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'Teen Mom'


After Failing Weed Test

7/22/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Four days after allegedly violating her probation by having THC in her system, "Teen Mom" Jenelle Evans gave off even MORE smoke signals -- sucking on what may or may not have been a pot-filled blunt.

According to the North Carolina probation report, Jenelle tested positive for THC on July 13 -- the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana -- and even admitted to smoking out [also known as "smoking up" on the East Coast].  She was informed about the test results on July 15.

But on July 17, she posed for these pictures -- in which she appears to be smoking marijuana.

Jenelle -- who was put on probation after a drug-related conviction in April -- is due back in court in August to deal with the probation violation. Her lawyer had no comment.


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Who? Who the hell is this?

1160 days ago


I'm sure she is smoking dope for medicinal reasons: "my brain hurts"

1160 days ago

Samii Minaj/Danta    

LMAO for some reason I love this girl. She's like my fav. teen mom. except for the point her mom is the mom for her kid (smh..we all make mistakes tho). Hated that bum she was with but love her. I would def blaze up with her tho. tell her how she could easily take care of her kid she just has to act right. leave the girl alone. like half you don't smoke weed 2 this day. and the rest of u that don't. really should. maybe u wouldn't be so damn grouchy all the time. SMH. it's not that bad GET OVER IT lol she's a kid. let her have her fun.

1160 days ago

Samii Minaj/Danta    

P.S Jenelle. Girl B smart. If u on probo don't take pics of u smokin and put the up on the internet until AFTER you're done with probation! you're giving your officer a reason 2 lock u up with evidence it makes it LOOK like u don't give a **** about jail. Even if u don't don't make it obvious! Come on now. Who really wants 2 sit in jail. Smoke take the pics and post them when you get off so they can't do nothin. SMH.

1160 days ago


She's trash! I watch teen mom and this girl was always getting in trouble. She parties all the time and never takes care of her child. Her own mother had to sue her for custody of her child because she's a deadbeat mom.

1160 days ago


[also known as "smoking up" on the East Coast]

Where did you get that idea, the movie Half Baked?

1160 days ago


As a long-time smoker, born and raised on the East Coast, We have NEVER refered to getting high as "Smoking Up".!!??? I blame MTV for making kids think having children at a young age is not only acceptable but that as a parent this behavior is tolerated. MTV has GLORIFIED this CRAP and the youth of this country is getting the wrong ideas!

1160 days ago


The real crime here is those shoes.

1160 days ago


She's a classy broad... as always. Thank God she doesnt have custody of her kid.

1160 days ago


Nice roll job.

1159 days ago


Might as well since it stays in her system for 30 days.

1159 days ago


I'm a 53 year old mother of 2 grown children when I was a teenager we did dumb things to, but we did not have a computer or other forms of instant media that would be on the web etc forever! I feel so bad for all the very young children that are in the reality shows which not only show fighting among there parents but also drug use and so on. The young children on these kind of shows will forever have there life a open book for all the public to see! Please give them a chance to grow up with out the public watching every move. Love you children they grow up so fast.

1159 days ago


WAKE UP JENELLE, you will NEVER get your son back if you don't clean up your act. No wonder all your mother does is yell at you. You will be in and out of jail your whole life if you don't turn yourself around NOW. Quit picking LOSERS for boyfriends.

1159 days ago

I am Spartacus    

Blunts aren't just for black people. When you smoke joints you waste too much weed because they burn so quickly. Even the slowest burning paper you find wastes weed. Blunts take longer, you can put more in them and its much nicer to share amoung people than a joint.

I smoke blunts every now and then but the majority of the time i use my bowl or my vaporizer. Vaporizers are the best way to smoke because you get the most THC and you waste no weed. Bongs/Bowls you get around or slighty above/below 50% THC depending on the type of bong/bowl. Vaporizers you get 95% THC and joints/ blunts you get only around 30% THC.

1159 days ago


@Spartacus, you should change your posting handle to The THC Professor. Thank you for the info. lol

1159 days ago
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