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'Bachelor' Contestant: You Ran Me Over with a Jeep!!!

7/22/2011 5:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A former Bachelor contestant who is now a producer for Ryan Seacrest is suing a guy who allegedly ran over her foot in a Mercedes, and she says the accident is ruining her life.


Sarah Schnare claims last April she was standing next to a car driven by Sam Magid -- a guy who invests in projects involving comic books that are turned into movies.  According to the lawsuit, Sarah was standing at the passenger window of Sam's Mercedes jeep when the vehicle moved, knocking her to the ground. 

But it gets worse.  Sarah claims when she was on the ground, the jeep ran over her right foot, breaking 6 bones.

Sarah tells TMZ ... she hasn't been able to work on Ryan's radio show since April.  Her employer is not Ryan, it's Clear Channel, and the company put her on unpaid leave.

Sarah -- who worked on "Larry King Live" before moving on to Ryan -- says Sam's insurance company refuses to front her any money for the multiple surgeries, lost wages and other expenses she's had to incur as a result of the injuries.

We could not reach Sam for comment.


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@spinner25: Kingborg: No, it's either a Mercedes or it's a Jeep. Not both.

Jeep is a a model name. Not a design name. You can't call it a Jeep unless Chrysler made it.

Daimler who makes Mercedes-Benz and Chrysler who makes the Jeep are not longer married. They are separate entities now.


The article mentioned a Mercedes jeep. Not the lower case "j" there Skippy. And "jeep" originally referred to a G.P. (general purpose) utility vehicle used by the military and predates the Chrysler company.

1168 days ago

who cares    

It isn't a Mercedes jeep so to say it is a Jeep using a Mercedes Chassis so it is still technically a jeep. They just used the ML chassis off of Mercedes SUV, So in the end it is a JEEP

1168 days ago


@Perky:"Well, if that had happened in Canada, she'd be fixed up already with their excellent universal health care"

What a pleasant liberal fantasy there, but as usual with liberals it has little basis in reality.

In Canada they would have cleaned and stitched her up and sent her home. She would have been scheduled a couple weeks later for her first x-ray. After waiting another two weeks for a response, she would go back and get the results of the x-ray and be scheduled for surgery for a month later. I've known people in Canada who have severely banged their heads and gone through that exact same waiting process. Fortunately they didn't have any brain swelling or else they would have been dead by the time a doctor actually did anything.

1168 days ago


She look hawt! I would tap that! =P

1168 days ago


SJ24: Ignorance and liberalism are not mutually exclusive.

1168 days ago


Poor girl.

1168 days ago


@spinner25: I never said they weren't mutually exclusive, but thanks for pointing out common sense knowledge that an 8yr old would know as fact without feeling the need to point out something so obvious. I'll let it slide though considering you have the reading comprehension of a 6yr old. Have you at least figured out the significance of lower vs upper case? Anyway, you better go back to your crayola book Skippy and remember to stay inside the lines.

1168 days ago


sounds as though someone needs a good attorney

1168 days ago


Name ONE insurance company that is worth a damn. Just ONE. They're ALL out to screw the injured party. You pay and pay and pay, but when it's time for a claim, FORGET IT! Nothing worse than an insurance company... Unless you're talking about the LAWYERS that protect them.

1168 days ago


Ugly feet.. there goes my dinner

1168 days ago


@jpierce26 - when i had broken bones in my foot i had to have it elevated for at least 20 hours a day and couldn't put any weight on it at all... i was in bed for almost 3 months and had multiple surgeries...

1168 days ago

Boss ASU    

sooooo, I'm assuming that the first photo is her being silly? She can't possibly be serious with the balled up fists in her eyes. That is exactly what my 4 year old does when he wants attention. I hope that she was doing that just to make light of the situation, otherwise, if she is REALLY doing that...she looks ridiculous.

1168 days ago

RJ Hunt    


1168 days ago

Hummer Prius    

The writer is a moron- they called it a "Mercedes Jeep" because the Mercedes G-Wagon kind of looks like a Jeep. I will have to ask my insurance guy to find a model called a "Mercedes Jeep. I guess I will start calling the Audi TT the Audi Beetle, since it kind of looks like a VW Beetle....

1168 days ago


TMZ could have helped her a little more on this but failed .. this girl need to be with her leg elevated for 20 hours every single day for months plus going thru multiple surgeries in the process . The other 4 hours of the day her body mobilized so she wont move tiny little bones she had broken. This is one of the most painful and long term recovery bone fractures in our body . FYI ******** this girl must be going thru hell Mr ryan $eacre$t reach out $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

1168 days ago
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