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Murray Trial

Jury Shouldn't Watch Nancy Grace

7/20/2011 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lawyers for Conrad Murray told the trial judge they don't want  Nancy Grace to pull a "Casey Anthony" on the jury -- so they asked the judge to prohibit jurors from watching her.


Attorney Michael Flanagan argued that it was impractical to tell jurors they can't watch TV - because they simply will.  So Flanagan asked Judge Michael Pastor to sequester the jury, O.J. style.  The judge told Flanagan to file a motion and he'd consider it, although the judge did say he thought sequestering was both unnecessary and too expensive.

Flanagan pressed his claim for outtakes from the "This Is It" rehearsals -- something Sony doesn't want to cough up.  Sources tell us ... Flanagan wants the outtakes to show there were periods where Michael Jackson appeared to be on drugs. 

In a telling comment, Judge Pastor said, "This case is going to focus on the charge, not personal lifestyle."


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You're a very sick man UnWell

And on top of that you are a habitual liar.

1159 days ago


How about the ******* O.F.F squad? Will that work for ya!

I know this will get poofed but it made me feel better!!

1159 days ago



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1159 days ago


LOVE how TMZ skipped the part in the story where the defense is now saying the tapes on This is It is "a big waste of time" and not relevant to the case because they couldn't find videos showing Michael depressed, ill, or drugged. LOL Oh how quick they have changed their minds!!! Dr. Murray has no real defense.

1159 days ago


Don't forget it either.. and that is Mrs. Bitch to you. I will stand up for these ladies. You couldn't even say anything intelligent to me. You had to go and name call me. If you have anything to say speak with something worth saying. Stop harassing them. Find something else to do

All you got was that. I KNOW you can do better than that. WE already know Michael's history. We have researched and know. You spew the same tired old lines all day long and sound like a broken record talking to yourself. These ladies would do themselves a world of good to ignore you and just put you on mute by not RESPONDING to your ignorance. They just haven't figured that out.

They can just BYPASS your BULLCRAP and keep moving. You don't phase me. Keep your ignorance to yourself. Stop being a nuisance. Grow a pair.

1159 days ago


You are right Della. We just need to ignore him and the other one, cause they are just not worth the effort.

1159 days ago


Damn straight. I don't mince my words. You should know.

Better than being an idiot like you

1159 days ago


See, it's unanimous

Everyone thinks UnWell is an idiot.

1159 days ago


You give yourself waayyy to much credit UnWell.

Fact of the matter is that there would be more hits if you just disappeared.


1159 days ago


I think all the old posters would come back if OhWell left. The women hate being called vile names. TMZ should know that.

1159 days ago


or looking for an intelligent come back

1159 days ago


But it is so ridiculous how America is obsessed with finding out what killed Michael Jackson. Put his doctor on trial. We got to get to the bottom of this. How could a constantly anesthethised, drug addicted, noseless skeleton, have slipped away from us so suddenly? I just have a different view of health than mainstream America. People know this. You know, Michael Jackson’s autopsy report, it said he was in good health. To me, he looked a little pale.

1159 days ago


Oh I am waiting for you to get your nourishment so you can come back with your "intelligent" come back..

EAT UP.. .little one.. :)

1159 days ago


Well I didn't know THAT.. but I am an old poster from back in the day...


1159 days ago
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