TMZ Live -- Draw Your Own Conclusion

7/19/2011 11:00 AM PDT
Today on TMZ Live -- The ins and outs of the world's grossest wrestling move -- dubbed "checking the oil" -- as told by our own experienced oil men. And, the judge who put O.J. behind bars believes in Karma -- did that play a part in her harsh sentencing? O.J.'s lawyer isn't surprised ... he calls in to say he thinks she was biased from the get-go.


Plus, Harvey and Charles go toe-to-toe with Octomom's rep -- and Harvey tries to explain the Elin/Rachel/Jamie love triangle with another stunning, self-drawn diagram.


(4:45) Harvey reveals how the judge's chair on "People's Court" was the most coveted job in the justice system.
(6:30) The judge who put O.J. behind bars believes in Karma -- so did it play a factor in her harsh sentencing of The Juice in his robbery case?
(14:10) Jason -- our lawyer -- doesn't think Judge Jackie was an agent of Karma.
(18:15) O.J.'s robbery lawyer, Yale Galanter, is on the horn ... he thinks Judge Jackie was biased during the trial because of O.J.'s murder trial.
(21:10) Harvey grills Yale over his other clients ... Brooke and Charlie.
(25:00) Octomom says she never went on an anti-baby rant -- but we have audio of her doing just that. Should we cut her a break?
(32:10) Octo's rep calls in to defend her! It's on!
(39:07) WARNING ... it's about to get gross ... because it's time to talk about "checking the oil" -- a very dirty, stinky wrestling move. Mike explains.
(44:03) Ryan has also been oil-checked!.
(45:30) Harvey tries to explain the Elin/Jamie/Rachel love triangle -- and it's so complicated ... he has to draw it all out on the board.