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Meet the Littlest Trump

7/19/2011 10:20 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Two days after giving birth, Ivanka Trump was spotted arriving to her NYC home holding her adorable little daughter, Arabella Rose, on Tuesday.

This is the first child for Donald Trump's 29-year-old daughter and husband Jared Kushner.


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Leave the poor girl alone, I know after I had my two kids the last thing I want is for people to take pictures of me and my new baby. Let her enjoy these first few days of motherhood.

1161 days ago


At least she chose a classy beautiful name for her daughter.

1161 days ago


Luckily she is a Kushner and not a Trump!!

1161 days ago


i just love Ivanka. she is a very beautiful lady, very educated, highly intelligent, smart, she is involved in the family business. u don't see her going to the club each night like Pari******on, she is not changing men each month like some hollywood chicks do. she got married now she has a baby. i believe she is ONE of the few young role model out there in America. WISHING U THE BEST IVANKA.

1161 days ago


I can't believe wherever it is she lives does not have underground parking or somewhere she could have been dropped off privately! Leave them alone!

1161 days ago


Arabella is a cutie! Shouldn't she be in a car seat though? When I had my children I was not allowed to carry either one of them out of the hospital without a car seat. Are the rules different when your rich?

1161 days ago


Once again, the TMZ commenters are filled with nothing but hate. Even a new born baby is a target for your rude remarks. I know this site lets people view their opinions, no matter how absurd and uncalled for most of them are, but this is just a baby. Yeah it is born into one of the richest families in the world, but it is still an innocent child. Say what you want about her mother and grandfather, but for God's sake leave the baby alone.

1161 days ago


Cute? You cant see it and like all newborns it looks like a fetus; it is impossible to tell what it will grow up to look like. I used to like Ivanka until she converted to her husband's religion. Women who do that have no pride in themselves, their parents or their ancestry. To just toss your past and Christ away shows very very shady character --- almost like she is running and not proud. Sad.

1161 days ago


Well, I'm not saying I like the family, and yes Ivanka is a stuck up snot; however, I congratulate them on the birth of their first child. Who knows, motherhood may bring out some warmth in her.I'll give her the benefit of the doubt for now. Let's hope the kids first word isn't Prada.

1161 days ago


OK, he's some real news. RuthAnn Lobo, Rebecca Lobo's mother, lost her battle with breast cancer today. So, so sad. She was my 7th grade middle school teacher. We here in CT are mourning something real, not thinking about all this superficial BS.

1161 days ago


Love the name. Hate the grandpa.

1161 days ago


Arabella Rose it's a beuatiful name. Congratulations to the couple for the adorable babygirl.

1161 days ago

drake mallard    

How come rich people, rich families with young sons/daughters, sons of politicians, etc. don't enlist in military don't they like American.

To the politicians War is good for business invest your children

1161 days ago


Beautiful... all babies are a gift... you were a gift once and now you that talk trash about children are just the box thhe gift once came in.

1161 days ago

Queen Karma    

Looks like Ivanka wasgoing to cry in that pic.She and her husband are brillant and rich, a lil low on common snes. first. Use underground garage. Second-place baby in carry all for better security rather than hold her in amrs while wearing sandals on NYC street. Third-release pic from hopstial or as soon as possible to take paparazzi bounty of f poor babies head.
Sad but true when you are a celeb and release info about yourself, you have to meet papps half-way and outsmart them too.

1161 days ago
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