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Murray Trial

Jury Shouldn't Watch Nancy Grace

7/20/2011 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lawyers for Conrad Murray told the trial judge they don't want  Nancy Grace to pull a "Casey Anthony" on the jury -- so they asked the judge to prohibit jurors from watching her.


Attorney Michael Flanagan argued that it was impractical to tell jurors they can't watch TV - because they simply will.  So Flanagan asked Judge Michael Pastor to sequester the jury, O.J. style.  The judge told Flanagan to file a motion and he'd consider it, although the judge did say he thought sequestering was both unnecessary and too expensive.

Flanagan pressed his claim for outtakes from the "This Is It" rehearsals -- something Sony doesn't want to cough up.  Sources tell us ... Flanagan wants the outtakes to show there were periods where Michael Jackson appeared to be on drugs. 

In a telling comment, Judge Pastor said, "This case is going to focus on the charge, not personal lifestyle."


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If you ever get any more pictures like that one you sent - you had bettter forward it onto me! Still enjoy viewing it (and you know the reasons why - LOL)!

1192 days ago


Don't worry for a second Pegasus! You're at the top of the list.........LOL!

1192 days ago


mymjj5 - what can I say? WOW! THANKS! OH MY GOODNESS! LOL!

1191 days ago


WTF? Makes NO damn sense. NG HATED and CONTINUES to hate MJ. Hell, THE SAME DAY as the "not guilty" verdict on the Anthony case she put up in BOLD RED with MJ's pics HER list of (verbatim):

"GUILTY "Not Guilty" Verdicts" ... right along with now Anthony, OJ, and can't remember who else. You know she had MJ up there BEFORE even Anthony's.

You'd think Flanagan would be slobbering ALL OVER this b*ches azz to KEEP running her delusional about MJ mouth full of chit 24/7.

Makes me thing that's EXACTLY what he's doing behind closed doors, just trying to make it seem to Pastor that he want's to keep her at bay batting eyelashes at the Judge "all about a fair trial".

Suuure. Team Murray want's NG OUT of the hearing range of the Jury. BULLCHIT. Flanagan KNEW Pastor would find it too expensive etc. so why not through in this bullchit "well, I tried. Ho hum." BS TACTIC.

Hope like hell Pastor decides to take on the expense of keeping them sequestered specifically because of NG, because sure as hell not him nor ANY body is going to get HLN OR CNN to MAKE NG STFU and STAY down when this case gets anywhere near finally commencing.

1191 days ago


Nancy grace is ridiculous. Check out this funny parody of her...

1191 days ago


I was told that Jane Valdez Mitchell, keeps referring to MJ's Drug Addiction since Amy Winehouse died, and continuously comparing the two of them to Anna Nicole, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, and others. All the while stating that she is a reformed Alcoholic and that, and how she knows all about addictions. And that she would not be surprised at Murray's trial to learn of all the drugs that MJ was taking, yahda yahda yahda. Its a toss up as to who I dislike more her or Nancy Grace! Both of them continue to make remarks about Michael's drug habits as well as him being a pedophile. Even though both of them have been proven wrong numerous times - they both continue to harp on it. I just wish that they both would Shut The Hell Up and be taken off the air - sick to death of them both!

1191 days ago


Conrad Murray's "defense" is to concoct fictional stories about how Michael once again behaved in a bizarre manner and offed himself. Good luck with that! Irresponsible practice of medice killed Michael. End of story. MJIL: the Michael Jackson International Legion Working to protect Michael's media image

1140 days ago

Ms Oughton    

Well done Nancy for exposing the bad elements of our society.
You have your handsful with the Ms Houston case.Its probably the same scenario as all the stars that drop like flies.Too many doctors perscribing too many drugs.Shame on the medical profession.Money can buy everything.

988 days ago
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