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'Teen Mom'


After Failing Weed Test

7/22/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Four days after allegedly violating her probation by having THC in her system, "Teen Mom" Jenelle Evans gave off even MORE smoke signals -- sucking on what may or may not have been a pot-filled blunt.

According to the North Carolina probation report, Jenelle tested positive for THC on July 13 -- the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana -- and even admitted to smoking out [also known as "smoking up" on the East Coast].  She was informed about the test results on July 15.

But on July 17, she posed for these pictures -- in which she appears to be smoking marijuana.

Jenelle -- who was put on probation after a drug-related conviction in April -- is due back in court in August to deal with the probation violation. Her lawyer had no comment.


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@bubba- her mother took custody a looong time ago. The only smart thing she did was save tax payer money by not taking it to court because everyone told her she wouldnt win. Frankly i could care less if she fell in a whole and died the only person i feel bad for is that baby. He has to grow up knowing his mother prefered drugs and men over him. God help that little boy grow up to be a productive citizen and not follow in his "mother" footsteps,

1187 days ago


k relax everyone its just weed.

1186 days ago

Bill Leslie    

hate this current celebration of the worst most trashy parts of society.

1186 days ago

Brandy Barnett    

As far as I am concerned, the point is she was instructed not to do it. She went to rehab and was supposed to continue outpatient treatment. If she smoked the pot because of her addiction she is at fault for not obtaining the treatment. She needs to grow up and
act responsibly. I do give her credit for admitting to the usage and not making some excuse blaming someone else. I don't think Jenelle is a horrible person or mother. She just needs to make better choices for her and her son's sake.

1185 days ago


The problem with Jenelle started with HER PARENT(S)--I've never heard her father mentioned. Her mother is a "yeller" and browbeats Jenelle @ every turn. I had a mother like that and while I didn't end up with a baby, I sought comfort where I could get it. I had a good father who made sure I went to church (where I was warmly accepted). I know this made a difference for me --but it didn't help me enough to keep me from marrying a man who mentally abused me the way my moter did. I didn't have any childre and still have a hard time trusting people and I am in my 50's. I say all this to make the point that Jenelle is in pain. No father in the picture for her, a baby daddy who chooses to not participate in his childs life and a "VERY BITTER" mother--who feels she has been dumped on by "having to raise" Jace. This poor baby, even at age 2 he can tell that he is not wanted by either his mom or his grandmother. I KNOW--I can remember the way my mother treated me when I was 2 & 3 years old. Jace would have been 100% better off if Jenelle had put him up for adoption from day one. He will have poor self-esteem and emotional problems just like his mother, because a childs personality and self image are ingrained by the age of 5. I pray for this family--ESPECIALLY for Jace. GOD BLESS THIS INNOCENT BABY!

1167 days ago

get healed    

Dear Janelle,

Your mom is crazy bitchy, be nice to your kids when they're older. Keep smoking that medicine, don't let ANYONE tell you that you're not allowed to smoke cannabis. Now that you have a kid, you should consider moving to a state where it's legal.

1052 days ago


um...."may or may not have been" that is 99.9% a blunt, esp considering what she is holding in her hand. And I must say....that is impressive stock for what I thought Jenelle would have been tokin on. Lol. So sad that people go to jail for smoking weed and are associated with the pedofiles and rapists. And please ppl...dont tell me that "o it is illegal" blah blah blah. No **** its illegal but just because the law deems it illegal does not mean that it makes someone a bad person for smoking it. Im out.

1034 days ago


I feel a lil diffrent then everyone in Jenelle's case I feel like there is no problem with smoking a lil as long as ur child is taken care of. Ik Jenelle dont relly take care of her son that much but she was a teen mom and she is doing everything she can take care of her son she is doing what her mom will let her do.

995 days ago
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