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New WWE Champ

PARTIES In Chicago

... With BELT!

7/18/2011 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just hours after WWE superstar CM Punk beat down John Cena and won the heavyweight title Sunday night ... he grabbed the belt and hit the streets of Chicago to party with locals ... and TMZ has the pics!


Punk -- along with fellow wrestling pals Colt Cabana and Ace Steel -- cracked a Diet Pepsi and toasted in front of a mural of Chicago legend Mike Ditka ... while showing off the belt to everyone!!

The win was pretty shocking to wrestling fans, since Punk has been badmouthing Vince McMahon and the WWE for weeks ... and has been rumored to be leaving the company.

It's almost like the whole thing was scripted.

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Rose-Anna Cook    

It's not True CM Punk is for WWE I do not Beilved CM Punk Never Leave The WWE It's Not True Because I was the Reason that I Mess it up at Wretle Mania Fan Axxess because I Never Had a Boyfiend in My Life I am Sad Because I Love him more than ever and I Want it to meet CM Punk in person at My Home in Tunson AZ I Hope someday CM Punk come Back to Me in WWE because He My Hero I Will Belived in CM Punk and He Neve Leave Me My Name is Rose-Anna Cook The #1 Fun of CM Punk

1191 days ago


GLAAD can suck my C*#k

1191 days ago


Punk For President!!!

1191 days ago


TNA does have tours! Although the show is taped at a theme park they go out on tours,in Jan2012 they doing a UK tour. And in Aug(next month) tna is going on on larger tours. The "spoilers" are because the show is taped,but they will be starting live shows.

As for Sting you are sadly mistaken! Vince has tried for years to sign Sting,because he knows the money Sting can bring to his company. Sting REFUSES to sign with vince because of the way vince runs the company and he didn't trust how vince would use him,plus most of the WCW wrestlers who went to wwe after they were bought,were disrepsected.

If you really knew vince then you would know everything I just told you. You are the one talking out your ass. Vince has been trying to sign the big names of TNA for awhile. Vince loses his wrestlers to TNA. Again WCW started small,and ruled over wwe for afew years,and it didn't take them "20yrs" to get there! And it won't take TNA that long either. Vince already sees TNA as a threat. Believe what you want,fact is TNA is the second largest wrestling promotion right now and it IS getting bigger.
You have shown you know nothing about the tna company or their wrestlers.

1191 days ago

Mike L    

Keep dreaming Missy. I'm done with you. You are absolutely clueless to the inner workings of the world of professional wrestling. You think you know whats going on, but again, just like Dixie and Serge, you don't.

No point in discussing this with you. You dream things up and think they're facts. Thats not the way the world works.

1191 days ago


WWE Is better than Hollywood....

1190 days ago


Mike L-Seriously,move on. You are the one who apparently doesn't know anything about how the sport works,as where yes I do have personal experiance with this sport,and have so for years. If you really knew anything about vince or the sport you would things I've said were true. You are the one who believes your BS is fact when it's not.

1190 days ago


cm proved he is way better than cena...

1183 days ago


What wrestling scripted say it aint so. LOL This was the best story line the wwe has had in a while

1173 days ago



1115 days ago


@Antiscocial: UFC owns boxing and the WWE? Did you not see Dereck Chisora/David Haye brawl at a press conference a few days ago? Look it up on youtube. Your UFC p**sies would never get up & brawl. They sit there at press conferences and the weigh-ins behind their trainers with s**t eating grins are their faces. They're just happy to get their $ for fighting, no heart.

974 days ago


oh my goth!!!!i dont get why people have to watch every single move of the awesome wwe champion!it is so dumb but the new thing with the pub i believe him i mean he wanted to have fish and chips give him a break!he was NOT drinking.i think he wants to stay a good figure for kids to follow!even my friend alexia and i take him as someone we want to be like!the j man should NOT be so hard on him!it aint his fault that his father is as i would say nicely different!and the j man or should i say woman should NOT have spilled beer and stuff on him!if i were there i would have roundhouse kicked the j man in the face i was up crying all night not one wink of sleep out of forty.im only 11 and im saying this.cm punk was not able to fight when the whole mark Henry endless battle went on he had a back prob.even if he had to approve the battle in the first place there should have been someone there to save cm punk in his time of need!cm punk is gonna kick the j mans fat az at the street fight!!!!!CM.PUNK ROCKS there i said it!!!!!!!!

915 days ago
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