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New WWE Champ

PARTIES In Chicago

... With BELT!

7/18/2011 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just hours after WWE superstar CM Punk beat down John Cena and won the heavyweight title Sunday night ... he grabbed the belt and hit the streets of Chicago to party with locals ... and TMZ has the pics!


Punk -- along with fellow wrestling pals Colt Cabana and Ace Steel -- cracked a Diet Pepsi and toasted in front of a mural of Chicago legend Mike Ditka ... while showing off the belt to everyone!!

The win was pretty shocking to wrestling fans, since Punk has been badmouthing Vince McMahon and the WWE for weeks ... and has been rumored to be leaving the company.

It's almost like the whole thing was scripted.

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Mr Money N Bank    

I love it when people go out of their way to remind everyone that wrestling is fake. No f.n. duh! What about "scripted" do you idiots not understand; what scripted television program isn't fictional? If you don'*****ch wrestling, don'*****ch it. If some of us decide to suspend reality for an hour on Mondays and Fridays, that's our business. The only reason you feel the need to dis our form of entertainment is because your life, apparently, sucks. Now, answer me this: what scripted television show do you know that's live, where performers do their own stunts, and dominates the ratings for nearly two decades? What Hollywood actor (or actress) do you know that can receive a five page script ten minutes before "show time" and provide a well delivered promo (improv), no rehearsal, no seconds, third, or forth takes? Bad acting? Little spandex tights? Fake? Bluh to the bluh...we've heard it before, yet we're still one million plus strong.

1158 days ago


CM Punk=The best in the world.

1158 days ago


What is the point for Rachel to return the money.
Wouldn't she still be bound by the settlement and could be sued by Woods if she tells all?
Or is it a legal maneuver in order to be able sue Allred?
Can you explain please.

1158 days ago


Stu about an hour ago
These comments piss me off. Just because you don't agree with what we watch doesn't mean you can talk ****. You may not even watch WWE anymore, so why comment on this article if it doesn't mean **** to you? GTFO

Does your momma know you're playing on her computer again?

1158 days ago


This is a "rock"replay. He's probably gonna try and make action movies now.

1158 days ago

Bobby M    

To all you ignorant haters bashing CM Punk. You guys are all jealous because you have nothing to display in your trophy case ;) The WWE Championship might be faux but there is a lot of prestige to it. More prestige than an Emmy, Oscar, or Grammy.

1158 days ago


Who cares?? Storyline or he is really leaving! CM PUNK Won ! The man won that is all that matters!

1158 days ago


Commertors on here are stupid. Woops i just posted. I guess i just got, GOT! by myself.

1158 days ago

Bobby M    

CM Punk is my hero. XxX

1158 days ago


I can't believe there are people stupid enough to watch WWE. This guy didn't "win" anything. It was written into a script so it's fiction and did not really happen.

1158 days ago

Dennis Johnson    

I went to school with Pin head aka Vince Mcmahon and I can tell you this.Vince is a trip....in other words what you see is what you get and he knows how to sell his product with alot of help from Linda.

1158 days ago

Bobby M    

Thanks for clarifying Miss Ann. I hope you're aware that your favorite tv show is fake also.

1158 days ago


"I can't believe there are people stupid enough to watch WWE. This guy didn't "win" anything. It was written into a script so "it's fiction and did not really happen."

uggh thanks for pointing that out but we already know this.

WWE is no different than anything on TV which also scripted and fake. I hope you dont like anything on TV because mean you are stupid too.

1158 days ago


Hilarious seeing someone from TNA (the supposed Missy) posting in the comments. No amount of PR is ever going to save the public perception that your company is a joke. It's going take real action. A company wide review and restructuring from an outsider is needed. There's been too much incompetence from people like Dixie Carter, Andy Barton and Vince Russo for way to long.

1158 days ago


Your kind of a idiot anyway if you come to tmz for news.

1158 days ago
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