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Dog Chapman to Sheriff: I Was Covering YOUR Ass!

7/21/2011 2:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dog Chapman is lashing back at claims he doused a fugitive in a dangerous amount of pepper spray -- telling us, he followed standard safety procedure ... and nabbed a DANGEROUS criminal in the process.


Mesa County Sheriff Stan Hilkey blasted the bounty hunter in a statement earlier today -- claiming Dog wantonly dumped the fugitive in his office, without properly decontaminating him first ... putting his staffers and several bystanders in danger.

But sources close to Dog tell TMZ, not only did Dog follow standard decontamination procedure -- hosing the guy down and changing his shirt before handing him over to cops -- he performed a CRUCIAL civil service ... and cops should be grateful.

We're told it took three whole days to track down the fugitive in question -- a dangerous ex-con -- who then allegedly tried to make one last run for it by jacking someone's car ... at which point Dog's team pepperballed him.

Sources close to Dog tell us, the bounty hunter was blindsided by the sheriff's comments -- because as far as he knew, the two parted on good terms.


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dog you aint nothin but a little btch.hurry up and die of old age you fake hypocrite.

1189 days ago


Dog and his team should follow proper procedures, and are wrong if they didn't.

That said, I don't understand all of the animosity toward him. I've only seen one episode (not my cuppa tea), but good for them if they're actually getting even a few criminals off the streets. He may be fame-hungry, but at least his reality show is doing some good (what have Snooki and company done for anyone? ever?)

1189 days ago


Ratings must be down on his show. I'm guessing that's why he is doing these high profile busts lately.

1189 days ago


Mesa County Sheriff Stan Hilkey is jealous of the Dog because he could not catch the guy.

1189 days ago


Such dumb asses post here. They do a public service taking felons off the street the police cant catch and bumpkins like bob say they are as bad as criminals. How about the feelings of the victims familys who were relieved this guy was caught, and a blog from a sheriff who was not even in the building. Publicity seeking small town sheriff jealous that someone else is doing his job properly

1189 days ago

brock lesnar    

listen brother! lets support the dog. he is the only one out there keeping mullet mania alive.

his wife beth will be running the next NYC Marathon. go beth!

1189 days ago

Dick Gordon    

Please correct me if I'm mistaken. However, I have never heard of Dog, the bounty hunter, go after real gansters. Such as the ones that hang out in the barrios of L.A.,South L.A., or Harlem, N.Y. He only goes after lightweight culprits in Hawaii. That's akin to the L.A. Lakers playing a basketball game against a high school team! I really think is just a trash talking racist punk, too scared to deal with real and tougher culprits.

1189 days ago


I live in Grand Junction, Mesa County, COLORADO and Sheriff Hilkey is an IDIOT!! We can't stand him here. He doesn't do his job and is just pissed that Dog brings in more criminals than he does! Who cares what Dog looks like. He does his job and does it WELL!!! There are many bail-jumpers in Mesa County and I hope that Dog goes after them all. The drug problem here has only gotten 200% worse since Hilkey took office. He is an idiot and doesn't care about our county one bit. I am glad to see Dog here trying to take care of some of the trash that lives here. Overall it's a great place to live but like every place there is a few bad apples in the barrel. Plus, if Hilkey was doing his job, Dog wouldn't get called in to do it!! Dog has been here MANY times turning in criminals and Hilkey gets his nose bent out of shape every time! It's not Dog's fault that the cops here aren't doing their jobs correctly! If they were then Dog wouldn't have to be here!

1189 days ago


If I wore sunglasses inside a building, people would think I was blind. Is this guy blind? Does he have very sensitive eyes? And what on earth is that stuff in his hair?

1189 days ago


sounds like sheriff hilkey is upset the mesa county sheriffs office is lacking in catching criminals and more worried about speeding traps and pot heads

1189 days ago


He is a joke!...He gives many, many, hard working bail bondsman a bad name!! It is all for the TV camera's,,period !!!!!

1189 days ago

tracy silva    

If you have watched the show you know that the Chapmans do care for the fugitives they apprehend. The job is dangerous and I commend them for what they do. If pepper spray is used obviously the team thought it was necessary. Any time on the show they have used their spray they clean the fugitive up a.s.a.p. I just want to say good job Dog, Beyh, and crew.

1189 days ago


I, too, am from Mesa County and I don't get the skuffle with Chapman right in front of the SO??? They have large windows in front, where were all the officers for help? You may not agree with the way Chapman dresses or looks and you can call him trailer trash if you please, I am a bailbondsman, and bounty hunter, and have previous L E expreience. Would it had made any difference if it would have been myself or another bondsman in a suit and tie with no tv cameras? This is done everyday through out this country and has been as long as Colorado has been a state. Bondsmen have to work at 100%! Either the suspect in custody or the bond paid in full in a limited amount of time, at NO TAXPAYER EXPENSE! Mesa County residence should worry more about the 5-60...00 outstanding warrants and our street officers are being used as taxi drivers to take drunks home. Don't take my word for it, look into this yourself.

1189 days ago

Leader of the ignorant masses    

Haha someone called him a poodle.

1189 days ago


It's only a matter of time before one of the people he corners puts a bullet in him or one of the other thugs with him. His wife can only hope she get***** in one of those huge disgusting tits, nothing is going to get all the way through those.

1188 days ago
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