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TMZ Live: Anti-Casey Anthony Mob ... Un-American?

7/18/2011 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony was acquitted of murdering her daughter -- but tell that to the angry mob waiting for her to be released from jail this weekend. Anti-American vigilantism? 

And, USC running back Marc Tyler is suspended for cracking a joke about his college paying players ... did he get a raw deal?


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(2:15) USC running back Marc Tyler was just SUSPENDED for cracking jokes to TMZ -- particularly one about players getting paid.
(5:40) Harvey talked to Marc's dad -- Wendell "The Truth" Tyler -- suddenly realizes W.T. used to be an NFL player ... then obsesses over it.
(14:00) A MOB of angry protesters were waiting for Casey Anthony when she was released from jail ... is this bordering on anarchy?
(15:50) If Casey didn't have police protection ... would she have been killed by the angry mob? Max and Harvey agree on the hypothetical outcome.
(34:00) CRAZY story -- Rachel Uchitel had to return most of Tiger's hush money! Rachel claims her attorney Gloria Allred has dirty hands.
(39:30) Can Rachel spill the beans on Tiger now?
(46:30) Jason doesn't understand why Rachel had to return the loot ... or why Gloria folded so easily to Tiger's lawyers.
(49:00) Did Jennifer Lopez hook up with a guy from her music video ... causing an end to her marriage? The dude says HELL NO.
(50:10) Harvey says "I told you so" about Carmageddon.


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HLN news:

Has just shown a video of a woman covered with a blanket being rushed from a plane into the airport at Orlando Fla. They believe the woman to be Casey Anthony. More to come.

1192 days ago


I see nothing wrong with it....they are not rioting, starting fires, turning over vehicles, yada yada. Freedom of Speech is every American Citizens Rights and these Americans are expressing theirs; with class I might add. Maybe they should try the always famous Chant "No Justice...No Peace"

1192 days ago


I think people are wasting their time going down there and protesting. They wont change the verdict. If anyone harms her they will go to jail. Nobody knows for sure what happened so be thankful for your family and life and get on with life. If she did do something to her child she will have to live with this quilt the rest of her life and answer to GOD someday.

1192 days ago


If you look at the people that were yelling at her when she was leaving they dont look like stable people themselves.

1192 days ago


"As the stomach turn's"PIMP BEAZ is now extracting his pound of flesh from Casey,his golden goose.WHAT A JOLLY GROUP OF LIARS.I wonder how the judge feels,knowing Baez is as big oF a LIAR AS CASEY.Instead of getting herself together,defense lawyers are getting interviews,IT IS SICK.The Million dollar offer intails a polygraph,does anyone in there right mind think that will happen,Baez wants a million for Casey to sit a LIE.LIE LIE,BAEZ MADE FOOLS of the jury,now another judge,CASEY NEEDS REST SO NO DEPO"meanwhile Baez lining up interviews.Playing "where o where is Casey Anthony?"That million dollar deal was made for this week,Baez did not tell the judge that fact,just POOR CASEY NEEDS REST.Also as Virgie Arthur once said to "splash" keep the family feud going,more money.WHAT BAEZ IS DOING--MY OPINION

1192 days ago


This is only my opinion of course: But as far as I am concerned - Casey Anthony can remain in hiding for the rest of her days - always looking over her shoulder for her safety - and enjoying the knowledge that she is a Free Woman! Her life won't be diddly when she emerges - no one wants to see or hear from her - period! She is not Welcomed anywhere! And sooner and/or later - the party that she is having now - will end - and she will have to confront people. Right now, as it stands, she is living in a prison of hiding from people for her own safety - she cannot go to the store, a bar, restaurant, anywhere - so in fact, she is in a sort of Self Made Prison. One of Isolation, Fear, etc. So, let her stay there until her end days. A Free Woman with No Freedom, No Life, No Enjoyment, No Anything! And always knowing that somewhere - someone wants you dead and that you are NOT Welcomed anywhere or by anyone!

1192 days ago


Casey is reading all of these comments. Think about it. She can not go in public because someone will question her,yell at her,punch her or.....oops. So her only contact with the outside world will be the INTERNET & TV So Casey, when you put duct tape over your childs mouth,what was going through your mind? Did she look you in the eyes first or did you knock her out before you suffocated her? Was Caylee crying? How long was she dead in your car? No sane person buys the"Oh I must of hit a dead animal" story you text your friend. When Caylee was decomposing in the back of your car did you ditch the car right away or drive around with the stench of her body rotting. Did you feel bad at all? Do you really think you can get away with that? Did you take her to the swamp by yourself or was one of your boyfriends with you? Your parents know you killed Caylee because they know for sure she did not drown. They were looking for you for weeks. Guess what. We know for sure you killed Caylee. We know you were the last person with her. We know she was in your care. We know Zanida never babysat your child.....ohhh you were found Guilty of lying about that to the Police. Just because you got the Luck of the draw and 12 idiots voted wrong......the real Vote is out here in AMERICA ! There was about 1,000 to 1,500 female only inmates that hate child killers and wanted to cancel you. But guess what? There's MILLIONS of mothers woman, Men and people out here in AMERICA that hate child Killers. Do you think you were safer in Jail with Guards/Sheriffs and a few female inmates that have no weapons?.........Or do you think you're safer out here on the streets of AMERICA where Men Women and real Mother*****e you and you don't know what weapons are on them and what they're going to do?.Maybe the verdict was better this way............................ ps What would Dexter do?

1192 days ago


To Jwoolman & the 12 JURORS or special people please please read carefully.(think/feel) then post your Answer for all of the world to see. YOUR 2 year old daughter was babysat by Casey. (In other words you hired her to babysit your 2 year old child) in case you didn't understand, while you were on your Month Vacation. You called before you came to pick up your 2 year old daughter and Casey ( the one you set Free) said " um Mr./Ms. Juror or Vinny I don't know where she is" And you said "What? What do you mean you don't know where she is"? And Casey said " um the day you brought your daughter to me I asked a Mexican lady named Zanida to watch her for a second and she just vanished. You say but that was 31 days ago why didn't you call us or the Police"? Casey says " I was doing my own investigation". Then you find myspace photos of her partying and drinking during the 31 days your daughter was missing. You later Find out Zanida doesn't exist. YOU ARE PRESENTED WITH THE SAME EXACT MOUNTAIN OF EVIDENCE THAT YOU WERE PRESENTED WITH IN THIS CASE. Casey lied to the Police about where she was and lied and said she spoke to Your daughter on the phone a few days ago. Casey ditched the car that she was driving and it was found at the tow yard smelling like a dead corpse. Your 2 year old daughter was later found dead a few blocks from your home. Rare duct tape was found on your daughters skull. Blankets from Your home were found rapped around your dead daughter. A text message to Caseys friend saying my car smells like I hit a dead animal. Now JURORS & idiot Jwoolmanboy would you honestly..........honestly come up with the same exact verdict of "Not Guilty" that you so happily came up with in 10 hours in the Casey Anthony case. Be honest. (I rest my case)

1192 days ago

Sam The Clown    

You people are sick for paying blood money to Casey Anothony, are you people that despirate for ratings?

1189 days ago


Grace is the former Georgia prosecutor who became a television legal commentator, first on Court TV and, more recently, on Turner Broadcasting's HLN cable channel. She's a snarling, angry presence whose habitual sneer is an epic chasm of contempt. Her view of the criminal justice system is flawlessly Manichean. There are good people — police officers and prosecutors — and evil people — defendants and their lawyers. Grace appears to have never met someone arrested who she believed should not be charged, nor anyone charged who should not be convicted.

This cartoon version of the criminal courts is justified by a damp-eyed concern for crime victims that a practiced Grace attributes — at the slightest provocation — to the death of her fiance during a robbery. Her own zealousness as an Atlanta prosecutor was such that the appellate courts three times cited her for failing to meet her ethical responsibilities. In 2005, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals wrote that it agreed with a lower-court magistrate that Grace had " 'played fast and loose' with her ethical duties" as a prosecutor.

Precisely the same can be said of her conduct as a television journalist.

Anyone who had occasion to watch her relentless coverage of the recently completed Casey Anthony murder trial witnessed something quite new to the American news media: a mainstream news organization giving one of its commentators a nightly forum from which to campaign for the conviction of a criminal defendant. It was a campaign that continued after Anthony's acquittal with virtually nonstop on-air abuse of the jurors and defense attorneys. The impact of that torrent of contempt on jurors in future cases that come under Grace's gaze is yours to gauge.

In his argument to Pastor this week, Flanagan quite correctly said Grace's nightly commentary during the Anthony trial was "like a final argument by the prosecution." He went on to wonder: "How many final arguments do we have to face in this case? Are we going to face the one in the courtroom and the one when [the jurors] go home?"

On her show that night, Grace fired back: "The doctor charged in the death of music superstar Michael Jackson, killing him allegedly with a powerful propofol anesthesia, wants the jury sequestered, from me! From us! Claiming watching 'Nancy Grace' will prevent a fair trial; that the jury will be biased. So I guess that makes us, umm … the good guys!"

An attorney might be tempted to reply, "I rest my case."

Why does HLN, a sister channel of CNN, give Grace this sort of abusive license? The answer is simple: Ever since it abandoned its straightforward news cycle some years ago, the one-time Headline News has struggled to find an audience — and, of course, revenue. An unremitting focus on sensational criminal cases — most of them involving missing or dead white women or children — with Grace's snarl at the center of the coverage has provided that audience. HLN's saturation coverage of the Anthony trial doubled its daytime ratings and nearly tripled its share of the lucrative prime-time audience.

Scot Safon, who runs the channel, told the New York Times: "I want to replicate this when the Conrad Murray trial starts."

Here's a question to consider: Is Turner Broadcasting's abuse of its power as a news organization through the biased coverage of criminal trials really any less a betrayal of public trust than the Murdoch tabloid scandal now underway in Britain?

1189 days ago


Casey may have made a mistake by overdosing her child so that she could continue with her partying life style, or should I say her "good life". Little Caylee depended on her so called mother to take care of her and she killed her in the process. Yes a serious mistake was made in the death of little Caylee both by her mother and again by the jury by not punishing Casey from doing this to her child. This child was in her mothers possession at the time of her death It may not have been murder but it sure was "child abuse" that lead to Caylee death and it should have been charged as that. No mother that really loves there child forces them asleep by the means of drugs neither would they not report her missing for 31 days, I don't even care if it was the Nanny,Grandmother or a friend that took her. Casey was responsible for protecting Caylee and by her selfishness she killed her.

The jury gave Casey just what she wanted on a silver platter and that was freedom from both Caylee and prison. Now the Media wants to reward her again with million of dollars for an interview! A interview on what!! Lying about her not killing Caylee she a compulsive liar what are you paying for more lies first she says the Nanny had her than it was she drowned what else do you want her to lie about? Give that money to abused children's organizations or to help find missing children or even help feed children that can't afford a meal. Little Caylee was left in a swamp by her own mother like trash please don't spit on her grave by rewarding her mother from not being responsible enough to take care of her own child.

If little Caylee would give you and interview today it would go like this... God gave me a Mother and Fathers to love, nurture and too protect me as I grew up. I did not get the chance to know who my real Father was and my Mother took my life even if it was by mistake. But never the less I didn't even get a real chance to know her either. Well this is what happens when people are not really ready to received what God had bestowed upon them and that was a beautiful gift and that gift was me and my name "was" Caylee Marie Anthony.

***Note to the all the Media take that interview money and make a place that Caylee could be remembered along with all the other little children that died by the hands of there protectors and leave Casey Anthony go about her business she already received enough and that is her freedom and she should be appreciative of that because that was another mistake gone bad.

1188 days ago


Why do some people constantly put down Nancy Grace when she and the producers only give the facts and state the truth of each case they
cover on trials and in the search for missing children and adults?
Without Nancy Grace and America's Most Wanted we would have so many
victims without any justice at all. Don't blame the media listen to the facts and you will see the truth.

1188 days ago


Who are you to talk about talking about people; and spying on people when TMZ is the worst I have ever seen about harrasing people and folling them around!! HYPOCRITES!!

1188 days ago


un-american? is it un-american to hate baby killers? i sure hope not.

1186 days ago


it is disgusting that she may profit from her killing her lil girl,ur sending the wrong message,so if we kill our kids we can make millions and get away with it,great,i won*****ch or ever pay to see anything with her in it,and any network that pays her ,i hope the pubic boycotts u 4ever,and may u rott in hell with her,someday she will get whats comin to her,and i hope im here to see it =]

1186 days ago
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