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'Two & A Half Men' Billboard -- Ashton Unravels

7/19/2011 10:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's barely been a month since Charlie Sheen's face adorned the outer wall of Warner Bros. studios -- but today, Ashton Kutcher has finally entered the picture ... with significantly less clothing.


The generic billboard -- which replaced Charlie's old one in June -- went down an hour ago ... and in its place ... a brand new poster with the entire new cast.

Charlie who?


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Different Rules Apply    

Absolutely Love Jon & Angus - but Asston Kutcher is a complete joke. I can't see anything but him curdling up a great ensemble. As for Charlie - I've watch his work for years and don't plan to stop now. All of you in glass houses, really now.

1131 days ago

Stupid People Hater    

I'd love a new sitcom that is actually funny without making even one sexual joke.

1131 days ago


Before it was pretty much Real life. Charlie on and off the show wasn't much of a difference. He was pretty much playing himself on the show. Throw out the Piano and they are one and the same. A huge drunk and buying Whores. Daily. So people watched because it was like watching a train wreck or a car Crash. Almost reality TV. It's Charlie playing himself and then scripted Actors playing everyone else. He is a huge A**. The show should of died. Trying to fix it like this with the new Idiot never works. It'll be watched hugely that first night and then a huge drop off the following weeks.

1131 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

It's just TV, people, relax.

If a show sucks or doesn't suck, who cares? If you think it sucks, don'*****ch it. There will always be another show to come along and take its place, always.

Maybe I'll give CS's new show a chance...if I don't like? I'm going to change the effing channel.

How's them apples?

1131 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Your filters are dumb, TMZ. Just sayin'

1131 days ago

T. Bag Jones    

Two and a Half Men...Ashton must be the half-man now.

1131 days ago


I love how Alan is looking at Ashton's character's body with disdain. Hilarious and has so many comedic possibilities for this new direction. I'm looking forward to seeing how Ashton is written into the script and what they do with his character. Should be a hoot!

1131 days ago


Can you say "cancelled"? I knew that you could....

1131 days ago


Demi's toyboy lol he is so stupid acting, how can he even try to act like a man. His haircut is so childish. I see nothing about him that says talent. Better stick to taking care of that grandma he calls a wife.

1131 days ago


Ashton is a manboy? So what's new, Charlie Sheen (his part and himself) was also a manboy, an eternal adolescent. Booze and interchangeable girls, that doesn't sound like a "man" to me.

I watched 2 and 1/2 men about four times, nothing was funny and it was really dumb. Teenage "humor". I'll give Ashton a chance, maybe he can come up with something new, who knows.

1131 days ago


Well I'm looking forward to the show - I enjoy Chuck Lorre's sense of humour and all his shows so I switch from one to the other even on summer re-runs - Ashton is a hunk in my eyes so I can't wait to see what character he plays. As for Charlie - well good luck to him - after his public meltdown it will be quite some time before I ever watch anything he's in again - I've lost all respect for him as a person and don't reward bad behaviour.

1131 days ago


"This show is about living out men's fantasy's, not making fun of them." Well, I think it was trying to make fun of those petty male dreams, but not very successfully. I haven't seen enough of it to really say something about it, but it seemed to me it revolved around some kind of mild irreverence - oh boy, that guy is doing things I wouldn't dare! But then all he does is being shallow - again and again and again...

FYI, a word of comfort to you regular guys who don't see hookers and are not addicts: The Charlie Sheens of this world are actually not very attractive to women.

1131 days ago

Charlie Sheen's Watch    

Anger Management > 2 1/2 men - Enough said.

Side Note: We know that Koochner is the 1/2 man in the show - a manboy. The kid is more of a man than him - really just put the characters in perspective and you'll agree.

1131 days ago


Spare me. I hate Ashton Kutcher!

1131 days ago


All the negative comments about a show you people have not even seen yet!! It reminds of politics and Obama... someone makes one dumb comment and others feed into it like bottom garbage eaters. I'm for one and excited to see to new shows and then I will judge it. Hint: I always helps to get facts before fiction.

1131 days ago
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