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Jennifer Lopez Performs ...

To Drunken Crowd?

7/19/2011 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Lopez is set to perform at a Ukrainian wedding in 3 hours ... but here's the problem -- she doesn't hit the stage until 11:30, and you know how the Ukrainians like their vodka.

Jennifer is reportedly pocketing a million bucks for her performance.  Our wedding spies tell us there are roughly 300 people attending the bash.

A source connected to Jennifer calls the performance time "a little weird," but hey, drunk or not, a million bucks is a million bucks.

Fun fact ... the World Health Organization has rated the Ukraine as #1 in the world for alcohol consumption among youth.

BTW, the money Jennifer makes is hers and hers alone, since she's already separated from Marc Anthony.


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Quinn about an hour ago
I'm Ukranian & I don't care. Everyone should stop being so GAWD DANG sensitive. Can't say ****e anymore. Politically correct BS society. Stupid. It's stupid, I say.


Please understand it's not the fact that TMZ is talking crap about Ukraine that upsets people.

It's the fact Harvey Levin is EXTREMELY thin skinned about about anyone else making derogatory remarks about homosexuals or Jews, you know people just like him.

He's a low life fvcking hypocrite for doing **** like this and i'm ashamed he's a fellow Jew.

1171 days ago


"Fun fact ... the World Health Organization has rated the Ukraine as #1 in the world for alcohol consumption among youth."

Fun fact? More like an irrelevant put down that has nothing to do with an already weak story.

1171 days ago

The Roy    

I say she will cause a riot:

1171 days ago


Oh ok TMZ I guess it is ok to make racist comments against any WHITE nationality. If she was performing in africa you wouldn't have the never to say anything about would you!

1170 days ago


Errm when did she become a "Wedding Singer"

1170 days ago

Camp X-Ray    

Hello: Robin Williams is a reservoir of Herpes Type 1, a STD, and infected a former girlfried and Carrey along with his nitwit wife scare parents not to vaccinate their children claiming the vaccinated children will likely be diagnosed as autistic despite contradicting, accurate, valid scientific data. Besides Mork From Ork is still a contagious dork. Na-new, na-new.

1170 days ago


It's sad that you always feel you have to drop to the gutter to report on a story. Some Ukrainians drink and some don't, just like anyother nationality. It's sad in this day and age that any race, nationality, sexual orientation are slurred under a demeaning blanket statement like this. I myself would be the one needing to be paid a million dollars to have to watch such a "hoochy" as her!

1170 days ago


Michael7307 21 minutes ago
Oh ok TMZ I guess it is ok to make racist comments against any WHITE nationality. If she was performing in africa you wouldn't have the never to say anything about would you!


I can only imagine the uproar if that "fun fact" was an irrelevant quip about the people of Kenya, or somewhere else in Africa, and had NOTHING to do with the actual story like this! lmao

1170 days ago


This is a impoverished country. She is a multi-millionaire. She should donate that $1 million to an orphanage there. What does she need a million dollars for?

1170 days ago


that's disgusting reporting - in this day and age are you actually allowed to make comments like this about identifiable group? Would you be able to make derogatory, sterotypical comments about Jewish people or any other nation? It actully made me sick. And by the way, it is Ukraine, not "THE Ukraine" - get your freaking writing style guide and learn to write proper English. You don't use "the" in front of countries unless they're plural ( eg. The United States) or if you're referring to a region, not a country. Since obviously Ukraine is not plural are you trying to offend Ukrainians again by implying Ukraine is not a country!!?? Sheesh.

1170 days ago


According to this, Ukraine is #4 in alocohol consumption in the world after Moldovia, Russia and Czech republic:
This is a study of all individuals, there was not study of teenagers, how could there be? - there is no official data for that as it is illegal in all countries including Ukraine.
I would like to actually see the link to the proof of that, not the link to some hokey, made up website someone created to report made up negative news about Ukraine. Prove it with an actual WHO report liek the one above or remove it from your website - you should be ashamed of this yellow journalism

1170 days ago


wow....TMZ....Ukrainians like their vodka??? Maybe its you that ought to lay off the stuff, cuz' you seem not to be able to handle it.

I agree, an apology is in order from you on this one

1170 days ago


TMZ should apologize for their offensive racist commentary ("...and you know how the Ukrainians like their vodka.") and should not use 2008 data in their "news"

1170 days ago


wow. a million dollars. even after taxes, managers, and agent cut, that's a whole lot better than the number of hotel rooms she would have to clean to make the same amount of money.

didn't she just clean my hotel room last night? I mean, it was a puerto rican chick with a fat ass that cleaned my room. they all look the same, and i'm almost positive that jennifer lopez can't multiply. so who knows? i can't tell fat puerto rican maids apart.

1170 days ago


Nothing like singing at a Russian mob wedding. What a money whore.

1170 days ago
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