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Weston Cage -- I'll PROVE I'm Not Mentally Ill

7/18/2011 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Weston Cage wants to make sure everyone knows he's playing with a full deck -- and his foolproof way of doing that ... is by taking up cage fighting.

Cage told our photog he's training to be a UFC fighter and his dream fight would be against the massive Kimbo Slice. Weston explains that part of the reason he wants to do this is because, "I just wanna prove to people I am not mentally ill ... You can't get accepted into UFC if you are mentally unstable."

There's gotta be a better way.


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Oh wow! THIS IS TOO SAD...a total loss & a waste of a life here as shown. Get a his age, he still rides on Daddy's coat tails with being, sad disposition. Trying to have a life, but let's Dad be the only one to have one!!! You can visually see how he's just lost, playing in life, fantasizing a life, & can't live a life for himself at all. WOW!!!

So sad he can't do a thing, because the fear of not being as good as his own Dad is hanging over his head so HE does nothing about making a life for himself everyday. He lives for appreciation, praise, adoration & being noticed...Wow! OMG you can see this being expelled by him in every detail. Constantly being reminded of Dad's performance and how HE has nothing to offer. Existing like this with attibuting to his Dad's performance with being a contribution to him as his own.

He needs & must do for himself!!! His Dad's life is his Dad's life...but can't happen if allowed to exist like this. OMG!!!
It would mean this guy has too value himself, see what he chooses to do in life as a good thing over just what his Dad has done. He has to be willing to do things that are difficult & are hard. Be willing to do the changes necessary to earn for himself with giving himself value. OMG!

How could anyone do this to their children??? Make them exist as soul less, starving, & unappreciated. Not allow them to be valuable for what they do in their own life, making them feel lifeless, unimportant, be self absorbed with being in their's parents va**** that gives NO merits, NO values, or NO life except simply stating he's his Dad's son!

OMG...he's way too old for this sickening! This is SO SAD! His whole life is a joke now and until he dicides he worth more. Playing at life without ever earning a living is an unreal mentionable life without value. He can't or maybe NEVER see this or maybe, never have a life beyond being stuck in this mire with it being like this!

This young man's life is joke, going wasted without accountability, & everyone is looking the other way as their too Narcissistic & can't help him move from this. OMG!!!

We see it and ARE laughing AT him, but we shouldn't be he has all the possibility in the world, but look what he cannot get away from $$$ for doing and being nothing. OMG, I can't really belive what I witness here.

1156 days ago


Just by saying he wants to fight Kimbo Slice shows how mentally ill he is. Maybe a good ass kicking from Kimbo will make him realize he is nuts.

1156 days ago


He fights his babysitter, than loses badly, than his wife, than loses again, now Kimbo Slice? Does this dork who runs around wearing store bought martial arts clothes think he's now going to beat up Kimbo? And he can't say his trainers name? Dude is either high or very stupid. I don't know if he is taking stupid pills, or if he was born this dumb, but whatever it is, it's just sad.

1156 days ago


Personality disorders are a mental illnees that only the person who has them can cure. His mother is a cluster B and his father is a Narcissist. It was easier to use this kid emotionally than have limits and boundaries. He has not had many consequences or he would not be acting out this wayy.
Weston- read about personality disorders and fix yourself. You will waste years of your life malingering and being lost if you do not break the cycle.

1156 days ago


What a ******* loser this kid is

i feel so bad for nic cage he KNOWS 100% his kid is gonna cause him trouble for as long as he lives

his dream fight is to fight kimbo retard

never gonna be in the ufc dont worry

1156 days ago


Like teenage angst or something

1156 days ago

neil downlowe    

Why doesn't he try acting normal for a change. I would love to see him get his azz kicked. Kimbo may not be the best cage fighter, but he would destroy Cage in under 2 minutes.

1156 days ago


Did he forget that Rampage Jackson took his hummer on a high/slow speed chase a few years ago? And he was also detained for a mental health evaluation?

1155 days ago


this is a message for all Weston Cage's detractors
**** OFF.
we are the Black Metal circle in America and you are all just worms to us
**** all your internet ******ry

1147 days ago


this is a message for all Weston Cage's detractors
**** OFF.
we are the Black Metal circle in America and you are all just worms to us
**** all your internet ******ry

1147 days ago
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