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Casey Anthony's Lawyer -- 911 Call Over Death Threats

7/20/2011 3:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The wife of Cheney Mason -- Casey Anthony's lawyer -- frantically dialed 911 last night, claiming the family has received SEVERAL death threats ... and she fears for her life.


One of the messages, according to the 911 call -- "Your scumbag husband and Baez [Casey's other attorney] better sleep with one eye open."

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, the Masons have requested extra police presence around their Florida home.

To accommodate the family, we're told cops in Seminole County will perform multiple drive-bys daily to make sure everyone's safe.

We're told the Seminole County Sheriff's Office is also working with the State Attorney to acquire phone records to track down the callers.


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Rogue Warrior    

I LUV it, all the phatt, emotional dumbasss women who have a pea brain are about to get, PUNKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Errant bullets, are for U douchebags!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1157 days ago


Fortunately, the morons who make death threats are always cowards and hide behind the phone or the mail-if the media would STOP REPORTING every stupid thing, the cowards would stop because the would get NO PUBLICITY! Paying attention TMZ??!

1157 days ago


There was a Casey sighting hoax reported this morning on the news. Apparently there was a woman dressed like Casey sighted running from one of Baez's co-workers plane with her head covered. I wouldn't be surprised if this is more of the same, but I would hope these people wouldn't stoop so low to use law enforcement this way. If it is BS then it is a way to keep Casey in the news and to get a higher bid for the first interview. I say the media should ignore her and anyone associated with her and let the story die.

1157 days ago


Lol...igotfleas...I actually wiped my computer thinking I had a bug on my monitor. You, my friend, have the BEST avatar as yet! Thanks for making me laugh and feel silly for a second. (While making sure no one noticed me looking like a fool) ;)

1157 days ago

two cents    

You have a point dave. They are seeking publicity and they are getting it. Oh well.

Just like all the ones coming out of the woodwork saying they are offering totkillermom money for her story. I call BS on all of them.

1157 days ago


@DAVE It looks like Mr. Cheney Mason and his wife were out for the publicity !

1157 days ago

annie stu    

ok, is this for real,his wife and the jury should be left alone,all lawyers new from the beginning they were in danger and their familes, but they took the case so go live with casey somewhere on mars

1157 days ago


Lol...igotfleas...I actually wiped my computer thinking I had a bug on my monitor. You, my friend, have the BEST avatar as yet! Thanks for making me laugh and feel silly for a second. (While making sure no one noticed me looking like a fool) ;)

Aww thank you!!

1157 days ago


Wait, so people in FL are angry that someone who they think killed another human being was set free, and their answer to that is to now threaten to do the exact thing they are angry was done in the first place? Believe me, I do not think that Casey should have been set free or acquitted of all of the charges, and it is horrific what happened to her daughter. But, who in their right mind believes that threatening other human beings lives in order to bring justice to a young girl who is dead? Why not spend your time, money, or resources by helping children who are currently being abused, tortured, or who are put in danger and are still alive? Why do tragedies like this motivate hatred instead of action to stop it from happening again? It just makes me sick.

1157 days ago


I know this sounds mean, but I would not feel is a lost if C.A. gets taken out. I think the families of the lawyers should be left alone. I don't care what happens to the lawyers or the jurors that didn't care about a fair sentence.

1157 days ago


Did they expect anything different? The way that Mr. Mason is on TV acting as if he is a god of some kind. Saying how wonderful and smart that monster is. Talking about how nobody will ever find her, and nobody will ever get close to her and how if someone knows where she is then "poof, she'll be gone to some where else". I think people are just a little pissed of that him, Baez and a few other attorney's are giving the monster money and talking about how she needs to be protected and the fact that he is making sure she gets a face change, a new life, a new name..etc...kind of sad that a woman can be a convicted felon and such and get it all wiped away because she murdered her own daughter.

As far as the jury is concerned. THEY HAVE SAID THEY HAD TO GO ON THE FACT THE PROSECUTION DID NOT PROVE THIER CASE! They said they do not believe she is innocent in this, they had to go with the law and not their feelings.

1157 days ago


Very sad that people are making threats against the lawyers and their families. They just did their jobs. Why are people so mad at Casey's lawyers, they didn't commit murder, they didnt find her innocent, they just did their jobs of defending her. People need to calm down about this stuff before someone really gets hurt

1157 days ago


When you sleep with dogs you can't be indignant about the fleas!

1157 days ago


Come on now you can say and pretty much do what ever you want with casey but the lawyers where just doing there jobs , I mean everyone deserves a fair trial at the least I just dont see how you can really blame the lawyers that much in all this?

1157 days ago


Cry me a ******* river. This is called KARMA, baby.

1157 days ago
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