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Arnold's Divorce Response

Conflict Over Support

7/21/2011 9:41 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Arnold Schwarzenegger has filed his response to Maria Shriver's divorce petition, and the former couple is at odds over whether Maria should get spousal support.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold's lawyer, Bob Kaufman, checked the box on the legal docs asking the judge to terminate any right on Maria's part to get spousal support.  Maria asked for spousal support in her petition.

Arnold -- like Maria -- is asking for joint custody of the couple's two minor children.

And there's another conflict.  Maria is asking Arnold to pay for her attorney's fees.  Arnold's response asks that the judge make each party foot the bill for their respective lawyers.

TMZ broke the story ... there is no prenup, so under California law both Arnold and Maria are entitled to a 50/50 split of all earnings and property accumulated during their 25-year marriage.  The two are estimated to be worth around $400 million.

Fact is ... since -- as we first reported -- Arnold will get the very expensive family home -- Maria will probably end up with at least as much if not more cash than Arnold, so spousal support may become a non-issue ... especially since Arnold isn't earning any real money right now.


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That oldest boy turns 18 in September. This thing won't be finalized until he is no longer a minor, so there probably won't be child support on the table for him. I'm sure Arnold's receiving some form of income though that should be considered for spousal support and child support for the youngest boy. I'm guessing Maria turned Oprah down on that job offer, because she would've had to pay Arnold child support, since he isn't holding a job right now. Maybe Arnold could use the simple fact that she turned down an income to his advantage in this deal. I'd like Harvey to weigh in on that.

1086 days ago



I don't think he's really fighting it per se. He does have to file a response, within 30 days of service of process, otherwise, it will go by default. The attorney's fees and spousal support are little bargaining chips, so to speak. I knew of one couple, with major assets, who agreed on everything else, but went to war over a living room table! Silly really. This will all get settled in the attorneys' offices, not in a courtroom.

1086 days ago


Never was an Arnold fan and think he is an ass!! He screwed up (pardon the pun) and should pay up!!

1086 days ago


What a creep, she puts her career on hold while he plays governor and she campaigns for him and does all the functions of a first lady and now he doesn't want to give spousal support? I doubt any judge will go for that. Arnold should have divorced her before he left office! I hope he gets screwed for a change.

1086 days ago


Spousal support is supposed to provide for one spouse when s/he is unable to support themselves. I'd say with her millions, Maria's able to do that. I'm really surprised that she asked for support in the first place.

1086 days ago


Ahnold is such a dirt bag. She quit a job that she loved when he somehow managed to get himself elected the governator of California. Then he moved to Sacramento where he lived in a hotel, leaving her at home to raise their four kids on her own. She didn't like being a single parent one bit and certainly did not like having to give up a job she loved -- and now he doesn't want to pay alimony, after having an affair with their maid and fathering the maid's child? I can't stand that arrogant, ignorant, bourish SOB. She married beneath herself and this is how no class slobs behave. He's beneath contempt.

1086 days ago

Eileen O'Reilly    

Well, Arnold, what do you expect? You married a Democrat, they always are going to ask for more money even when they don't need it. Is she crazy? Show a little class & just walk away without asking for $. Really, Maria? If you're gonna ask for $, why not pledge to donate it to legal groups that help those that really don't have $ for legal fees.

1086 days ago


The Kennedy family will stop at nothing to get more money. She probably has much more than he does especially considering all the money he "lost" while Governor. LOL

1086 days ago


He should have thought about that before sticking his roots in other fertile soil. After 25 yrs she is entitle to be fully compensated for all the pain. And lets not forget that she still helped with his campaign and kept hush about it for yrs until he was officially out of office. She didn't have to do that but being the good woman she is she did just that.

1086 days ago


I think Maria should get everything she has coming. She put her career with NBC on hold while her husband was running for governor of California, and after he got elected.

1086 days ago


Since she is entitled to a 50/50 split, sorry even if I disagree with what Arnie did BIG TIME, she tried to get it ruled that he couldn't ask for spousal support didn't she or was that just a C*** up on TMZ behalf? If they have shared 50/50 custody of the kids and 50/50 assets she shouldn't be getting (in this case!) spousal support as well - she's already declared she's going back to work and has had offers, she is never going to be broke lol! Then of course there's the question of whether her Kennedy inheritance will be included in the divorce settlement hm?!

As for her putting her career on hold for Arnie while he ran for Govenor of CA and then got in puhlease - um, whose Kennedy connections d'you think got used and played up at that time? She loved being in the limelight as a Govenor's wife lol!! While he was the family guy in the public's eye the Kennedy's loved him, it's just such a pity a bit of their own heritage rubbed off on him and he got caught around lol!!

I do tend to agree with realist, this is all just the lawyers first round to up the ante, then when Maria or Arnie gets what they want the application for support gets dropped. Much as I hate to agree with Arnie on anything right now, I do feel they should each pay their own attorneys fees especially since she is likely to pick a massively expensive Kennedy connected one lol! Oh, hey, Garbus is free around about now isn't he lol?!

1086 days ago

Blue Plumbago    

It is the brutal truth that Arnold was the wrong doer and not only committed "adultery" but fathered a child. One can imagine the panic when the other woman fell pregnant ! Perhaps she wanted to keep the baby, and he must have had nightmares about that,,, yet had to maybe pretend all was well in his married and public life. Must have been terrible stress. But at least he can pay her what she is asking for ...for his own self respect, and continue to make movie money. His sons cant change their father for another one ! So better he pays up and just loves them and tries to apologise which Im believe he must have done. Unforgiveness by Maria would be a natural thing to feel, but bitterness can set in within her heart, and no amount of money can change that, except her own decision to. Hopefully she will see a therapist to help her thro this stage of her life, and be advised to let the boys build a relationship with their father in forgiveness, to build their own characters. After all they have to live with this while she could re marry or meet someone else, and who knows what that person s "baggage" could hold ! But they have their dad for life. She would do well to try and let them see their dad whenever they have the opportunity. This is unfortunately an all too common fact of life!

1086 days ago

just me    

Yes what he did was wrong. Spousal support, legal fees...please just a drop in her bucket. Split what was acquired during the marriage. They both entered into this marriage pretty wealthy.

1086 days ago


Bottom line, rich lady or not she has the same rights any other woman has in this country.Arnold
Arnold needs to pay spousal support no matter what she already spent all this years living
with this pervert and having one of his mistresses under the same roof for almost 11 years.

Seriously , I think Miss Maria has all the right to ask for it is like in a civil case suing him for wrongdoing ( Having the mate and lover living in the same place ) .

1086 days ago


ah yes.....the games people play! Here we have two people who have more money then what they can spend in a life-time, and money is still an issue.

1086 days ago
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