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TMZ Live -- Draw Your Own Conclusion

7/19/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Today on TMZ Live -- The ins and outs of the world's grossest wrestling move -- dubbed "checking the oil" -- as told by our own experienced oil men. And, the judge who put O.J. behind bars believes in Karma -- did that play a part in her harsh sentencing? O.J.'s lawyer isn't surprised ... he calls in to say he thinks she was biased from the get-go.


Plus, Harvey and Charles go toe-to-toe with Octomom's rep -- and Harvey tries to explain the Elin/Rachel/Jamie love triangle with another stunning, self-drawn diagram.


(4:45) Harvey reveals how the judge's chair on "People's Court" was the most coveted job in the justice system.
(6:30) The judge who put O.J. behind bars believes in Karma -- so did it play a factor in her harsh sentencing of The Juice in his robbery case?
(14:10) Jason -- our lawyer -- doesn't think Judge Jackie was an agent of Karma.
(18:15) O.J.'s robbery lawyer, Yale Galanter, is on the horn ... he thinks Judge Jackie was biased during the trial because of O.J.'s murder trial.
(21:10) Harvey grills Yale over his other clients ... Brooke and Charlie.
(25:00) Octomom says she never went on an anti-baby rant -- but we have audio of her doing just that. Should we cut her a break?
(32:10) Octo's rep calls in to defend her! It's on!
(39:07) WARNING ... it's about to get gross ... because it's time to talk about "checking the oil" -- a very dirty, stinky wrestling move. Mike explains.
(44:03) Ryan has also been oil-checked!.
(45:30) Harvey tries to explain the Elin/Jamie/Rachel love triangle -- and it's so complicated ... he has to draw it all out on the board.


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Regarding Casey Anthony:

Harvey are there not laws that talk about the proper disposal of a human body? If Casey defense story was the Caylee died in the family swimming pool and she found her, then the police found her in a trash bag in the swamp. You would get in big trouble if you threw your dead dog into the swamp.

1191 days ago


Just curious, is there anyone Rachel Uchitel HASN'T slept with?

1191 days ago


How about making the State of California a star in an expose how California's shadow government, the AOC is ripping off the public by millions?

Click on the video labeled Bundling Duplicity

1191 days ago


Once again, how does Octomom take care of all those kids 24/7?

1191 days ago


harvey octomom needs to be neutered.

her litter of kids have become everyones problem.

too late for birth control.

a couple of more and she will have a football team.

who is paying for all these kids?

1191 days ago

some guy    


I haven't slept with Rachel Uchitel. Yet.

1191 days ago


do feel bad for getting that usc kid in trouble. its airing non stop on espn

1191 days ago


Did Justin Beiber and Selena break up? Kendal jenner just posted a pic of her and justin and a bunch of people are saying they're together now? Are you guys the last to know or is it a rumor?

1191 days ago


man ready 4 2 day

1191 days ago

some guy    

I think the judge was saying she helped the karma. She had a kind of... smug smile on her face when she was talking about OJ.

1191 days ago


Elin should cut out the middle man and date Rachel herself

1191 days ago


Harvey - I do not know how you think it's ok to just ruin people's lives willy nilly. I know you are Jewish and all but one day something will stick on you. You have ruined that sport's guys life and now you want Octomom to be harrassed for her kids...I mean geez wheez Louise where do you get off. I hope you understand that you are dealing with human lives here. It must be so good to be this narcissistic.

1191 days ago

some guy    

I think I agree with Harvey. It's almost like OJ's getting punished for a previous crime. Or trial.

1191 days ago


Please stop with "I have a story"... No offense, but you ramble on and on. Please stick to reporting celebrity news and taking questions. This isn't "The Harvey Show"

Thank you.

1191 days ago


Harvey, you can't get in and out of a cab on The Strip so what makes you think a gun and a robbery will not render a stiff sentence in Vegas???

1191 days ago
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