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Kimbo Slice: Weston Cage Is Too Unstable to Fight Me

7/20/2011 12:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kimbo Slice is laughing off Weston Cage's challenge to step into the octagon -- but he's still more than willing to take the son of Nic.

0719-kimbo-slice-weston-cage-2Weston told TMZ ... his dream MMA battle would be against Kimbo ... a former MMA star who switched to boxing.

Kimbo's rep, Jared Ryan Shaw, has serious questions about Weston's state of mind: "Mental stability would have had [Weston] think twice about his wishes to fight a street certified, cage tested, and boxing ring ready Kimbo Slice." 

Shaw also jabbed,  "Kimbo is Nic Cage famous ... and Weston's 15 minutes are up."

071911_weston_cage_videoTough talk aside, the rep says Kimbo's happy to fight Weston ... but only in a boxing ring.

Your move, Weston.

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Bubba Ganoosh    

Kimbo Slice got knocked the F*&$ out with one punch by a dude with pink hair a few years ago. He aint ****

1156 days ago


His parents should 5150 his stupid ass before he hurts himself or someone else.

BTW Kimbo Slice is a chump fighter who lost to some pretty crappy guys. His most famous was getting tko'd 10 secs into the first round by Seth Petruzelli. The link is below and it doesn't get posted look it up.


1156 days ago

TMZ dont like me    

Kimbo still looks like King Kong but fights like Cheetah now. I'd put my money on Weston...

1156 days ago


Weston is mentally stable??? If only he could see himself through other peoples eyes!!
Nic Cage really needs to have a chat with his son! He's looking crazier by the minute!

1156 days ago

fu waddd    

The return of Ko`ed the F`out in one punch VS the KO`ed the F`out by a lite weight in the mean streets of PRland that show B A noshow Kimbo knew to move 2 boxing but he still can`t take a punch and nither can the actors kid.Get married to kimbo weston than and ONLY than will U B happy

1156 days ago


This dude (Weston) is seriously mental.

To Nic Cage:

You should have invested your money into Weston's education VS. spending it on teaching him different forms of martial arts. It would have paid off for you in the long run.

1156 days ago

Worldwide Worldwide    

Kimbo Slice ! You are not a boxer. You do not to know what is a boxer. You have not the arms and the fists of a boxer. A street fight has nothing to do with a box fight at the ring. To working to get the high school diploma and to have the high school diploma is not the same. You do not know what is professional boxing. What did you do at the ground at your last MMA-Fight. He is a joke and you ar joke. Told you to staying on the feet. If you are down you have only 50 % a chance to win a fight. If you are down slow to pushing away the fighters from you to staying on the feet. With whole your strength. Senzai does not need you. You lost fights. You are only a joke. ******* your mother and ******* you tongue son of a bitch. You are not a MMA- Fighter. You do not know what is fighting. Yo do not to know what is to being a professional fighter and to have the fight instruments of a professional fighter. Fists, Arms, Legs, Knees, Feet, Ellbows. You are nothing and told you the face must be clean. You are looking like Bob Sa. The face must be clean. You are looking like a monkey. ******* your tongue. Do not talk about a professional fight. You are only a joke. Training to have the fists of a boxer. ******* your mother son of a bitch. You lost the fights. Told you to staying on the feet. ******* your tongue. Do not talk about professionality son of a bitch. He takes you from behind. You are not a professional fighter. To want and fight or to be and fight is not the same mother ******. ******* your mother son of a bitch.
Should to tell you from Senzai you did not training hard to survive and to win the fight.
123456789 to the chin, to the neck, head, with the ellbows. Fists to the forehead and the ellbows to the neck leftside and rightside. With the underfoot to the abdomen and staying on this foot and with the another knee to the abdomen. Training. But you have to stay on the feet where ever you are fighting and boxing. Straight with the arms. And the fists to the forehead and face. Do not give up the fights. Do not to going to the ground. Staying on the feet and fighting. And do not give up the fights. He is educated too. He takes you from behind and he knocks you out. Boxing. Training. Try not to punch with the inside of the gloves. Straight fighting with the fists. Fight and do not give up the fights. Boxing. Do not forget it boxing. With the fists. You do not to know what is fighting. Nothing about fighting. The arms and the fists must be educated to stay in the cage or ring. You need to boxing where ever you are. Boxing. If you can not boxing you never have a chance to survive. He is educated and he will take you from behind and he knocks you out. Take care of his fists and ellbows and knees and legs. Fighting on distance. Concentration. He is educated. You have to training hard for the fight. Do you understand. Fight and do not give up the fights. Reading againg and training. Changing the rules with your training partner and keeping the fists and touching and pushing away. If you can not to stop the fists of the other fighters you can not to win a fight. You need to stop the fists of the other fighters with your fists. You need to see the fists coming to stop the fists. If you can not see what the fighters want to do with the fists you can not stop the fists. You have to see the fists coming. Fighting on distance. And. Working with the inside of the gloves. With the inside of the gloves you can to control the fighters. Blocking the fists the fighters with the inside of the gloves. Touching the fists. Touching the arms. Touching the shouders. Touching the fists and the arms and pushing down. The arms. Better. The fists of the other fighters are a bridge to the forehead. Face. Leftside and Rightside. Punching straight to the forehead. Fists into the air and fighting on distance. Face to face and do not look down. If you are looking down the other fighters get more strength more and more as you and you can not fight and you can not block the fists. They will be faster and faster and faster and get more strength. Training both you and your training partner with gloves too. Keeping you the fists left and right and touching and pushing down. Touching and to the arms and back to the fists and to the abdomen and to the chin 123 and with the another fist to the fist and same 123 to the chin with the another fist. Left and right the same strength. And both fists touching the fists 1234 and going to the forehead left and right 12345678 and back to the fists 123456 and going to the shoulders and touching the shoulders and going leftside and rightside to the face 12345 and back to the shoulders touching and back to the fists 12345678910 five left and five right touching the fists and going with the left fists to the forehead 1234567 and with the another fist touching the another fists. Right and left fist. Forehead 1 and the right fist the left fist touching and 2 touching the left fist and 3 the right fist to 7 and with both fists touching 1234 the fists and going to the chin left and right and to the fists and to the forehead and to the fists. Part 1 is taking the fists to the arms and to the fists. Part 1 doing 5 Minutes. All parts 5 minutes. But you can do 10 minutes. All parts. 1 minute enough. But you need 10 minutes. Concentration and training. And do not give up the fists. 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Fight and do not give up the fights. Fighting the other federation. Fight and do not talk about it. Fight and do not give up the fights. At first to eliminate fists and after that going to the face and if you get the face and taking back your fists. Touching and pushing down the fists of the fighters and taking as bridge the fists again to going to the face. Fighting and do not give up the fights. The dresses must be in quality. Colors of the gloves, trunks.... . He was more much in quality. Trunk...... . And you was not. Take care and to being in concentration. Face to face, do not look down and fighting on distance. Wishing you the best. See you later. There are only one life.

1146 days ago
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