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Lindsay Lohan

Facing New Lawsuit

Assault & Battery

7/21/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan dished out 8 to 10 seconds of pain when she attacked a Betty Ford employee last year ... so says the alleged victim who's filing a lawsuit against the actress -- but her story appears to have one MAJOR inconsistency.   

Dawn Holland -- who now goes by Dawn Bradley -- is all set to file the legal docs today ... in which she claims Lohan was combative and violent when she tried to give the actress a breathalyzer test at the rehab center back in  December ... after Lohan had allegedly snuck off the property to go boozing. 

In the lawsuit, Holland claims Lohan grabbed her right wrist and began "twisting and pulling it for 8-10 seconds."

But here's the rub -- back when Dawn filed her initial incident report with the BFC, she says Lindsay "grabbed [her] right hand," but NEVER mentioned the 8-10 wrist "twist" that allegedly contributed to her injuries.


Holland -- who was eventually fired from Betty Ford Center -- claims she suffered "great mental, physical and nervous pain and suffering" from the alleged assault and battery.

Dawn is demanding AT LEAST $1 million to make things right.

We contacted Lindsay's lawyer.  So far ... no comment.



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Boy did this lady open a can of worms for herself. Lindsay will counter file for the HIPAA breaches.....and they are punishable under criminal law. What happened to all those times this woman said: She wasn't taking legal action, etc, etc,?????? She looks like a crack addict honestly.......She needs to crawl back under her rock-this lawsuit is F.R.I.V.O.L.O.U.S!

1157 days ago


What changes the situation from just a regular conflict-with-a-belligerent-addict-at-a-rehab is that Lindsay called 911, bringing the police into it. Then she and her friends and family did their best to trash the woman in public, which really led to the rest of the scenario (Holland understandably went into defensive mode, although she would have been wiser to pursue it privately). I imagine that Lindsay is the first person in the history of Betty Ford stupid enough to call in the police for such a dispute with a staffer... But it does change the dynamics entirely.

It might not be that staffers don't have the right to pursue a civil suit in such cases - they just might not usually because of other factors (support from their employer, desire to keep their job, insurance settlements, other private settlements etc.) and also because you can't get blood out of a turnip. Betty Ford, for instance, probably takes steps to keep such incidents private right away (they certainly put Lindsay in lockdown in response)- but Lindsay lifted the lid on it herself when she called 911 and even threatened the staffer with charges, although everyone who has looked into it says the aggressor was Lindsay. Lindsay seems to leave such a trail of destruction and chaos everywhere she goes .... Nothing with her is "normal", so who knows how this will play out.

I think filing the suit means that Holland is no longer feeling intimidated by the Lohans. I don't think she violated HIPAA at all, since she was careful to talk only about the incident already made a matter of public record by Lindsay just by calling 911, although she violated Betty Ford confidentiality rules and it's understandable that they fired her.

1157 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

That's nice.

Assault is assault. According to Lindsay's people she only went to Betty Ford to avoid jail so she was not coming off of anything. Lindsay was not in detox, she was in sober living and two months into the program. She was well enough to be allowed trips into town and well enough to break curfew and she acted like a big fat baby, but that is par for the course for Lindsay Lohan.

1157 days ago


I still say its pointless only because Lindsay is broke....

1157 days ago


For Gods sake, can everyone just leave Lindsay alone? She's already been through enough and now she's trying to get her life back together, is THAT SO HARD TO LET SOMEONE DO? If I could, I would punch everyone that wants to bring out some other scandal involving Lindsay

1157 days ago

Dulare yadav    

Hi nice post

1157 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

jwoolman, as usual, thank you for your well thought out post.

If you haven't already, please take a moment to review the do***ent that TMZ purchased from Dawn Holland. It is DAWN'S copy of an internal incident report. It is not Lindsay's medical record, and except for referring to her as "Lindsay" one time in the report a code name was used. Never does the do***ent say "Lohan" or any other identifying data.

The day that TMZ broke this story, Betty Ford notified the CA State Attorney General's Office of a possible HIPAA violation. No action was ever taken. Selling your own copy of a do***ent is not a violation of HIPAA.

Dawn Holland was fired by Betty Ford for breaking BF's confidentiality policy. She deserved to be fired. What Dawn did was crummy, but it was not illegal, and is a completely separate issue from the assault.

1157 days ago


I think you would be busy for a long time Carney

1157 days ago


"The day that TMZ broke this story, Betty Ford notified the CA State Attorney General's Office of a possible HIPAA violation. No action was ever taken. Selling your own copy of a do***ent is not a violation of HIPAA."

Sure it is. HIPAA covers more than medical information. Personal identifying information (race, sex, age, etc.), location, medical procedures past and present, medical treatments past and present, insurance information...HIPAA has officially been indoctrinated into government bloating. Merely that one mention of "Lindsay" in her do***ent being given to anyone outside BFC's HIPAA "circle" is a HIPAA violation on many levels. The problem is, most of America already knew Lindsay was in rehab, where, for how long, and why. This is most likely why it wasn't pursued heavily. It does not, however, discount a HIPAA violation was made and that despite the information being made known via other media outlets, its still a violation.

1157 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Mel, I will respectfully disagree with you on the HIPAA thing.

An incident report is not a medical record. What Dawn Holland sold was her copy to keep. Using the medical record theory, Betty Ford would be in deep do-do for giving a copy to Dawn to keep for herself. Take time to read the incident report, it contains none of the information you mentioned above.

Just for the record, I have several copies of incident reports involving former clients. I keep mine in a safe deposit box at the bank to protect my client's confidentiality. What Dawn Holland did was uber unethical, but that is about it. Personally I hope she never works in chemical dependency again.

1157 days ago


Wow, just another example of someone trying to get something for nothing. 1 Million Dollars give me a break who is this woman Dr. Evil from Austin Powers..!! I can see her putting her pinky to her lip as she says "1 millionn Dollarsss"..LMAO. Good luck Dr. Evil.

1157 days ago


good luck with that lawsuit. she has no credibility, especially when she admitted she was trying to make money on it. lol

1157 days ago


Oh make it go away again Daddy Michael!

Oh please do the Lohan magic again Daddy Michael!

Pull that Gotti love thing you do so well!

Daddy Michael Lohan to the rescue again and all the haters of the world can support the Lohan Familia!

1157 days ago


Dawn is one of many doing their best to frame someone, for others problem. if she did not claim about the wrist twist in the first place, she should get nothing. someone else twisted her wrist, and wants to blame it on Lindsay. Lindsay backer right here.

1157 days ago


It will be settled out of court just like all of the other lawsuits filed against her.

1157 days ago
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