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Victim Dies After Crash Involving Lamar Odom's Driver

7/19/2011 1:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A 15-year-old boy has died from injuries he sustained in a NY car crash involving a vehicle carrying NBA star Lamar Odom ... the boy's family has confirmed to TMZ.


Odom was in NY on Thursday to attend a funeral for his cousin -- and had hired a car service to drive him around town during his visit. But while Odom was in the car, the vehicle was involved in an accident with a motorcycle ... which was propelled into a 15-year-old pedestrian.

The boy's family tells us ... the boy sustained major head injuries in the collision.

The boy was rushed to a nearby hospital ... and emergency surgery was performed in an effort to save his life ... but the injuries proved to be too severe ... and the boy died the following day.

A funeral for the boy took place yesterday morning.

Odom, and his wife Khloe Kardashian, took to their twitter pages to his express their grief. Lamar wrote: "Thank you for your support and prayer. My thoughts and prayers are with the young boys family..."

Khloe's twitter mirrored Odom's feelings when she posted, "My heart/soul goes out 2every 1 in pain from any suffering."

A source close to Lamar tells us ... the NBA star is "devastated" by the tragedy.

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read these comments and think what school did the people reading this go to. Let's break it downfor the people that read only what they want. There was an accident, the motorcycle that was involved hit an innocent 15 yr old bystander and caused severe head trama leading to his death. Where in that does it say that Lamar, Khloe, or anyone else is responsible? Who are any of us to lay blame? Who are any of us to post such things in memory of the 15 year old that has lost their life other than sympathy for all. Think of the additional grief the negetive comments add to the already devastated family, to turn on their computer and this BS is being said. America is going down the tubes, because people act this way toward others.

1155 days ago


It wasn't Lamar's fault; he wasn't driving. The kid probably cut the car off like a lot of motorcycles do.

1155 days ago


Use proper grammar people seriously!

These people are only "Tweeting" their sympathy's because their PR people tell them to.
I'm sure by now it has been forgotten by those involved and this poor family has to endure the heartache that has been put upon them.
It's really disgusting that the powers that be in Hollywood can't come up with better programming than this self centered bunch of overpaid nobody's.

1155 days ago


It blows me away how poorly grammar is used in so many of these comments...
Who cares if they show compassion,everyone acts like it's such a wonderful thing.Damn right they should feel sorry about what happened but come on people don't be fooled for a second.Their PR people tell them to make public statements.How much do you want to bet they are a having a brew and making pornos and watching basketball or whatever it is these nobody's do right now.
Sorry but the powers that be in Hollywood have really hit an all time low when they did a show about this dysfunctional untalented overpaid bunch of LOSERS!
My prayers go out to this boys family,genuinely.

1155 days ago


I wonder if this will be featured on their show.

1155 days ago


My heart goes out to the family of the child... But really people, why are you all so hateful. it is obviously not Lamar's fault as he was merely a passenger! He is not responsible so he doesn't have to pay for anything. And so what if they placed a picture of the couple smiling, yes, it might be inappropriate but get over yourselves. Its not their fault that they are popular, very ambitious and wealthy! Its also not their fault if the public is fascinated by them! So stop hating, they don't even know that you exist or even care if u do. I watch their shows because they are real people unlike some of you HATERS! If you dont have anything good to say keep your mouths shut! But then again you cant because that is how you are able to feel better about yourselves, by putting down others...such a sorry case.

1155 days ago


This is so sad, he hires someone else to drive him around an area he probably isn't used to driving in, to keep things safe, and this happens. Innocent pedestrians on the street. I wonder if the motorcycle rider was weaving in and out...

1155 days ago


Why should Lamar pay for the funeral? It wasn't his fault. Just because he has money doess't mean he has to pay for things he has no control over. How bout the...oh, I don't know....DRIVER pay for the funeral? Ya know, being that it was HIS fault and all.

1155 days ago


Does anyone know how to spell any more? You people are so ready to knock everyone and we can't even read what you are writing.

1155 days ago


I feel that their tweets are meaningless. Anybody can say my heart goes out to yada yada yada, but what i didnt hear was they are going to attend the boy's funeral, I didnt hear them say what can we offer to show empathy. Khole shouldnt have wrote s#$t if that is her comment. They both are pathic. A kashtrashian hoe and a dipstick husband. Normally I dont comment on the trashtrashians but her tweet is meaningless and i am offended for the young fellow's family. She doesnt have any children so what does she feel actually??

Khloe's twitter mirrored Odom's feelings when she posted, "My heart/soul goes out 2every 1 in pain from any suffering."

What she really means is I am glad my husband wasnt driving now we dont have to pay any money to anybody little. c word!

1155 days ago

Gustav LaFong    

Khloe was devastated too. She went to bed and ate an entire bowl of spaghetti, then an entire cheesecake. Poor girl, it's all about her.

1155 days ago


Hahahaha, I'm white & married to a black male, with a baby on the way? So what? Get over it. And Khloe isn't white. Get your facts straight. Also, why should they have to pay for the funeral? They weren't driving, it wasn't their fault, Khloe wasn't even in the car. You guys only hear so much. How do you know that they haven't spoken to the family and apologized to them or showed their sympathy in person to the family? You don't. Just because they have money doesn't mean they should pay the funeral. Let me guess, all of you know the little boy, his family, the driver, or Khloe & Lamar personally and have spoken to them about what has happened? NO. So don't judge until you have. :)

1155 days ago


While the 15 year old boy was laying on the ground dying after being hit by the flying debris( motorcycle)- Khloe was busy having her nails done and getting a pedicure and Odom was probably having drinks with his brothers !!! 2 worthless pieces of s____!! DO YOU REALLY THINK THEY CARE ~!!

NO ~

1155 days ago


Why....WHY!!!! is anything these losers do news? If Victor Shacapopolous from East Bum****, NJ. did this, it wouldn't be reported. My prayers go out to the family of the victim, but at the same time, this is nothing more than internet Enquirer---STOP TALKING ABOUT THESE LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1155 days ago


Where in any of the news does it state that Khloe was getting a mani/pedi or that Odom was having drinks with his brothers? I don't believe that it does. So, do you know them two personally to know what they were doing at that exact time? I didn't think so.

1155 days ago
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