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'Two & A Half Men' Billboard -- Ashton Unravels

7/19/2011 10:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's barely been a month since Charlie Sheen's face adorned the outer wall of Warner Bros. studios -- but today, Ashton Kutcher has finally entered the picture ... with significantly less clothing.


The generic billboard -- which replaced Charlie's old one in June -- went down an hour ago ... and in its place ... a brand new poster with the entire new cast.

Charlie who?


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So all you Charlie Sheen haters out watched 2 1/2 men..remember the episodes with...denise richards,sean penn, elvis costello, martin sheen...jenny mccarthy,...steven tyler...the list goes on and really think they came on that show for Chuck Lorre?????? Give your head a shake. Charlie Sheen has some pull don't kid yourselves... Anger Management ...who knows I wouldn't be surprised if Jack Nicholson showed up as a guest star...Chuck Lorre you should kiss Charlie Sheen's Feet for getting you to where you are pompasssss ash.

1135 days ago

JLo on Steroids    

@andie diego
hey you fkng retard, they are both estevez. charlies birth name is Carlos Estevez..get a ******* clue you fuktard

1134 days ago


All different heights but their knees line up perfectly

1134 days ago


I was fun to watch Charlie when he was younger. As he aged, it just became sleeze, like an old prostitute with saggy boobs walking the boulevard. He to me is an okay actor but nothing special. Funny thing, it was the kid that I watched the show for. I’ve always enjoyed Jon Cryer, who can forget Duckie and the spirit that came though with him? It’s a solid feeling you get while watching his characters. Angus was a really cool little kid. His comic timing is freaking awesome and he himself has the intelligence to figure out the irony of his lines and have fun with it. He got it. That’s the thing, it was supposed to be a fun show, not tweaker tube time. You can only make so many jokes before it just all becomes sad, like remembering the day your dog died sad. I stopped watching the show. The female cast was wonderful. That show has some great female characters and actresses. It was Charlie that dragged it down for me. I can’t believe that the producers of the show would want to continue with that kind of energy but change up the story line to introduce Ashton, who to me, is okay too. I think when he calms down inside he’ll be more believable in his acting. I don’t think this show will be the vehicle for him doing so.

My take on the billboard? Everything is stripped down, bare naked. Angus with his grin knowing if something is going on next to him it doesn’t matter to him. Ashton holding up the banner. Jon looking at something, could be a spot on the banner or gum on the floor, we don’t know but we’re supposed to assume it’s that male comparison thing going on. So okay, nothing has changed. They should have just left the other banner up. I’m not even curious enough now to watch the show. I wish the cast and crew well though, it’s been a long haul for them.

1134 days ago


this show is bound to fail, chuck lorre is an absolute idiot, it doesn't matter how crazy sheen is no one can replace him

1134 days ago

Becky Kilpatrick    

Would this not be in bad taste to portray Jake (who is a teenager in the show) as being naked? Funny is funny but I dont think it is funny to show a teenager in that fashion.

1134 days ago


The only reason I watch the show is because of Charlie and the only reason I started watching cause he was in the news I guess I keep watching him in reruns, only time I watch CBS is for Survivor so I guess when I turn 70 I'll star*****ching the channel like my grandparents did.

1134 days ago

NC Billiard Hustler    

First of all.. for all you haters out there Two and a 1/2 men is going to bomb once Ashton joins the cast. This is the end of the show. its going to last till the end of the season and thats when warner bros. is going to face it we screwed up... there wont be a season 10... UNLESS... they sale the contract to some one else and rehire Charlie Sheen. Which by then will be to late cause Anger Management will be on the are and Charlie will be doing the same thing he did for 2 1/2 men and thats to put his real life in his role.

So who will have the last laugh... Charlie Sheen will with a bottle of champagne.. making a video to have aired here on saying To all my ex-cast members i wish you the best and for warner bros you can kiss my ass..

1133 days ago


yall can say what you want to say, Ashton Kutcher is a respected actor who worked hard to be where he is. He is coming to save this show. This is a professional network and they wouldnt put anything that was bad on the air. Who knows how it will be.... time will only tell

1130 days ago

rose dawson    

Two & A Half Men will tank without Charlie Sheen. The show would have never gotten past the first few episodes without him. Ashton Kutcher sucks. He's not funny & he has no talent. He was as annoying on that 70s show as he was on Punked. And the rumors of how they plan to introduce him to the show are so stupid. Charlie dies and Kutcher buys his house and Alan and Jake beg to stay? REALLY? What rich douche wants to live with strangers unless they're servants anyway? Charlie Sheen is a crazy neurotic narcissist but he made the show what it is.

1122 days ago

Sonja Weeks    

Show will suck with kelso. how smart is the producer that only copied Charlies real life. I think charlie should sue for sending him back to his old ways.

1119 days ago


It will be fine, maybe even better. Glad Sheen is gone.

1117 days ago


Well, I don't want to hurt anyboyd's feelings, so I would have to say I would like to be the middle of the sandwich!!!!!!! I wonder what they would name it at Factors Deli?

1117 days ago


Oh, so as not to sound prejudice, but I would have to go with "beng in the mddle of the sandwich!

1117 days ago

Alfredo Novoa    

I don't think Ashton Kutcher is the right guy for Charly's replacement. Maybe Mathew Perry has the most similar profile, the same style for acting and more similar sense of humor, as Charly's has.

1110 days ago
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