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Michelle Obama: I'm Gonna Be on 'Extreme Makeover!'

7/19/2011 9:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michelle Obama is all set to become the next big reality TV star -- the First Lady has announced she'll be appearing on an upcoming episode of "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition."


Obama is slated to help build a new greenhouse and a children's play area for a community resource center for homeless female military vets in Fayetteville, N.C.

The White House says FLOTUS is scheduled to travel to N.C. on Thursday -- the episode is scheduled to air in October.


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Under Bush, I lost my job. Under O'bama, I lost my credit, then my house. Now, I'm losing my mind. (Not kidding). I've been told, (at 53), I'm too old to work. This was from the employers, not my words. So now I am in therapy from all this mess. I wrote to Barack about this mess of mine. It's been months. Still haven't heard from him. At least Bill Clinton had the courtesy to send me a generic letter with a rubber stamp of his signature. I love the O'bama's... but then, I love having cactus needles in my shorts.

1189 days ago

Jeff Lynn    

Why is it that she needs a tv show to do this? Reminds me of when her hubby got on Jay Leno right after he was elected. The ONLY President to ever do this. Remember his "retarded" comment too!!!

1189 days ago


Ahhh man....i thought it said "Extreme Makeover: White House Edition"........i still have to wait 5 more months.....Ron Paul 2012!!

1189 days ago



Oh yeah, that will solve all of our troubles. Just like the drug addicts, women beaters, drunks, and convicted felons who find the Lord.

1189 days ago


Gross. I don't want her in my town....

1189 days ago


She should have taken that $800,000 she just spent going to Africa to get her teeth fixed!

1189 days ago


Better yet, she should have saved the $800,000 she spent going to Africa and she never would have been a contributor to the national debt.

1189 days ago

Get a Nose Job, please!!!    

She is SO Ugly. Does she have a wad of snuff under her bottom lip? Life will be wonderful when she and OBozo get kicked out of the White House. Hope our Beloved Country lasts until 2012. Let's impeach them now. I'm a former Democrat.

1189 days ago

The Neko Nation    

@ Sally, Exactly. With the economy getting worse and us falling further into debt. Remember when the first lady meant someone with class and respect. The first lady should not be on a reality tv show.

1189 days ago


she needs a fashion makeover. I have NEVER seen a public figure with worst taste in clothing (OK, maybe Chris Evert). She needs to emulate Catherine Middleton, Laura Bush, that dead Princess of Wales, or Gabrielle Reese (another tall person). She needs to ditch the hideous yellows/greens/oranges, the ridiculous belts, the flower pins, the too-short jackets and too-short sleeves and too-short pants, the bad necklines....she needs to wear simple clean lines in solid colors. Tight is fine, but jeez. I don't know anything about fashion but her clothes HURT MY EYES!!!! Navy blue, Michelle. Black, Michelle. White, Michelle! Sleeveless is fine, short is fine, but not so BUSY and silly looking!

1189 days ago


Please let me know when that airs so I make sure I stay completely away from that channel.

1189 days ago


Why the hell do we have homeless female or male military vets in this country!!!!!!! Mrs. Obama, you have a direct line to the man who could fix this problem!!!

There shouldn't be homeless military people! Shame on the people running this country....I'm not including just the president, I'm including senators, congress........

1189 days ago


Although homelessness plagues all veterans, the causes and consequences of having no home are different for women veterans. Young female veterans, including many with children, are increasingly
adding to the homeless population. Outreach that specifically targets female veterans is needed in order to ensure that these women receive the help they need.
• There are currently an estimated 13,100 homeless female veterans in the United States1
• Women veterans are up to 4 times more likely to be homeless compared to non-veteran women and male veterans2
• Approximately 45% of homeless veterans suffer from mental health issues, 70% are affected by substance abuse issues, and 40% of female homeless veterans report experiences of sexual assault in the military3
• Homeless women veterans are more likely to experience severe forms of mental illness compared to men, mostly because of higher rates of Military Sexual Trauma (MST)4
• The risk of death for homeless women veterans is substantially higher than for women in the general population, especially among younger cohorts5
About a quarter of female veterans in the VA’s Homelessness Programs have minor children6
• Finding shelters that permit children and offer a safe environment is a primary obstacle for homeless women veterans

The Special Needs of Women
Women who become homeless after leaving the military often end up that way gradually, following a “downward spiral.” Women are more likely to experience trauma in the military, like MST, and
subsequently develop mental health issues such as PTSD.7

Mental instability often interferes with
getting and/or keeping a job and also leads to substance abuse problems.8 Because women are less likely than men to utilize VA health services, their problems go untreated and often lead to
homelessness.9 Furthermore, the fact that women are the primary caregivers to children only compounds the fragile state discharged veterans are in, and increases the likelihood of homelessness.
Although many services exist to assist homeless women veterans, women are often reluctant to seek help.

Practical obstacles, such as transportation costs and lack of childcare preclude women from using services. Furthermore, psychological barriers also operate to keep women from getting
help. Women may feel ashamed of their situation and wish to avoid insensitive treatment. Fear of losing custody of their children is also a factor.

Male-Bias of VA Services
Women may also be reluctant to seek help because of the perceived male-bias of VA services. Female veterans often describe the VA environment as uncomfortable and unwelcoming; many
have also reported experiences of sexual harassment. Furthermore, most VA hospitals are staffed primarily by men, and there are usually no separate floors or areas specifically for women.

Lack of information
Many homeless women veterans may not utilize assistance services simply because they don’t know how to access them. Outreach services targeted towards women veterans is lacking. Women need information about what kind of assistance is available to them and how to get it.

Furthermore,future research should examine how women who do utilize services learn about the help available and what motivates them to seek assistance. This information would yield valuable insights that
could guide the outreach effort.

1189 days ago



1189 days ago


transparency for election time, won*****ch that edition

1189 days ago
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