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Murray Trial

Jury Shouldn't Watch Nancy Grace

7/20/2011 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lawyers for Conrad Murray told the trial judge they don't want  Nancy Grace to pull a "Casey Anthony" on the jury -- so they asked the judge to prohibit jurors from watching her.


Attorney Michael Flanagan argued that it was impractical to tell jurors they can't watch TV - because they simply will.  So Flanagan asked Judge Michael Pastor to sequester the jury, O.J. style.  The judge told Flanagan to file a motion and he'd consider it, although the judge did say he thought sequestering was both unnecessary and too expensive.

Flanagan pressed his claim for outtakes from the "This Is It" rehearsals -- something Sony doesn't want to cough up.  Sources tell us ... Flanagan wants the outtakes to show there were periods where Michael Jackson appeared to be on drugs. 

In a telling comment, Judge Pastor said, "This case is going to focus on the charge, not personal lifestyle."


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Get back to work!    

The jury shouldn'*****ch Nancy Grace? NO ONE should watch Nancy Grace.

1155 days ago


Attn; "FallenAngel, I couldn't have said it better

1155 days ago

renee irey    

Michael probably lost a lot of weight when he started back in rehearsals, not dancing hard every day for quite some time. You will lose weight when you start something like that; his body was not use to it doing that, it was like starting an exercise program for most people. Plus if Murray was giving him drugs for the past six weeks or more it would wear down MJ and take toll on his performance. He probably did look bad at times with Murray pumping drugs into him every night. I think early on in his career someone told Michael it was ok to do this because like Murray they wanted the money and to be tied to MJ for their own personal purpose. Murray and the others in the past should have never started this with MJ. Money is not everything and defiantly not worth someone’s life. Where did morals go and to up hold caring for a patient and doing the best for their wellbeing? I believe MJ did this because some doctor in his past said it was ok and there was not any close calls, that we know of anyway, that put his life in danger. Murray did the wrong thing and should pay for it. I also believe this should have been a murder charge because the coroner labeled it a homicide. Rest in Peace MJ, I love you and miss you.

1155 days ago


Doc has no defense anyway. Put his ass in jail and take his license. Not because Michael is the victim but because the doc is a negligent idiot.

1155 days ago


when Michael was assested in 2003 Michael weighed 119lbs. when he died he weighed 239lb. nobody said any thing about his weight then, Why now?

1155 days ago


Not quite sure why attention was drawn to Nancy. After the 2005 trial she stated emphatically that Michael was guilty and the jury was just too scared to say so. She felt she was right. She just hammered away at him day after day. She injected her personal feeling into her program day after day. Why was she allowed to continue to spew her hate everyday? No one stopped her. The network she worked for should have put an end to it after the trial. So ask yourself, why?
So she was allowed to do the same to Casey Anthony and after she was found not guilty she spewed her hate again injecting her personal feelings. I assume they want to get ahead of her before she starts again with Michael poisoning the jury with her diatribe.
Just as today with Murdoch and his cronies are before Parliament and the media is on the hunt for Casey Anthony. Do they ever learn? Who are they paying to chase her down? We live in a sick society.
The media is the degradation of our society and its getting worse by the minute.

1155 days ago


Nobody should be allowed to watch Nancy Grace.

1155 days ago


If you like nancy grace you should be behind bars and heres why She pretty much made some one commit suicide after an interview with her granted the woman prob was guilty of her crime but nancy grace showed no remorse for it. She ran the duke lacrosse players name into the ground and said some horrible things about them and didnt even have the balls to say she was wrong and couldnt even say sorry. This is the worse of all she embellished the murder of her fiance to help her career and still lies about it!! She is a horrible person and should be kicked off air. I wish Charlie sheen would put her in a pipe and smoke her dumbass haha!!!!

1155 days ago


When Michael was arrested in 2003 Michael weighed 119lbs, when he died he weighed 139lbs,in 03 no one notice his weight. Michael was no drug addict,Michael you were the Greatest entertainer ever lived. They will never be able to take that away from you. So they call you names,like you said if you are loved when you come into this world, and loved when you leave this world every thing else can be delt with.I LOVE YOU MICHAEL, MISS YOU.

1155 days ago


Michael ALWAYS got what Michael wanted; just like a spoiled brat. No one will ever make me believe that Michael did think " fine, I've watched you do it, I'll just do it my self" Dr.Murray WILL never get a fair trial!

1155 days ago


For UnWell


1155 days ago


Ain't nothing but love for Michael Jackson, RIP.

Geez, after months of not reading any MJ stories...same old weirdos on here. sick nutheads, especially the freaks from the UK, cloning people. SOS, different story, different day.


1155 days ago
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