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Dog Chapman to Sheriff: I Was Covering YOUR Ass!

7/21/2011 2:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dog Chapman is lashing back at claims he doused a fugitive in a dangerous amount of pepper spray -- telling us, he followed standard safety procedure ... and nabbed a DANGEROUS criminal in the process.


Mesa County Sheriff Stan Hilkey blasted the bounty hunter in a statement earlier today -- claiming Dog wantonly dumped the fugitive in his office, without properly decontaminating him first ... putting his staffers and several bystanders in danger.

But sources close to Dog tell TMZ, not only did Dog follow standard decontamination procedure -- hosing the guy down and changing his shirt before handing him over to cops -- he performed a CRUCIAL civil service ... and cops should be grateful.

We're told it took three whole days to track down the fugitive in question -- a dangerous ex-con -- who then allegedly tried to make one last run for it by jacking someone's car ... at which point Dog's team pepperballed him.

Sources close to Dog tell us, the bounty hunter was blindsided by the sheriff's comments -- because as far as he knew, the two parted on good terms.


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Apparently his entire 'crew' reads TMZ comments and responds! Who else would defend this white trash from hell's antics? He's not doing ANYONE any good except himself. EVERYTHING he does is to put money in his pocket and draw attention to himself. The only thing sadder than Dog and his fans is the network that airs his show.

1157 days ago


Whatever continue to prove my point with all your responses anyways, so I'll let you have it at that. Duh is right.

1157 days ago


He is soooo gross! The mullett, the missing teeth, the orange tanned nasty leather skin...oooops!... make that "pleather"...blecccchhh...just run away dog...far away.

1157 days ago


Don't know which is worse...this guy or cops. They all appear to be thugs to me. They really get-off mistreating people and then hide behind a badge saying they were only doing their job, but they were actually abusing their authority.

1157 days ago

Rick GJ    

"Sources close to Dog say..."

You telling me you actually believe them inbred clowns? I am FROM Grand Junction, CO. The city where this incident happened. And this is the 3rd or 4th time that Dog has brought his minstrel act through our town in the past 3 years. There was a huge crowd of bystanders that witnessed his irresponsible actions take place. Here is the Blog posted on the Grand Junction Sherrifs Department's website. In all fareness, Sherrif Hilkey is a conservative douchebag, with no culture. But in his defense,several local residents also saw what happened, and are in agreement with the Department concerning the situation...

1157 days ago


Don't care but he sure is ugly!!

1157 days ago


The funniest part of this story is the combination of "Dog" and "pepper spray" in the same sentence. Boy, that's brave! I bet that makes for a great TV episode. Dangerous criminal gets close to Dog and he pepper sprays him. What a farce.

1157 days ago


please get this jackass and his family off television-the criminal is less a danger to society than dogbreath

1157 days ago


If he's ever cremated he will burn for 8 days with all that liquor in his system. Man, talk about the lush life.

1157 days ago

right straight    

Dog and his family are white trash pieces of sh*t brah

1157 days ago

U suk    

This idiot is a total douche bag...all five foot nothin of him...short ass punk

1157 days ago

Mick Kahler    

Someday, Dog's show-boating is gonna get him shot. He reminds me of Steve Irwin aka 'The Crocodile Hunter' and how pompous he was. We all remember what happened to that guy.

1157 days ago


Piggy : Thank you so much for taking the trouble to find and
post the sherrif's comments. This says it all.

1157 days ago


Why is this nasty, ugly, racist POS still on tv? Man, people must be hard up for something to do. Dog, his wife Hog and the rest of these repulsive creeps are the last thing in the world I want to see.

1157 days ago


This idiot will eventually get someone in his "posse" hurt or even killed! He needs a rolled-up newspaper to the snout!!!

1157 days ago
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