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Cedric Benson's Alleged Beating Victim -- BLOODY Photo

7/22/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cincinnati Bengals running back Cedric Benson allegedly beat his roommate's face to a bloody oozing pulp, putting the guy in the HOSPITAL -- and TMZ has obtained a photo of the facial destruction.

Clavens Charles abuse photo -- allegedly attacked by Cedric Benson
As we previously reported, Cedric and his now ex-roommate -- a guy named Clavens Charles -- got into an argument last weekend in Texas over their living arrangements, when all of the sudden Benson allegedly rocked Charles in the face.

According to the police report, Benson allegedly continued to strike Charles "with several more closed fists all over Clavens face resulting in severe injury to his face."


Cedric's attorney released a statement, claiming the NFL star was provoked in the attack -- and Charles was exploiting the incident as an opportunity to extort the running back.

Charles' attorney shot back with his own statement, calling the alleged attack "an unprovoked, violent assault" ... DENYING the extortion claims -- insisting Charles hasn't made a single request for money since the incident.

According to his attorney, Charles has already incurred THOUSANDS of dollars in medical bills ... and still has further medical procedures pending.

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No Avatar


that's some gayness forreal. i'm gay so I know. what grown rich man lives with some other guy...gay! wow. hes gonna have to come out soon i'm sure!

1157 days ago


That boy Clavens ain't gay. Dude is a pretty cool home boy who just like to entertain and make jokes for all to laugh. Despite the pictures kid is not on that gay ****. Clavens for all who know him really thought he had a friend in Cedric Benson. He always talked about how cool and chilled out CB was. But I guess at the end of the day CB just wasn't a true friend at all. No matter how mad/angry a friend can make you, a beating like that is uncalled for. Cedric might think he has won because he beat up hommie, bt losing a truth friend is priceless. CB you'll learn that in the future.

1157 days ago

shaun edwards    

If this guy isnt gay , thats why he likes football to be hit by a lot of men , all **** diesel , from all that hoo-banging

1157 days ago

PRO US    

just chill 1 day ago

man yall chill out i personally know the victim since i was young. he is not gay. the only reason he was living with cedric benson because he is an aspiring nfl player who was good friends with benson and they were both training for next season. the victim was trying out for the nfl.
@just chill:

Sure, he was trying out for which position exactly? Mascot, hot dog seller or some other position for the nfl?

1157 days ago

Go Go    

SO what have we learned here??? ....DONT PISS OFF CEDRIC BENSON

1157 days ago


Maybe it is Clavens who needed a place to stay. Otherwise, it would seem rather strange that an NFL player would have a male roommate other than a teamate, old friend (maybe Clavens is an old, needy friend)or family member. Also, just because Benson is rich doesn't mean he has to drink expensive wine all the time. Moscato is very popular, and commonly referred to in rap songs. Sutter Home brand is a bit too sweet, though. Gallo brand is better. Oh, btw, I believe they are lovers too.

1157 days ago


Although it rather odd that someone of Benson's means would have a male roommate (other than family or and old friend in need, as may have been the case with Clavens), it is quite common in "ordinary" society, especially in this economy, and especially in large metro areas where it costs a lot to live well (NYC, San Francisco, Washington). Some people do it for financial reasons, with nsa. In this cas, I don't buy the story that Clavens is trying to try out for an NFL team and that the two are "working out" together. Yeah, they're "working out" togetheralright. Based on the pic, Clavens doesn't strike me as NFL material, if you know what I mean. for the co-signors that proclaim Clavens is not gay, you never know for certain who is what. I can't absolutely say that about anybody. I can only base it on what they tell me and what I observe. I can't be 100% certain. If either or both is gay, that's cool too.

1157 days ago


all that money and they drinking the cheapest wine on the market...SUTTER HOME!! SMH...*tisk tisk*

1156 days ago

Kalvin Jefferson    

I dont see nothing wrong with a little bump and grind between friends lol.Cedric,the NFL has no DADT policy!

1155 days ago


Theres really no "allegedly" about that...

1155 days ago


Sounds like a lovers quarrel to me.. Clavens there is help for you out there domestic violence is not just a womans issue there are some men that get in abusive relationships with these closet freaks and endure brutal beatings because they feel helpless. sad shame but it is what it is.

1153 days ago


Maybe a lover's quarrel that took a very bad turn?

1152 days ago


This is why athlete get a bad rap, or shot.

1151 days ago



1150 days ago


Damn he got a real BEAT DOWN! This wreaks of a lovers spat, somebody needs to come on out of the closet *ahem* Cedric!!

1141 days ago
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