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Leopard ATTACK In India -- The STRIKING Photos

7/20/2011 7:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A horrified crowd looked on in terror as a wild male leopard mauled 11 villagers in India ... and the entire incident was captured on film.

According to the AP, several people tried to drive the animal back towards a nearby wildlife sanctuary ... but the leopard turned aggressive and pounced on some of the men.

Villagers reportedly used knives, stones and batons to strike the animal -- and eventually shot it with a tranquilizer gun.

The leopard is said to have died from knife wounds suffered in the incident.


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I believe the guy was badly injured by its praws. I've seen once a scar a baby lion caused by its praw to a man. The scar was so huge... but that was only a baby lion. If the leopard jumped on the man with speed, I believe he must have severe injuries by the praws.

1161 days ago

Lucy Mouse Head    

They have like a billion people over there,so it's not like losin a few is gonna make a dent. You always get one of them on the phone when your computer is fu,oops, I mean, not working. You never know what they're saying.Friggin leopard is probably easier to understand.

Those guys with the rifles were pretty helpful though.

Team Leopard here.

1161 days ago


For More Images on tht location use below link

1161 days ago


The purpose of a wild life sanctuary, you morons, is to PROTECT the animals from poachers.

While it's a shame that the leopard had to die, what did you really expect? Should the people just stood there and let him attack?

Leopards are very shy. There must have been something seriously wrong with him to approach humans.

1161 days ago


I can't believe it took so long to tranquilizy the animal. Whoever knifed it should be punished. That is NOT animal control and a knife should not have even been IN the compound.

1161 days ago


That leopard didn't turn aggressive...That leopard turned leopard!

1161 days ago

cosi allen    

big fuss phosoic cosi is all about the danger.yeah so if u think that is stupidity ry a jaguaro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1161 days ago


It's a shame the animal had to die. This is the humans fault, not the leopards. It was only doing what comes natural to it. The human race makes me sick that I am apart of it.

1160 days ago


Interesting that the article states the leopard died, but no comment on the conditions of the villagers.

1160 days ago


Wow. You people realize that the group that was attacked were throwing fire sticks and objects at the leopard before it attacked right?
It was provoked.
What do they expect to happen when you try to hurt a wild animal? It's survival insticts are going to kick in.
Now we have one less leopard in the already endangered species, and you idiots are feeling sorry for the people that got attacked.
They deserve it for provoking an animal that is obviously wild and will defend itself when necessary.

1160 days ago


:( poor, beautiful leopard. RIP. you probably have it better now being away from that giant sewer of a country.
too bad that no useless Indians died instead.

1159 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

"note to self" leopard = danger. i hope i can remember that!!!

1159 days ago
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