TMZ Live: Terrell Suggs & a Bona Fide Swamp Person

7/20/2011 12:00 PM PDT
Today on TMZ Live: Two badasses in their own right stop by to shoot the breeze -- Baltimore Ravens head-crusher Terrell Suggs ... and one of the gator-grabbers from "Swamp People," Troy Landry!

And, Harvey and Charles actually learn something today -- when physicist Peter Graham calls in to answer the most important question of the day: What would happen if you cut a hole through Earth ... and then jumped in? Would you make it to the other side or would gravity trap you in the middle?

(2:59) NFL badass Terrell Suggs is live via webcam! It's time to talk lockout.
(6:05) Terrell penned a movie that's coming out -- a movie he wrote from a woman's point of view!
(6:50) Evan and Terrell went to school together -- and Evan says Terrell attended a class that he wasn't even enrolled in!
(8:10) Terrell gives his two cents about the new NFL lawsuit.
(14:55) Kim K is suing Old Navy for using a look-alike in their commercials ... a look-alike who's dating her ex, Reggie Bush. Weirrrrrrd.
(18:00) Mike agrees ... Bush dating the look-alike is "creepy."
(31:35) Troy Landry from "Swamp People" is on the phone!!! He explains how he was plucked from utter obscurity.
(34:00) How is Troy dealing with fame?
(37:40) What does Troy have to say to animal rights advocates?
(43:00) We ask a physicist ... what would happen if you cut a hole from one side of Earth to the other ... then jumped into it? Would you make it to the other side ... or get stuck in the middle?
(49:30) What if you add friction to the picture?