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Lindsay Lohan

Facing New Lawsuit

Assault & Battery

7/21/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan dished out 8 to 10 seconds of pain when she attacked a Betty Ford employee last year ... so says the alleged victim who's filing a lawsuit against the actress -- but her story appears to have one MAJOR inconsistency.   

Dawn Holland -- who now goes by Dawn Bradley -- is all set to file the legal docs today ... in which she claims Lohan was combative and violent when she tried to give the actress a breathalyzer test at the rehab center back in  December ... after Lohan had allegedly snuck off the property to go boozing. 

In the lawsuit, Holland claims Lohan grabbed her right wrist and began "twisting and pulling it for 8-10 seconds."

But here's the rub -- back when Dawn filed her initial incident report with the BFC, she says Lindsay "grabbed [her] right hand," but NEVER mentioned the 8-10 wrist "twist" that allegedly contributed to her injuries.


Holland -- who was eventually fired from Betty Ford Center -- claims she suffered "great mental, physical and nervous pain and suffering" from the alleged assault and battery.

Dawn is demanding AT LEAST $1 million to make things right.

We contacted Lindsay's lawyer.  So far ... no comment.



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dawn chaplin holland? gonna sue herself?

1161 days ago


I don't care anymore--I hope Dawn wins--I am sick of Lindsay Lohan and her childlike "I can do anything and get away with it" attitude. Enough already!

1161 days ago


1 million bucks? It sounds like the wrist grab is kinda part of the job. You're dealing with addicts and none of them should go there if they might get sued for mediocre behavior. It sounds like this lady is just going after cash. Why would the pivotal act be left out of the first account to authorities? I hope the judge shuts this one down.

1161 days ago


Hahahahaha! I hope Dawn wins but good luck on getting anything out of Hohan. Hohan's made of teflon anyway so I doubt Dawn will get very far. But still, fun to annoy the Hohan family.

1161 days ago


I like it.
it will still cost her to defend herself in court.
I hope everyone sues her. what goes around comes around.
Her and Dina are famous for suing people. (Etrade).

If you cant hurt her by jail time. crush her pocket book.

no wonder she is broke. her past has lined up in a line and keeps slapping her down.
Karma is a bitch

1161 days ago


Get a job Dawn whatever your last name is these loader!

1161 days ago


Once again, Lohan's actions come back to bite her on the butt and reveal what kind of person she is. Whether there's a sucessful legal case here, is a different question. I suspect that there will be a setlement.

1161 days ago

some guy    

Good luck, Lindsay. I think you know how I feel about frivolous lawsuits

Even if this struggle was true, I dunno how 8 seconds of wrist-grabbing costs $1 million.

Guess this chick's welfare checks aren't enough.

1161 days ago


Glad she got in a hurry to file the lawsuit. She is just trying to stir things up and make a quick buck. I know Lindsay brought a lot of this on herself but I wish people would leave her alone and give her a chance to maybe straighten up her life. Slim chance, but theirs always wishful thinking

1160 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Honestly I think alot of us expected this to happen much sooner. There were rumors about a payoff that never happened. Wonder why it took her so long?

I dont really see her having a legitimate lawsuit after how she handled, well, everything. A possible settlement, maaaaaaaybe.

Did anyone else notice that the story says the legal doc's aren't filed yet? She is PLANNING to file today. Will she?

This will be interesting to see the outcome.

1160 days ago


Good! The criminal justice system fails to hold her accountable for her bad acts over and over again. Hopefully the civil suit will get her attention. I am sure were in for more rounds of blame the victim, though.

1160 days ago


its a chain reaction, lindsay gets sued so she will sue someone else.
do the kim k thing.

sue sue carrol channing or jack nickelson for looking like you.

sue the ones that made faces of them on you tube. because damn those people are emulating you.

10:am PT lindsay once again does the walk of shame.
Honig must be proud.

why is Harvey covering this and not the lindsay called back to the court house again thing?

1160 days ago


Every pr*ck in hollywood is looking to sue somebody famous with money. Get a freakin job you loser and earn money the honest way. Lindsay didn't hurt you lady and you know it. a-hole!!!

1160 days ago


Working at a rehab or mental facility does not mean a worker can't sue .

Nurses and staff sue all the time when a patient injures them - and rightfully so.

They'd better settle this one out of court to make it go away because chances are high that a jury will side with Dawn.

1160 days ago


she just leads a tangled web of BS.

she should have been arrested the night she attacked miss holland.
and as far as jumping the wall. she should have been booted out of betty ford that min. and been in jail for a VOP.

all this is from her DUIs HAHAHA.
Nicole you can blame who you want to. but damn she has not had 1 month in four years of not causing trouble.

serves her right.
If you think she is winning then I would hate to see losing.

1160 days ago
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