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Weston Cage -- I'll PROVE I'm Not Mentally Ill

7/18/2011 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Weston Cage wants to make sure everyone knows he's playing with a full deck -- and his foolproof way of doing that ... is by taking up cage fighting.

Cage told our photog he's training to be a UFC fighter and his dream fight would be against the massive Kimbo Slice. Weston explains that part of the reason he wants to do this is because, "I just wanna prove to people I am not mentally ill ... You can't get accepted into UFC if you are mentally unstable."

There's gotta be a better way.


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Just more proof that he IS mentally ill.

1156 days ago


He seems okay to me. I'm thinking he got roundly screwed by his old man, who, it seems, tries to control his life to the nth - what's up with that Nic?
Lay off your kid and let him live his own life, why don'tcha?

1156 days ago


Not mentally ill??? Dude it's 100 degrees out and you're wearing a black, long-sleeved coat. You're totally nuts!

1156 days ago


If he thinks this is how he is going to prove he is not mentally ill, then he just proved how nuts he is! Someone needs to get this guy to just shut up--he keeps digging himself in deeper.

1156 days ago


He thinks he is the kid "superhero" in the movie KickAss. Mental illness and cocaine are wonderful things!

1156 days ago


my grandmother would kick his sorry ass!

1156 days ago


Is he really so dumb?

1156 days ago


Wow, he got a decent hair-cut - now get him some regular clothes and stitch his mouth like "DeadPool in X-Man:Wolverine" and he may pass for sane!

1156 days ago


I don't care if he's mentally ill or not. I wish he would just go away. So he's Nic Cage's son...Big Freakin Deal! Hasn't his father embarrassed his whole family enough without his son trying to one up him?!

1156 days ago


Agree Bob! Taking this stance is ensuring it was vehemently an unwanted issue that was marketed on his mental instability isn't it?

Hmmm? No maturity, No remorse, No apologies, no accountability & no responsible behaviors have appeared since mental issues were broadcasted or am I remissed? What's changed other than trying to remove the worldly losing image this young man conjured up & marketed for himself? Nothing?

It appears there's a sense of urgency now, a big push for mending public images with not being shown as angry, snobbish, or a mental case. Trying to change unstable mental issues on this recent young man's media fallout. A tremendous need to market himself differently, now that he's been on the radar with being broadcasted as unstable, unethical & inappropriate with actions done by him.

Is this at all possible, nah, probably not in the foreseeable future for sometime, but my thoughts. Let's just say he stoked the media attentions for himself unwisely...was viewed & now known as not being a model citizen & should not be emulated by any means.

1156 days ago

Deanna Bermingham    

OMG, this Dude CRACKS me up!!!!!

1156 days ago


Well, TMZ, after a certain point, I stop bashing them. It is like the last gasp we make while watching a ship sink.

Good Bye Weston

1156 days ago


This is hilarious, especially reading these comments from girls who are in love with him. It really just makes you look like unintelligent bimbos who are the type that is attracted to D-bags who treat people like crap, because you love it when people treat you like crap because that's what you think of yourself.

1156 days ago


I guess he figured he'd take it from bloodied arms in the bedroom to prime time, make it legal.

1156 days ago

fu waddd    

ACTING trY AcTiNg..I think it runs in the family.Cage match For4Acage?It`s all fake and fixed and isn`t part of any M`Arts4real

1156 days ago
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