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Bijan's Famous Bugatti Car -- VANDALIZED!

7/20/2011 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of the most famous landmarks in Beverly Hills -- the $1.7 million Bugatti owned by the late clothing mogul Bijan -- was vandalized.

Bijan Bugatti

The car is famously parked on Rodeo Drive, in front of the Bijan boutique -- the most expensive store in the world.

It's incredible that someone had the balls to smash the passenger side window of a car that everyone on the street either eyes or photographs -- right in the middle of the afternoon.

Cops immediately arrested the alleged vandal -- a local transient.

The TMZ Tour Bus actually pulled up just as Beverly Hills cops arrived on the scene.


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some guy    

I also think Nefilym wants to have sex in Bijan's car.

1189 days ago


What other possible outcome could have come out of leaving your 1.6million dollar car on a public street, with homeless and vagrants, 80% of which have mental illnesses?

1189 days ago


Really ? I find it incredible that someone would park a $1.7 million dollar car on the street.

1189 days ago

moe l.    

Looks like a lot more than a broken window. And REALLY...who gives a F _ _ _???

1188 days ago

Fallopia Lopez    

Is this an old story? The guy's passed on - why is his car still parked in front of his store? Also, what could be more douchey - a Veyron parked in front of the "most expensive store in the world" in the midst of economic malaise. Classy. Kudos to the bum.

1188 days ago


@TreeMileZune and RY you must be broke and weak. If you got a problem with someone take it up with them not a car that can't hit back. Hahaha why would you hurt that fine automobile

1188 days ago


All of you people who wished he had smashed that car up more than he did are straight up haters and are probably just miserable about how your own lives turned out. Don't be jealous just because someone had enough money to buy a car worth more than your house!

-To the guy that said "I'd rather have a 2012 Camaro": You've obviously never seen a Bugatti Veyron in person! Not only is it extremely luxurious, but it's the fastest road-legal car. It has 16-cylinders and 4 turbos that produce 1001 Horsepower and a top speed of over 260...MPH.

-To the guy that said something about not letting it sit where homeless people have access... Dude have you ever even been to Rodeo Dr? It's a strip of some of the most expensive shops in the world! You're just an idiot for even making that comment!

1188 days ago


i'm pretty sure some oil billionaire's arab son is watching this and saying "whatever, i have 10 bugatti's all in pure gold!".

1187 days ago


Leonard, you are an ASS. You are just pissed off because Iranians are so successful as a minority group and your ass is on TMZ bitching about it. There was nothing corrupt about the man. He was generous and a humanitarian. Too bad you don't have any of those qualities. Do you know how many underprivilaged chilren got an education due to his generousity. So shut up and quit your whinning.

1187 days ago
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