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Dog Chapman to Sheriff: I Was Covering YOUR Ass!

7/21/2011 2:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dog Chapman is lashing back at claims he doused a fugitive in a dangerous amount of pepper spray -- telling us, he followed standard safety procedure ... and nabbed a DANGEROUS criminal in the process.


Mesa County Sheriff Stan Hilkey blasted the bounty hunter in a statement earlier today -- claiming Dog wantonly dumped the fugitive in his office, without properly decontaminating him first ... putting his staffers and several bystanders in danger.

But sources close to Dog tell TMZ, not only did Dog follow standard decontamination procedure -- hosing the guy down and changing his shirt before handing him over to cops -- he performed a CRUCIAL civil service ... and cops should be grateful.

We're told it took three whole days to track down the fugitive in question -- a dangerous ex-con -- who then allegedly tried to make one last run for it by jacking someone's car ... at which point Dog's team pepperballed him.

Sources close to Dog tell us, the bounty hunter was blindsided by the sheriff's comments -- because as far as he knew, the two parted on good terms.


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AS's's time for you to just go away. Now shoo...

1155 days ago


Obviously, anyone making negative comments about dog has never been a bounty hunter. You have never been in a room alone with a very dangerous criminal and had to become and animal yourself to get out alive.

Go back to your easy life and leave the people alone who have to take criminals off the street.

1154 days ago

Kristina Haws    

Yeah what they don't say is that after the Sheriff told him he needed to have him decontaminated, the dumbass went outside and called 911 so that they had to come and decontaminate him infront of the sheriff's department. Whatelse he doesn't say is that his shirt was "ripped" off convieniently for the cameras and was made to rip. How come he used pepper spray more than the cops themselves use tazors, guns, and pepperspray. Everytime he uses it, it's because someone goes to get their cigarettes and they all yell "GUN!" and he gets sprayed. I have known this Sheriff for many years as my father himself was a lieutant for this department for over 20 years! He said it is standard and they also came in and asked the staff if they wanted their autographs. THEY ALL SAID NO! Go Mesa County Sheriff's Department! And the GREAT STAN HILKEY! Saved his Ass OUR ASS! Dog's just pissed that everyone on the Western Slope HATES HIS ASS!!!!!

1154 days ago


Seems all I'm hearing is jealous-driven hate from most of you.What have you all done lately to get law breaking thugs off the street. Considering Dogs' troubled past,which admit it or not, most of us has been through the same thing or worse. I think Dog and his family should be commended for overcoming their past & becoming the success that most of us can only dream of being. I hope Dog & the rest of the team keep up the good work & not change a thing.{:-)}

1154 days ago

Monica Mims    

Dog, Beth & Family, Don't be affected by the bull**** comments you see or hear--you know what God has put in your heart to do and you know your purpose. Continue to press on and do what you do best--Gettin bad guys off the streets and bring the good news of what the Lord can do, to those that need to hear it the most. So what if you are proud of what you do. So what if you get paid (by A&E) to do it and entertain also. You are not just entertaining, but also putting a message out there about how crime doesn't pay. The intimacy of television makes these total strangers judge you like they know you. They have said some really hurtful and hateful things that are really mean and totally unnecessary. It does work the other way too. The intimacy of television has let me into the lives of your family and get to know each and every one of you. I have never met you all but feel genuine concern and offense at what is being said here. I think this is probably the first time I have commented on anything in a public forum but the amount of hate here sickens me. Dog, I commend you on being a good father to your children also. Leland, for all practical purposes did not really know you til he was much older, yet when he was starting to make mistakes at that critical young age, you were able to pluck him from foster care/juvenile detention and manage to tame and mold him into the decent young man he is today. Most parents, even when they have not been separated from their kids at all, cannot manage to get them back on the straight and narrow. That took love, perserverance and God. God Bless You all, each and every one. And for anyone that is pissed for the comments that I just made cause you would rather be hateful, try taking a minute to think about all u have to be thankful for and how it is just as easy and so much more rewarding to look for the good in people rather than the bad. Cause except for the Grace of God, there go we.

1153 days ago


Bounty Hunter's jail surveillance video released
Newly-released video backs up claim by the Mesa County Sheriff that Duane "Dog" Chapman, A.K.A. the "Bounty Hunter" didn't follow protocol when he brought a wanted man into the Sheriff's Department. Now we will see who is telling the truth

1149 days ago

tera cornell    

dear dog my family like watch you anf your family every day i have a 5yrs old and he want to be just like you and i hope that he will do something good in life like you and your family dose. thank you tera

1149 days ago


DOG and FAMILY you are the best. Sounds like sour grapes to me, cops couldn't get the bad guy and OF COURSE YOU ALL DID.....keep up YOUR GOOD WORK.

1136 days ago


dog did right thing got man in jail

1131 days ago


dog and beth are right

1117 days ago
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