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Jennifer Lopez Performs ...

To Drunken Crowd?

7/19/2011 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Lopez is set to perform at a Ukrainian wedding in 3 hours ... but here's the problem -- she doesn't hit the stage until 11:30, and you know how the Ukrainians like their vodka.

Jennifer is reportedly pocketing a million bucks for her performance.  Our wedding spies tell us there are roughly 300 people attending the bash.

A source connected to Jennifer calls the performance time "a little weird," but hey, drunk or not, a million bucks is a million bucks.

Fun fact ... the World Health Organization has rated the Ukraine as #1 in the world for alcohol consumption among youth.

BTW, the money Jennifer makes is hers and hers alone, since she's already separated from Marc Anthony.


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Lopez can't really sing anyway so she should sound good.

1158 days ago


Well, as long as she doesn't sing Back in the USSR she's good to go!

1158 days ago


I'm Ukranian & I don't care. Everyone should stop being so GAWD DANG sensitive. Can't say ****e anymore. Politically correct BS society. Stupid. It's stupid, I say.

1158 days ago

Gsharon 710    

5 minutes ago ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

I can tell the difference between a lady on a bathroom door and a man. If my daddy was on his knees, then the both of you need classes in which door to use. Get my point?

1158 days ago

ralphie the one-eyed    

Ukrainians are not Russians.

1158 days ago


oh yea & I also enjoy beer,gin,baileys,wine,and an occasional malt beverage.

1158 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

It looks like Jennifer is set on cashing in on every single dime she can with her re launched popularity, thanks to Idol.

If this Ukraine is true, then she is taking it to the extreme. Her career is currently solid enough that she doesn't have to sell out to a bunch of rich drunks to make her money.

I was starting to like her, but it sounds like she doesn't have much class after all.

Stay (or Get) classy Jennifer.

1158 days ago


Ukraine has asked the the "the" not be used in its name.

After all, we don't say "the France" or "the Germany."

1158 days ago

Stupid People Hater    

I wonder if she would have sex with me for $1 million if I set it up as a private performance.

1158 days ago


Seems like a waste of a million to me! Her music sucks, but if some Idiot wants to pay a million to hear it, might as well collect on it!

1158 days ago


I understand that TMZ isn't exactly the classiest website around, but this article is just plain racist. I'm half-Ukrainian, and not one of my Ukrainian relatives ever got drunk/smashed/wasted, in any way whatsoever.
@ the douche bag who wrote this article: have fun getting money for being an absolutely useless a-hole; whereas a great many people in the world work hard for their daily bread and get very little salary, if any at all.

1158 days ago


Can Jennifer Lopez sing? Let alone people pay$ Millions? LOL omg, save your $$$ and spend on something else. J.Lo sounds horrible on her Cd's let alone "live" LOL i am on the floor reading how much $$$ soo many stupid people can have and don't know where to spend.

1158 days ago

get a life ho    

BTW, the money Jennifer makes is hers and hers alone, since she's already separated from Marc Anthony.

Sorry TMZ ,

Get your legal facts right !

If the contract was negotiated and more then likely paid for in advance of their seperation (just a few days) , it's not all hers .

I doubt the deal was made only after her seperation since weddings are planned months in advance !

Maybe next time check with Harvey .,.,.,

HE'S A LAWYER !! ,.,.,lol

(just my 2 cents)

1158 days ago


J.lo singer? ha ha ha On the Floor from LOL, who on earth wants to buy her songs let alone $million for a show? Save your $ for new Kim Wilde album coming out next month "Snapshots"

1158 days ago


@Abe on page 1
Don't hold your breath. If it was a jewish comment, maybe.

1158 days ago
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