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'Teen Mom'


After Failing Weed Test

7/22/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Four days after allegedly violating her probation by having THC in her system, "Teen Mom" Jenelle Evans gave off even MORE smoke signals -- sucking on what may or may not have been a pot-filled blunt.

According to the North Carolina probation report, Jenelle tested positive for THC on July 13 -- the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana -- and even admitted to smoking out [also known as "smoking up" on the East Coast].  She was informed about the test results on July 15.

But on July 17, she posed for these pictures -- in which she appears to be smoking marijuana.

Jenelle -- who was put on probation after a drug-related conviction in April -- is due back in court in August to deal with the probation violation. Her lawyer had no comment.


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en Todo Momento!!    

well, i just wanna know if she also tested positive on the nail polish remover and or terpentine that the 'herb' is normally laced with. since that is more likely to fry your brain permanently when smoked, than thc is. pot smokers = retards. big time. trying real damn hard to be cool.

1156 days ago

I am Spartacus    

en todo momento = retard. I dont know who you get your pot from but mine sure as hell isn't laced with that crap. Try getting it from people that know how to properly grow instead of the shady people you apparently got yours from.

1156 days ago

The Neko Nation    

Stupid ghetto whore should not be allowed to have children.

1156 days ago


dumb ass!!!! i can't stand her!! but as a mohter of 4 girls i have to say it all starts from there up bringing! if you don't check them at a very young age this is how they will end up!!!!!!!!!! my girls know they will get there butts beat down if they ever act like that!!!!

1156 days ago


damn all u people suck! its just weed! she didnt go out and kill someone, for god sakes everyone judges like its thier job!! jennelle take a hit for me girl!!

1156 days ago


AT LEAST she aint smoking METH *** !!! but still you should at least obey your court orders girl!!! when you get off probation then do what you want... now you just embarAssed your self... & made you look irresponsible... not good.... but keep your head up & start making better choices for your self & your baby!!!

1156 days ago


This girl is the dumbest of them all. What kind of mother does that?? Smoking weed... how fun is that?!?! I hope she doesn't ever get custody of her son! And where is his dad!! So dumb.. poor baby!! Trash!!!!!

1156 days ago


shes just smokin a doobs wats the problem ur all killing urselves and going nuts on alchohol every week.

1156 days ago


Geez, she just got arrested for drug use and she is dumb enough to allow photos to be taken of her doing it again?

Pot is illegal period and she is just asking to lose her custody rights forever.

And all of you pot smokers who keep posting, yea it's just pot but can any of you actually put an intelligent sentence together. Yea I think not.


1156 days ago


smoking up? u guys are retarded

1156 days ago


She is a loser anyways and a mudshark...who cares?

1155 days ago


lmao i de****ree with RJ hunt!

1155 days ago


i agree with rj hunt!

1155 days ago


This teen mom show is ridiculous. I mean okay your a teen mom and we cant change that but let mtv do a show on these teen moms showing them how to properly care for their children. On one episode Janelle left her son in the tub by his self. not for long but hey all it takes is a second for something to happen. Look at amber very abusive not to mention all infront of her child oh did amber forget the cameras are on them. All i could say is babies having babies. These girls have alot of work on their plate. Maci oh my having a baby with her step brother....smh Jesus take the wheel....

1155 days ago


Stop judging if she wants to smoke pot or not. And the 'white trash girl' you’re probably twice as bad just by being prejudice. Who says only black people smoke blunts... Shut up!
She admitted about smoking it. Weed is not cocaine. And she is lost because of the way she was raised about her ignorant mother.

1155 days ago
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