common sense..

1159 days ago



I was just glancing at the written findings of Dr. Kamrava's license revocation. Actually, there is no requirement that the doctor take into consideration the patient's social cir****tances. Scary

1159 days ago


I'd love to have a week at Nadya's .. without Nadya around..I could not only stand to be around her kids, they'd be behaving like angels when I was done. (WITHOUT screaming or spanking..though I might need a bullhorn so they could hear me) I had 6 of my own though. not all at once. I love kids, kids love me, kids listen to me (more than 80% of the time). Nadya has no business trying to raise 14 kids not 24 , she has no patience, nor common sense..

1159 days ago

Steven Seagal    

she is so gross. i can't even looking at her w/o dry heaving.

1159 days ago


realist 16 minutes ago TeamN, Whether or not biological fathers continue to be a daily presence in the lives of their children in the examples you cite, they were still there at some point. These kids have NONE, ever.
Oh I see, better to have crackheads/drunk as a father then none at all? Better to have an MIA father then to have none at all? Better to have an physical and verabally abuses, neglected, molesting father then to have none at all? Better to have a part time father, a momma's baby poppa maybe father then none at all? Better to have a nonsupported father then none at all? Better to have a divorce parents/seperated and name calling, accusing one another of being horrible parents running back and forth to court--with kids caught in the middle of it all then none at all? I have you know there are countless of single parents, mostly mother's who kids father have never even seen their kids yet alone been in their lives knowing they have'em. Nadya is not the first case of this... Why knock her for that? She's doing the best she can as a single parent. She put this on herself and she's dealing with it, okay?

The grandfather is 70 years old, and still working, I believe. When you find a picture of him teaching the boys to play catch or teaching any one of them to ride a bicycle, or even holding one of them, please post it.
That is so not fair, he maybe an elderly but Ed (Nadya father get around and is well capable of supporting his daughter/grandkids if need be. He said in one interview he would STOP anybody who ever tried to take his grandkids away and he meant it. Beside, neither you or I are in the Suleman lives 24/7-365 and the only thing we know and can go by is what is put out there by tabloids and mainstream media's, if by not by Nadya herself. Nadya kids know how to ride a bike, they have several bikes and power wheels too. I saw Elijah riding his at the park in this video before TMZ took it down---> We know that Ed spend times with the boys alone for we saw them twice getting out of his car, once they obviously came from Mickey Dee's so he does spend time with them that much is clear to see---> and if you would go over to Radar Online you'll see countless of video diary blogs of Nadya with the kids and in just about every outting Nadya's done with them, she has a male friend or cousin tagging along with her taking the older kids out for fun/alone time/day with mom.

When you find a picture of a male friend or family member who is actually playing with any one of these children, or holding one of them, please post it.
Guess you didn't see the photo where a male companion was holding one of the octuplets boys when Nadya and some of the older kids as well as the octuplets were all at the park? Some gossip sites called it a "Octodate". It was just a friend just like this male friend :)

1159 days ago


MyOpinionOnly 28 minutes ago

Screw you and all the moniker you hide behind, sicko! You have your own stupid opinions about Mrs. Suleman, let others have theirs sane opinions about her too. UGH!

1159 days ago



If Ed is well capable of supporting his daughter/grandkinds, then why doesn't he?

And since you're so intimate with Ed and his finances, how much spousal support is he paying his two ex-wives?

Your description of a potential biodad in the first paragraph is totally worst case scenario. Who's to say the children's biodad is like that at all?

1159 days ago
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